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I am a #journalist, #author and #paperartist, working on a community #reconnecting you with #nature. #NatureMatchCuts is my #podcast for changing perspectives in the #Anthropocene. #Nature #biodiversity #ecology #Europe #CulturalHeritage #Art #NatureWriting. Volunteering in a French #heritagecenter and #museum in a #BiosphereReserve. #Artist with #paperjewellery #collage #assemblage, #artjournals + #visiblemending. Toots: English (mainly), German, French. NO CWs for nature! #fedi22 #nobridge 🌈

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NatureMC, to random
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Scrubbing and sorting moss photos from the mobile phone, what a labour! Why did I make so many? 😱

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@fiee 😂

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szescstopni, to random
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The crucial element of a haunted house that makes the lights go blink.


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@szescstopni 🤩

LEAD_Coalition, to mentalhealth
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@LEAD_Coalition My advice knowing the situation: Beyond green, don't listen to tricks and tips but search for professional help as fast as you can! Up from a darker yellow level, you have no more energy to help yourself or try any "tricks to convince yourself".

And then ... better don't live in a country with a burnt-out helping system and waiting lists for months.🙄

Fabje, to Birds German
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@Elbwiese @Fabje Oder sie hat ein Problem mit dem Bein?

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@Fabje Das ist gut. @Elbwiese

pjakobs, to random German
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nichts ist lustiger, als wenn Menschen ganz offensichtlich weit überzogenen Unsinn für bare Münze nehmen.

und ich erschrecke dann immer, dass Menschen das nicht erkennen.

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@pjakobs Ich halte mich für einen kritischen, aufgeweckten Menschen mit 🧠
Aber ganz ehrlich: So, wie sich die Welt derzeit entwickelt, tendiere ich immer mehr dazu, die abstruseste und absurdeste Meldung für wahrer zu halten als irgendwelche logisch, normal und wohltemperiert klingende Meldungen. 🤣 😎

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@pjakobs @PaTsch Hast du da "Lobhudelmodus Oskarverleihung" eingestellt? 🤣 🤣 🤣

makeratschool, to random German
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Von diesen Kunstwerken hängen und stehen in Frankfurt ja einige herum. Es sieht für mich auf den ersten Blick wie eine Aktion aus, die auf das Thema 'Fahrrad und Verkehr' aufmerksam machen will. Auf dem Bild geht das dann aber offensichtlich schief. Oder verstehe ich es einfach nicht?
Naja, das Ordnungsamt ist direkt um die Ecke, ich werde mal nachfragen, ob sie eine Flex haben ;-)
#fahrradbubble #frankfurt

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@makeratschool "Der goldene Reiter" war auch meine Spontanassoziation. Wie hier bereits angemerkt wurde: Das Schloss ist eine offene Attrappe, die Drähtchen leicht zu schneiden. Und hopp ...

Vielleicht ne Kunstaktion gegen Fahrraddiebstahl? Verführung pur ... 😈

KlimaWandeln, to random German
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Das Tool aus dem Tierreich

Die und das zwingen uns zu radikalen Schritten. Genau dabei kann uns der helfen. Gibt es Kommunen, die das erkannt haben und mit dem Nager zusammenarbeiten? Und wenn ja: Wie halten sie ihn in Schach?

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@KlimaWandeln Ich bin sehr begeistert von dem Artikel, den Fotos, dem ganzen Storytelling. Super gemacht, Katharina Jakob!

An euch hier: Bitte bitte nennt Tiere nicht "tools", auch wenn's hip klingen mag. Das ist Anthropozentrik und menschliche Hybris im Quadrat.

Kaya, to random
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Dandelion, close up.

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@Kaya Wow, was für ein photo! 🤩

NatureMC, (edited ) to ai
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Laws, ethical debates? It's all too late. The cat's out of the bag. Women over 60, 70 from our village share things like this on WhatsApp and laugh their heads off: https://mastodon.online/@asol@mastodon.social/112291529251522267
Can I take a photo of you? - Why? - I can do that with you too! - Oops!

