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Retired Professor of Political Economy
(Lancaster University, UK - retired 2021)
(also #ProfDJ across the Lune Valley)
Contributor: North West Bylines #NoBridge

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ChrisMayLA6, to AirBNB
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rises are rippling out of urban centres, making suburbs & commuter towns even more expensive.... across the country the continues to worsen as rents outstrips pay rises.

But hey, the BoE will still be focussing on those pesky workers demanding some claw back of their standard of living.

And, even 'reasonable' landlords will have been forced to put up rents dues to mortgage costs for their properties - the BoE's very own vicious circle


ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Well, if you wanted to start a shift to British (economic) isolationism than looks to have been a good start... for the last five years the UK has been trading less with other countries (importing/exporting less).

If this was a structured & planned strategy then one might have been able to assemble an argument for why this made sense.... but an unplanned & chaotic reduction in trade will likely just be hurting (again).

Didn't 'project fear' have something to say about this?

ChrisMayLA6, to bookstodon
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This week I've been mainly reading, no. 136.

Teju Cole's new novel, Tremor (2023), is a fragmented meditation on migration & memory, which then shifts into a portrait of Lagos via the subjects of the main character's photos. It well written & contains some compelling elements, but overall is (for my tastes) too unstructured to be completely satisfying. It slightly elegiac feeling is intriguing but in the end the lack of focus (or central narrative core) left me puzzled.


ChrisMayLA6, to cymru
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Seemingly, it wasn't only the Govt. in #England that had a blind spot about #Covid infections in care homes.... in quite an extraordinary declaration from Julie Morgan, #Wales’ deputy minister, she asserted that a plan for dealing with infection control for care homes & patients being discharged to these homes, would not 'add value' to Wales' overall plans.

Seems like the callousness of Westminster was not quite as isolated as some might have thought.


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Talking to a (well-informed) friend about the juxtaposition of historically high rates of , high & failing social provsion(s) & she made this crucial point:

has reduced the low-level social provision that used to nip many social problems for individuals in the bud... now, those problems get worse & require crisis/critical attention, which by its very nature is more expensive, making a narrow band of social care more expensive that the previously wider provision.

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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More detail (should you want it) on the crisis in local government, its clear link with both #austerity & #Tory attrition against local #democracy.

The most corrosive aspect is the downgrading of local expectations in light of Council failures & budget constraints. As so often the Tories project is to encourage a despair about governance, to push people towards private provision.

Unlikely this will be swiftly reversed by an incoming Labour Govt.



ChrisMayLA6, to art
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#MuseumsWithoutMen launching today, aims to continue the #feminist project of bringing women's work (& other excluded groups) into the sight of gallery goers & those interested in #art.

This builds on decades of work by Feminist art historians, but Katy Hessel, is right much remains to be done.

Since C15th #women #artists have often been celebrated in their own time & then written out of a male-dominated #arthistory which still shapes #museums' collections & hanging.


ChrisMayLA6, to politics
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One interesting this about the by-election is that David Anthony Tully came second (with double the vote of any of the mainstream parties)... running as an independent, Tully's (4 week) campaign seems to have been about asserting a locally-defined .

The Q. is how big an element in the next election will be these sort(s) of independents - if Rochdale is anything to go by, non-mainstream/ non-party locals may have an unusually good chance of gaining significant votes?

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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Yasmine Ahmed, (Human Rights Watch) on #RishiSunak joining a #farmers demo. while complaining of 'mob rule':

'The idea that politicians are celebrating one set of protesters while cracking down on others is chilling. A country that only allows you to demonstrate on issues it agrees with is the very definition of authoritarian. For a government that prides itself as a defender of free speech, it seems this defence is conditional on you agreeing with the government'


ChrisMayLA6, to climate
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The have been caught trying to ensure that the UK's reposes is potentially hobbled....

They know they're heading into (potential) electoral oblivion & want to ensure their toxic climate denial can be actioned via other means.

Luckily the devolved leaders spotted what they were doing.


ChrisMayLA6, to security
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Things are not getting any better for #Boeing.... having been required to produce a (new) safety regime in short order (previous arrangements being regarded as not fir for purpose by the FAA after the 737 problems of the last couple of years), they have now been hit with a $50mn fine for #security lapses around arms exporting regulations in China & Russia.

The Q. is whether Boeing is just unlucky of there are structural problems with how the corporation is managed?

My money's on the latter!

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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So has won the by-election;

Galloway said on winning:

'Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza... You have paid & you will pay a high price for the role you have played . . . covering for the catastrophe presently going on in occupied Palestine'!

