RickiTarr, (edited ) to random avatar

I saw this while browsing an antique shop the other day, and it made me laugh!

Share something that made you laugh, and let's pretend it's not almost Monday again.

megsouth, avatar

@RickiTarr Saw this in the kiddo’s dorm elevator.

DemocracySpot, avatar

@megsouth @RickiTarr

They crazy up in Boone! 😂

Edit: Yay! It's you, formerly of Sundance, Wyoming. Last I saw you, y'all were getting over COVID. How are things?

Teri_Kanefield, to random avatar

The way to shut up Donald Trump: Put him under oath.

"reversal" don't make me laugh. He was never going to testify.


@Teri_Kanefield Since it's a civil case, the courts may infer guilt from him not testifying, right?

BTS_army, avatar

@Teri_Kanefield i agree

CactuarJoe, to random avatar

Alright we got an hour or so until , your weekly goofy monster movie watching party! This week we're watching MOTHRA (1961), the very first movie with Bugmom. Nothing quite like a kaiju with its own musical number :D

If you'd like to avoid the livetweets, go ahead and set up a filter for the hashtag now! If you'd like to join us, we start at 9pm Eastern, and you can stream the movie gratis and ad free right over here:

Be there or disappoint Momthra!

CactuarJoe, avatar

Man, this airliner is spacious. Today these guys would be sitting on top of each other in coach.

CactuarJoe, avatar

...New Kirk City appears to be an amalgamation of New York City, Los Angeles, and Martha's Vineyard.

brion, to random avatar

5 minutes to


brion, avatar


brion, avatar

well that was silly fun. :D

thanks to everyone for participating in our little cinematic interludes ;)

dangillmor, to random avatar

A reminder that there is NOTHING Musk can do that will prompt journalists to stop supporting his business.

Disgusting on his part, as usual.

But disgraceful on their part.

dangillmor, avatar

@craig_patrick Active participation on that site by people/orgs with significant followings is what brings advertisers. It is therefore direct support of the site. @mastodonmigration

dangillmor, avatar

@InkySchwartz Yes, thanks, and I've loudly praised ones that leave. They are the overwhelming minority, unfortunately.

JenWojcik, to random avatar

Brain drain is already happening in Austin, TX, where we lived and worked in tech for 20 years.

We left 8 years ago. Never looked back even though we are all native Texans.

Tech companies are leaving there in droves. Who wants to work in a fascist fucking state?

Guess what? NOBODY.

Most of my friends left not long after we did. Saw the writing on the wall.

drahardja, avatar

@JenWojcik Apple made two big campus bets in 2019: Austin and San Diego. I worked for Apple at that time, and I recalled that I could count the people who were even interested in Austin on one hand, and mostly because they have family connections there. Everyone recognized in 2019 that Texas was going down the Fascist dumpster hole, and Austin was part of it.

Then the pandemic hit, and no-one made a move.

Now that Apple has foolishly leaned into RTO (ironically, to a large extent driven by the need to protect their real estate investments, I assume), they are trying to attract people to those campuses again. Now that abortion access is basically gone from Texas, you can bet anyone with a uterus isn’t going to step foot in that state. Same goes for trans or queer folk: who the hell would go to Texas in the present day, knowing they don’t even want you to exist?

GhostOnTheHalfShell, avatar


Beau of the fifth pointed that right after the abortion bans were being passed. When you couple it with the climate challenges, Texas, the US south, maybe the red center of the US are not great options. Climate alone makes the choice of destination iffy.

Daojoan, to random avatar

Tech workers who make 6-7 figures a year destroyed the income of freelancers earning pennies and we called it progress.

kooshnoo, avatar

@Daojoan it's like the luddites.

In an alternate timeline where humanity has its shit together, technological progress is a good thing.

But we don't live in that timeline.

Rather than fighting progress, let's fight for that timeline.


@Daojoan Just wait. It's going to get MUCH WORSE. Anything that is rule driven is in the : are coming to the end of their


StillIRise1963, to random avatar

Every article I've read about that Cybertruck has been really amusing.

thepoliticalcat, avatar
thepoliticalcat, avatar

@philip_cardella @Pineywoozle @StillIRise1963 Thanks to this idiot, the term "rapid unscheduled disassembly" has entered our vocabulary. I can't wait to see how he pisses away his fortune. The Tesla suits are coming, and his labor troubles in the EU are just beginning, as Twitter's value keeps circling the drain.

