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Geek. Curious. #Critter. Cross-Platform User. Occasionally sweary.
Likes Problematic (so most) Disney films.
Bippity boppity back the fuck up.
Pronouns: She/They

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Faintdreams, to random
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Books - 2024
15 Fangirl & 16 [DNF] Carry On: The Rise & Fall of Simon Snow
both by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl: Cath is a S Snow fan. She's also 'Big Name' fanfic writer who's desperate to finish her version before the Canon final book is published. She's also just staring University

Carry On is the in-universe fanfic that Cath is writing, except it's not, it's the Author of Fangirls version of the Simon Snow stories

Too Meta. Both disappointing


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Books - 2024 [cont]
15 Fangirl & 16 [DNF] Carry On: The Rise & Fall of Simon Snow
both by Rainbow Rowell

I really liked the concept behind this, I was excited reading the excerpts of Cannon and Fanfic from the 'Simon Snow' stories as featured in Fangirl, but the execution was.. lacklustre .. it and read like polished but soul-less .. tie-in fluff

I say that as someone who loves fanfic, has read it for years, and has read some amazing works - but this ain't it

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Buuut it was a New York Time Best Seller, and I think this is the fifth time I've read a book - reallly did not like it - and then discovered it was on the NY Times best seller list.

Strongly suspect I'm just not a NY Best Selling Author kind of reader

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Capitalism and Monopolies are why normal (as opposed to ultra-rich) people can't have nice things.

"Dimension 20 opts out of controversial Ticketmaster pricing after ticket costs climb past $2K"

  • Polygon

Dynamic pricing ‘had not been something explained to us,’ says streamer

Faintdreams, to random
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y'know the stick on vinyl you can get to wrap books with?

Can I paint on that with acrylic paints?

#craft #acrylic #acrylicpaint #bookcovers

Faintdreams, to random
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Tempted to use this color palette for my desktop Terminal but deep Red on Black would probably convince me that my desktop is Angry at me...

Which would definitely inhibit achieving any kind of flow state...



Faintdreams, to random
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The stupid birds outside my stupid window are chirping at 5.30 am and it's not even light outside so it can't be time for the 'dawn chorus's SHUT UP STUPID BIRBS!!


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@Da_Gut I had insomnia and was just getting ready to go to sleep and thought I might get like 2 hours in?

I want to murder them.

Faintdreams, to random
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Me: This person online is demonstrably wrong and is inviting strangers to fight them*

Also Me: Aint' nobody got time for that ::closes tab:::

I feel I have achieved some growth today.


[Note the topic was a fairly trivial one but it is in domain I am an expert on. Arguing with them will just give airtime to the Stoopid which.. is bad.]

Faintdreams, to random
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I just found out that one of my favourite Stationary companies : Lamy, have been bought outright by Mitsibishi.


[Mitsubishi are known to acquire brands and then change them in subtle ways to cut costs that make the products universally worse :c ]

Cassandra, to random
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Observer's log, Star Trek: Voyager, stardate season 7 episode 22:

I’m beginning to suspect that Chakotay deliberately crashes shuttles so he can be stranded on a planet with a hot coworker.

If he builds Seven a bathtub, we'll know that's “his move.”

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Chakotay is always, continues to, and will always be THE WORST - and the actor who portrays him is a Prime Asshole as well.

Faintdreams, to random
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Word new to me: Centibillionaire.

" ..someone with a net worth of 100 billion (100,000,000,000) or more units of a given currency, .. eg US dollar, euro or pound sterling" - Wikipeida (paraphrased)

None of these people should exist! This word should never be applied to how much money a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL has access too.

This should only be applicable planets in a Universe or number of poss multiverses or really small things - grains of sand or Plancks!


Faintdreams, to random
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Animation Reccs please!
I like:

  • Owlhouse
  • She Rah & the Princesses of Power (netflix)
  • Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake
  • Bee & Puppycat
  • Steven Universe
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Hilda
  • Avatar

So I guess the niche I'm aiming for is "Magical Girl (or at least Exceptional Girl) with Talking Animal Companion and it would be nice if it were Super Gay, also not too gory."

Already aware of

  • Ghibli
  • Sailor Moon - haven't seen any, I only speak/read English and don't know where to even start
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Also already seen

  • Vivo !
  • Seabeast (netflix)
  • Red !
  • Adominable
  • Monster In Paris
  • April and the Extraordinary World [aka Avril et le Monde truqué]

Thanks !

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@pancaitiff oooh ta. I'd not heard of Soaring Sky - shall investigate!

Amphibia is on my to watch list but not seen yet .

I watched a bit of Centaurworld but it seemed to come from the Rick & Morty vein of humour and that's not for me..

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@FoxMime thanks it's on Netflix so i've added it to my watch list immediately :)

18+ Faintdreams, to random
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What does this show have against the idea of Long Distance Relationships ?

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@humanadverb nope. Not them. They are the cutest. When you watch ep you'll see what I mean....

Faintdreams, to random
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Weird things happen when I declutter.

This is King Melon.

They wish to state - 'Hail fair citizen'.

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King Melon Thanks You, and asks for nothing else, but does politely request that you think fondly of them occasionally, and perhaps smile to yourself.

duckbunny, to random
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none of this would be happening if I was a predatory deep sea fish

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True, but then you wouldn't have fingers and the world would be deprived of enjoying the words you share.

The world would be poorer for that.

Faintdreams, to random
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After half a day, I can now see most of the floor in the bedroom.

Onwards and upwards.

Think I may have exhausted nearly all my spoons for the day but it's worth it.


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Faintdreams, (edited ) to random
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Because of where I live I didn't think I would get to have any Eclipse 2024 fun BUT NASA is doing a Livestream and my Roku has a NASA app so I can see the eclipse on my TV from home (1), (2) .

Lets Gooooooo !!

[ (1) - Plus! I can see it without endangering my eyeballs. I like my eyeballs they are the only ones I own.

(2) Plus! I shall be inside after the eclipse so will be better prepared for the inevitable Triffids Attack.




Faintdreams, to random
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Yeah - nothing says ' This Job was too much for one person' Like Employing TWO people to do the same job that the person who Quit Did.

🤔 😑

"Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Showrunner Albert Kim to Step Down, Jabbar Raisani and Christine Boylan to Lead Final Two Seasons "- Variety

[Note: I am biased and didn't even make it to the end of Ep 1 of the Netflix show. Animated original was FAR SUPERIOR IMHO]


0x47df, to random
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american english confuses me, they have strip clubs, but apparently a strip mall is not the same thing on a larger scale? and here i was thinking the were just partying really hard

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@0x47df that's because strip - side of a road , and stripping - remove clothes and strip - un-environmental mining are all spelled the same but have vastly different meanings..

British English does the same kinda thing with Pissed.

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