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@scalzi One again the Kettle reigns supreme!

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@scalzi Tourists, please note: Earth is under a boil water advisory.

Despite the photo of an electric kettle, most of which turn themselves off withing 30 seconds of the boiling point being achieved, boiling for a full five minutes is recommended in the article.

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Catching up on the latest Wordpress/Tumblr drama(s) and ...

How difficult is it for a medium sized company with decent revenue and a ton of goodwill from their community to not fuck over their userbase?

Automattic gets so much good will from the existence of the wordpress foundation. They power half the internet! Still! With PHP!

I use wordpress in dozens of places, and I've been a wordpress admin and developer for nearly two decades, and now I have to opt out of AI training, and worry about what social signals I'm sending my continuing to use wordpress.

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@ajroach42 Checking briefly it seems like Automattic is a VC-funded startup, meaning they have huge pressure from investors to provide exponential returns, meaning they have to expand at all costs, and squeeze customers when they can't. There's exactly zero room for a sustainable mid-size company in the VC-funded world. Either you (plan to) grow into Google, or you die.

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The State of Texas doesn't want to comply with a federal statute about providing pregnant employees with reasonable accommodations, so it asked a federal judge to declare Congress invalid. He agreed, finding the entire 2023 federal appropriations to be void, but limiting his relief to just the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

This is what counts as "law" in 2024.

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Any opinions on a password manager for personal use? Ideally an offline one, but must work on Windows and macOS.

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@AlSweigart I use it with a yubikey.

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@AlSweigart Recently started trying out NordPass, and so far it works well on all my devices.

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yes tag moi je te donne tout mon corps à tagger !

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@scudery @daph Taggez moi (sur l'air de Déshabillez moi)

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Just spent at least two hours deleting all of my work from Tumblr, before their AI scraping shit hits the fan.

This shameless intellectual property theft by greedy tech business assholes everywhere is starting to make the internet pretty annoying. 😖

metin, avatar

@TuutW That would be possible indeed, but would require a lot of organization and time. Maybe it could be realized with crowdfunding.

metin, avatar

@alison I was afraid of that. I guess it's nearly impossible to escape the big bad AI wolf gobbling up work you published online. 😔

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Finally, someone writes about a point I've tried to be making for a while: leftist metalheads are really, really good at spotting cryptonazis

julieofthespirits, avatar

"By combing through album lyrics, parsing interviews, and inspecting tattoos, journalists covering black metal—and even casual fans—become adept at rooting out bigotry. Doing so has, by now, become a conscious part of the wider black-metal experience: for leftist fans, a familiar ritual involves poring methodically through all available information to decipher an exciting new band’s political position. It’s kind of like playing a heavy metal version of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, except the locus is invariably a Polish neo-Nazi or racist death metal guy from Florida, and winning is really losing. The thrill of discovering a killer new record is attended, always, by anticipation as you scour the lyrics and artwork and member lists and touring history—and then, all too often, you discover that (dammit!) the guitarist has a racist side project, or their label has released anti-Semitic material."

julieofthespirits, avatar

Like everyone knows Varg is a nazi but you have to go much deeper to see that Drudkh are nazis, for example

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After 20+ years, I made the switch from Gmail to @protonmail and you can read my blog post via the link below to find out what made me do it!

Are you using a paid email service or have you switched from Gmail to something else? Let me know in the comments.

Please BOOST for others to read as well!

Blog Mastodon account:


#ProtonMail #Proton #Gmail #Email #PaidEmail #Tech #AllThingsTech #Blog #Blogger #Blogging #Writer #Author

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@cliffwade @joel no strong preference for one over the other. One thing I like very much about proton is they give you extra space each year and their VPN app is decent and I use that.

Fastmail integrates with 1Password quite well with their masked email function. Proton Pass isn't quite there yet.

cliffwade, avatar

@kv They give you extra space each year? As in, the up the storage amount you have? I was told they don't really do this and these plans have been pretty much the same for a while now.


BlackAzizAnansi, to random avatar

I want my pre-pandemic life back

BruceMirken, avatar

@BlackAzizAnansi I want my pre-Trump life back.

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LegalizeBrain, to random French avatar

Pour le goûter, aujourd'hui, je fais confiance à l'EFS !

Bon allez donner votre sang, celleux qui peuvent...

Nitchevo, avatar

@elfe_sylvestre @LegalizeBrain Pareil, j'ai le défaut d'avoir eu un cancer et c'est le genre de truc que personne ne doit partager

elfe_sylvestre, avatar

@Nitchevo @LegalizeBrain
Niveau de fer et taux de globules rouges dans les chaussettes ici, c'est plus léger mais la contre-indication est quand même là.
Et poids pas assez élevé pour donner le plasma. 😭

Toastie, (edited ) to denver avatar

86% of #Indigenous people in America live outside reservations, often in cities like #Denver, #Seattle and #Portland, where they resettled following the Relocation Act (hi 👋 ).

Indigenous people comprise 2.6% of America’s population, but in 2023, they accounted for 3.9% of those experiencing homelessness. And the #housing inequity is worse in Western cities.

But building affordable housing for Natives is tricky.

🧵 1/7

GRA3432, avatar

@Toastie @YakyuNightOwl I'd say homelessness follows the concept that the land itself can be owned, so you need a piece of land as "your own" to build and live on it.

Toastie, avatar

@GRA3432 @YakyuNightOwl The existence of land ownership is a terrible story, and a deeply fictional one.

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Je dirais pas que je suis fatiguée, je dirais que j'ai l'air d'une valise mise en soute avec la délicatesse des services de remplissage des n'avions...

Kahte, avatar

@apraxique t'as pas eu ton bisou 😘 😘 😘 😘

oschwand, avatar

@Kahte soute-in

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“The plans at Automattic have been so controversial internally, that a product manager has even started pulling his own photos off Tumblr to make sure they’re not used to train AI, according to 404."

lilithsaintcrow, avatar

As things stand, buying one's own domain and hosting one's own site using WP software is the best available option, especially since one can import a blog one's exported off Wordpress dot COM. This is my opinion, which I reserve the right to change if the situation warrants.

lilithsaintcrow, avatar

And again, using Wordfence to block user agents for "AI" theft/scraping bots has been a good solution for me. The bots absolutely do not respect the robots.txt file, ever.

europesays, to Scotland avatar Geologically correct map of Scotland. 30 years of collecting!

eclectech, avatar

@europesays That's delightful!

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