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source for extras/featurettes

i like collecting any available extras, featurettes, commentary tracks, etc with any movie or show in my library, but more often than not i have a pretty hard time finding them. i know they’re sometimes on youtube, but it’s very hit and miss, especially with newer movies; and as they’re often included in bluray, iso rips...

Tdarr AMD GPU transcoding...how?

I’ve been trying to setup Tdarr to transcode using my AMD integrated GPU instead of my CPU, but all I’m finding online is people using nvidia cards…well, I don’t have one of those, but I have an AMD CPU with integrated gpu, so I wanted to use that, but apparently that’s extremely uncommon and I can’t find any working...

Youtube Rant from a paying customer

I used to use NewPipe back in the days of yore. Then I got Youtube Premium since it bundled in Youtube Music as well which I used. But the former’s app on mobile is a shit show. Even after paying, you are asked to tip random creators, purchase merchandise[ which are shown as actual ads below videos] and join channels to access...

Do you use the device you torrent on for personal things as well?

I’m just curious as I’ve permanently dedicated my laptop to torrenting. I’ve been too nervous to install anything but the VPN and Firefox on it. Now, I’m curious to mess around with Linux some more, which is what I use on it, but I can’t fully test out what all I can do with it without signing into accounts....

where do people with pirated copies of games meet to play online together ?

I recently got into fighting games (like: kof - street fighters - Mortal Kombat - Guilty Gear…etc). Now you can pirate the game, and you can play it online with someone if the two of you agree on using same pirated copy and Hamachi for example, but where do you meet these people to play with? are there dedicated forums for...

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