The Q.is: is this a localised shift, or a sign that 's stance on this & a range of other issues close to the hearts of 'traditional' Labour voters may lead then to sit on their hands or vote for others in the

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As the #LabourParty's commitment to the #greentranstion wavers, and the #carecrisis continues, its worth revisiting this Women's Budget Group report from over a year ago about how re-engineering the economy around #environmental priorities would also underpin a re-enhanced economy of care.

Not all recommendations could be easily/immediately implemented (some require significant structural transformation) but this does offer a different policy vision, which we need.


ChrisMayLA6, to feminism
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I want to live in a world where Karen Ingala Smith does not need to compile the Femicide Census of women killed by men....

But until then, we should ensure the Femicide Census is well known & the murder of women not treated as some rare & unfortunate problem.... as the Counting Dead Women project emphasises this is a major social problem that as a country we seem to care little about.


h/t Jess Phillips


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Q, has managed to get enough votes to win ?

Guess we'll find out in a bit....

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For the occupants, a rental home is a home.... for their landlord its an asset that they want to be able to maximise the rent on (by kicking out current tenants & upping the rent), or be able to sell quickly when they want to realise some capital.

The problem is that for the landlord this looks like good capital management, but for the (erstwhile) tenant it can often be the prelude to .

With adequate supply of this would not be the problem it has become....

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One of the things was supposed to free us from was the dead hand of (European) .... but in the years since we left the EU what has become pretty clear is that actually our bureaucratic problems are mostly homegrown.

From planning to banking, in both private & public sectors, organisations remain adept at making everything harder than it should be...

In one sense the worry about administrators was correct, just they wrongly identified their nationality...

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Two charts to focus your mind on fifteen years of 15 years of #Tory #economic mismanagement or wrecking of the state (or both).

So if the tax take is on the up, and so is public debt, the Q. must be how much is accounted for by interest payments on the national debt & how much is being siphoned off to the #Tories & their chums... because the taxes & loaned money is not finding its way into the #NHS, public #infrastructure or anything else in sufficient quantities....

someone is skimming it off

Chart 2: Government debt ids on a rising trend, but is forecast to fall in 2028-29, so meets the fiscal rule. UK public sector net debt (escl. Bank of England) as % of GDP. shows 1974/75 at around 50%, falling to just over 20%$ in 1989/90, then oscillating around 30% until 2009/10 when started rising sharply to over 80% currently

ChrisMayLA6, to Health
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A consolidation of available evidence on #ultraprocessedfoods (UPFs) suggests they have significant & negative impacts on #health.

To some extent this (merely) confirms what many of already knew or suspected, but as the evidence continues to grow, the spectre of a #foodsystem intent on killing its consumers, start to draw parallels with #tobacco.

The Q. is who will go up against the powerful global food multinationals?

Can localism in food supply be the answer?


ChrisMayLA6, to business
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Another week, another #BigTech (#gigeconomy) share buyback... this time its #Uber.

Ostensibly to help reduce stock dilution caused by stock awards to core staff (including the CEO), once again (as I've pointed out before), it shows that Uber's #business model is nothing to do with investment in #innovation & everything to do with #wagetheft & expoiting #workers.

Uber doesn't need any tech innovation or new kit, so investment not required; just keeps sh*ting on the drivers to make a profit!

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A widespread truth of the new millennium...

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There is lots of talk about the impact of on exporters (and importers), from the to , but much less on how it is effecting small scale artisans & craftspeople.

Patricia Lovett MBE has prepare an overview for MPs which include a link to her evidence to Parliament & a long summary of individual concerns.

This just adds to the evidence that has had major widespread negative effects already!

h/t @ClaireFromClare


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Anyone who has had #Covid will know that one of the significant aspects is a 'brain fog' that can effect memory, reasoning, functioning of the body & other mental facilities.

A new study has confirmed that these aspects are very real for those infected & have a significant effect on cognition.... however, they also confirm that while relatively slow, recovery is possible & widespread.

It also suggests that these effects have become weaker as Covid has mutated.

So qualified good news

h/t FT

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Its all getting even more Orwellian isn't it... the have announced a Democratic Policing Protocol which (surprise, surprise) offers a widened notion of what intimidation looks like....

And of is claiming that there is a 'growing consensus that mob rule is replacing democratic rule'.

All of this sounds not so much about saving as stifling it... is it an exaggeration to wonder if 'mob rule' will be used to justify a delay to the next ?

We'll know soon...

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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#BabyBoomers are about to make some #Millennials very rich... while for others #inequality will merely be further consolidated...

If you wanted a reason to expand #inheritancetax (form the 3% of estates its currently levied on), this would be it.... a massive consolidation of #wealth is about to really accelerate as the Baby Boomers continue leave the stage (putting it delicately).


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