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Day 5: Le Prese - Poschiavo
Who needs avalanche protection in may?
Ospizio Bernina,

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expects a $150 million loan from the (CIB) will improve flow of exports through the Port of Prince Rupert.

Work has already begun on the first phase of , a a short distance from the Fairview Container Terminal.

According to the release, this is the first time the has invested in a port.

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Cool resource analyzing the amount of cities that are dedicated to parking (an indicator of how walkable a city is...)

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I really like the latest blog post of the @sovtechfund! It not only gives a quick overview of the basic technologies our world runs on (I didn't know what TLS was, and my knowledge of the DNS needed refreshing), but it also has a great takeaway: Memory safety is not like a silver bullet, but more like a smallpox vaccine (nice analogy!)

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This time in Strangest State: Power outages, alligators and Elon Musk.

If you see a strange local news story around #Texas, give us a shout at strangest[at]texasobserver[dot]org.

#comics #ElonMusk #weird #infrastructure #wildlife

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The retro appeal of Charing Cross Station in London is full of nostalgia, and the age-old brickwork makes the station timeless!

#charingcross #station #retro #shotoniphone #photography #london #city #travel #architecture #infrastructure

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Got my Saturday list done!

Bicycled to the library
Bicycled to a garage sale
Bicycled to the store (solely to buy snacks for the pet rabbits 🤔)

Saw some fitness cyclers
A few kids on bikes
No adults doing any utilitarian cycling
Eight bazillion cars (Nobody walks/bikes in LA!)
Annoyed the clerks in a store asking them where the nearest bicycle rack was (answer: nowhere nearby)


Observations: Although it's great the city here has added bicycle lanes, I personally think putting bicycle lanes on ALTERNATE ROUTES (not primary routes) would be a better way to entice people to ride. I find I am taking parallel (non-car intensive) routes INSTEAD OF BICYCLE LANES (on very high speed, car intensive routes) almost everywhere now.

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3 achievements of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law this week:

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law | USDA:

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If you were buzzed or run off of the path by this driver on the springwater corridor last night, , the good news is at least we have a few decent in this town.

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Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we are rebuilding roads and bridges, delivering clean water, tackling pollution, and creating good paying jobs in communities nationwide.

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Thread 🧵

@beardedtechguy and myself are looking for someone that is willing, able and has time to help us with infrastructure related things.

We are looking to fully self host our instance so that we have full control over everything related to the instance. This means we need/want someone that has experience running a self hosted instance and has the time to help Kyle with things when he's not around to do various things. (cont...)

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This isn't a paid position unfortunately as it would be volunteer just as is running most every instance here in the Fediverse.

We'd like to hear from you if you think you could offer some help and would love to chat with you about our full plans and expectations.

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Margaret Calvert recently turned 88 years old - along with Jock Kinneir she is the graphic designer responsible for the UK's distinctive #GraphicDesign and #dynamic_typography
of road signs introduced in the 1960s, which is one of the few things this country can still be proud of (the signs are easy to read from a distance even at night).

The font of the website is also the same one from the road signs..

#UK #infrastructure #RoadSafety

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The HoC Public Accounts Comm. has concluded the civil service lack both skills & capacity to property oversee infrastructure projects contributing both to the evident delays & budgeting problems.

Civil servants have become too reliant on outsourced expertise (consultants & the contractors) for evaluation, with the state no longer able to act as an 'intelligent client'.

The Tory attrition and politicisation of the civil service has (and is having) sigficant detrimental impact.

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Woman pleads guilty to conspiring with neo-Nazi leader to attack energy grid

A Maryland woman admitted to scheming with a neo-Nazi leader from Florida to destroy electrical substations surrounding Baltimore in an attack that she told a confidential FBI source would be “legendary” and “probably permanently completely lay this city to waste.”

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Sustainable Infrastructure
May 16th to June 20th 2024

About this course:
Managing land ecologically is a resource-intense activity which requires finding a balance between consumption, ecological impact, and financial solvency. This course will provide practical answers on balancing these often complex and sometimes competing needs. Sustainable Infrastructure centers student understanding on the fundamentals of farm and ranch scale energy systems, material choices, and waste management. We will explore how to design, maintain and manage energy systems, integrate cyclic waste management strategies, and evaluate and find low-impact materials for landed projects.

Register Here:

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El Pais: The cycling revolution in Paris continues: Bicycle use now exceeds car use

A study indicates that 11.2% of trips in the French capital are made on two wheels, compared to 4.3% in four-wheel vehicles


El Pais: "It’s rush hour on Rue de Rivoli, one of the main arteries of the French capital. The bicycles pass one after another in quick succession, ringing their bell when a pedestrian crosses without looking. Five years ago, it was cars that monopolized this three-kilometer axis that runs in front of Paris City Hall and the Louvre Museum. Not anymore. Two-wheel transportation has prevailed, favored by a paradigm shift in urban mobility. "

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“There are no water, electricity, nor sewage services” in Khan Younis, a displaced man said. “We walk two to three kilometres (1.2 to 1.9 miles) to fill two jerrycans [of water], and those two jerrycans are not enough to meet the needs of the family.”


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AARP says AT & T is trying to eliminate landlines in CA. I have a landline not just for DSL but because it has beeen my experience that (a) regulation on landlines is better than regulation on cellphones (b) landlines often work better in an emergency than cellphones do.

Some people live places where they can get landlines, but cell service is awful. We need landlines!

Public Comment here:,57,RIR:P5_PROCEEDING_SELECT:A2303003

Public Forume March 19, 6pm via phone & online.

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