ElleGray, to random avatar

my only gift giving advice is to consider: binoculars. I've bought them at almost every price range for people ages 4 to 89. people LOVE them. you can use them for concerts, stargazing, spying on squirrels, whatever

RacerX, avatar

@ElleGray excellent for perving on your neighbors if you live in a highrise across from other highrises. That's what I heard once riding the subway.

ElleGray, avatar

@RacerX ok don't give any to this guy

ethanschoonover, (edited ) to hamradio avatar

Since putting up what amounts to a clothesline on my roof a month ago, I've managed to transmit and make contact with 37 states (and multiple countries) using 10 watts.

This is the power equivalent of putting an LED lightbulb on my roof, flicking it on and off, and having the east coast see it and reply.

Never ceases to feel amazing to me.

(want to learn ham radio? join us on - a free, progressive, ham radio collective meeting on discord)

ethanschoonover, avatar

@ErickaSimone trying! :)

ethanschoonover, avatar

@Gladso if you mean the ARRL club, I'm not A-1. I think I have a ways to go before I get there :)

JamesGleick, to random avatar

No, no, no. In my youth I was a NY Times copy editor. I would not have permitted this—no one would. We’re not inside the heads of Trump’s lawyers. They SAY they believe the judge is biased, but that doesn’t mean they really do.

mastodonmigration, avatar

@artemesia @JamesGleick

Yup. And let's not even get started on Maggie Haberman's whispered house of mirrors.

grammargirl, avatar

@JamesGleick Particularly galling because that is the reasoning they often use to avoid using the words "lie" and "lied": we can't know what they really believe.

codinghorror, to random avatar

I said this before on the bird site but it really is true; I distinctly remember reading Ayn Rand as a teenager and thinking “this is some real bullshit she is trying to pull here”. As pulp it is fine, but this is not a serious philosophy for serious people.

gknauss, avatar

@codinghorror When I was 14 or so, someone I knew handed me “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” instead of “Atlas Shrugged,” and, man, do I owe them.

Eka_FOOF_A, avatar

@gknauss @codinghorror Some British expats introduced me to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio series. Then I got to watch most of the series. It warped me even more. I was already a Whovian.

kissane, to random avatar

saw that a textbook I need was meant to be freely accessible online, but!

the URL is broken bc the university broke it after the faculty member left, so!

poked around and found the archive on wayback, but they were mostly archives of 404s, but!

found a ruby gem to pull down the archive, but!

oh ruby gems plug is broken, so!

reinstalling ruby, but!

oh huh weird clang problem, AND


~~ the [computers] are a lie ~~

joncamfield, avatar

@kissane please tell me the book is “Yak Shaving for Professionals, 5th edition; expanded”?

kissane, avatar

@joncamfield it sure is now

hacks4pancakes, to random avatar

I know I’ve said this before, but as someone who goes into industrial process environments a lot, the lack in of decent ppe, especially FR gear, that properly and safely fits feminine bodies is a frigging travesty. It’s one of those things that actually leads to a culture of poor safety, because nobody really talks about it - guys typically don’t think about people wearing a bra or hairpins and how they could melt to a person in an industrial accident, and women feel like they have to shut up and be one of the guys. And almost everything that fits better requires a lengthy online order from backstock.

Anyway if you are planning on working in that space and aren’t a men’s size M-XXL like nearly all the gear, I’m always available to talk.

your_huckleberry, avatar

@hacks4pancakes I have say, the irony of your name, in relation to your specific issue made me chuckle. When I first glanced at your toot, I thought it was some kind of marketing gimmick from Carhartt.

hacks4pancakes, avatar

@your_huckleberry if I had another t id be rich.

SwiftOnSecurity, to random avatar

Periodic reminder just leaving shit unplugged for hours does fix things. Fucking capacitors are everywhere and you have to defeat them.

Fixed a washing machine like this. Just fixed my motherboard despite me hitting the reset to defaults button AND removing the battery.

Sometimes you got to just give things a time-out in a corner to think about what they did.

MsHearthWitch, avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity Works for people too sometimes!

alda, avatar

@SwiftOnSecurity A stratospheric nuclear explosion can have a similar effect.

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