The next scammer or dictator can do it, too. Perfect propaganda tools.
context: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/vasa-1/

#AI #genAI #techBros #fakeVideos #FakeNews #disinformation #propaganda #ethics #EthicsOfAI #MonaLisa #funny

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@gimulnautti Of course, we already have several dictators. "Next" in this case wanted to say: next to my village. 😉

We have the same problem with the EU-elections and other national elections. Russia and China already work hard on misinformation. Thanks to the great platforms like the birdcrap or META in big style.

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@pjakobs Why 19th century? I couldn't help but think of #TESCREAL when I read that article.

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@pjakobs Ah, thanks, now I understand it! Yes.

MikeInTheGarden, to random
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Happy Thursday.

Well folks, I seem to have the worse cold imaginable.

And yes, I am the world's worse patient too.

Had hardly any sleep last night, and my nose feels a few arctic trucks have been trundling through it.

Any cold remedies or advice that work for you will be greatly appreciated.



NatureMC, (edited )
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@MikeInTheGarden If it's a normal cold: hot tea, honey, drinking much and sleeping even more. A warm bed and a good book. Get well soon!
PS: For the nose: a spray with salty water helps a lot.

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@MikeInTheGarden Advice from France: Champagne only in connection with much garlic. And only against Man flue. 🥂 🍾 😂


hildabast, to random
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This little girl was born in Tokyo in 1920. Her name was Katsuko Saruhashi.

She would grow up to be a geochemist, an expert on acid rain, and help achieve bans on nuclear testing.

Saruhashi was the first woman elected to the Science Council of Japan… 1/8


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@hildabast Thank you for this thread about a great woman with strong !

stroughtonsmith, to random
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Here’s your AI astonishment/nightmare fuel for today:

"TL;DR: single portrait photo + speech audio = hyper-realistic talking face video with precise lip-audio sync, lifelike facial behavior, and naturalistic head movements, generated in real time.”



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@madeindex AI needs immense quantities of energy and (drinking) water - nothing there is good for the environment. @KanaMauna @stroughtonsmith

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@madeindex You know that this comparison is whataboutism.
Only one ex., used for AI in Spain: https://inspain.news/metas-new-data-centre-in-spain-requires-600-litres-of-water-per-year/ In one of the dryest regions. In a time when drinking water for humans in Spain and France is already rationed due to climate change. (And this is not AI used for science).

More info: https://earth.org/the-green-dilemma-can-ai-fulfil-its-potential-without-harming-the-environment/ and https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2024/mar/07/ai-climate-change-energy-disinformation-report

@KanaMauna @stroughtonsmith

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@madeindex I don't want to take your dreams.
Personally, I simply believe that we have no more time. It's now that we have to stop everything possible in terms of CO2 emissions and wasting resources. The promises of tech bros will not save the planet.

CultureDesk, (edited ) to sport
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In exactly 100 days, the 33rd Summer Olympic Games will start in Paris. NBC News has curated this @Flipboard Storyboard about what to expect from the opening ceremony (a 3.5-mile boat parade along the Seine!), the venues where events will take place, and how the City of Lights has evolved in the 100 years since it last hosted the Games. Plus, a quiz to test your knowledge on the Olympic sports that have come and gone — or never been.


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@CultureDesk @Flipboard Hopefully, you'll include the scandal of the state and Paris forcing students out of their dormitory flats under bad conditions because there is no space in the Olympic Village for the massive rescue and surveillance forces! Students often have to work and live during this time. https://www.france24.com/fr/france/20231029-jo-de-paris-2024-100-euros-et-deux-places-contre-un-logement-crous-les-%C3%A9tudiants-amers

Engl: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1142137/paris-2024-student-accommodation

LThiry, to random German
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In jedem Statement einer Innenministerin muss das Wort hart vorkommen. So will es das Gesetz.


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@LThiry Dafür gab's einst den tollen Hashtag #floskelwolke. 😁

NatureMC, to fantasy
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@Elbwiese Lieben Dank! 😊

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