daph, to random French avatar

Bon bah c’est parti !

Une alternance en en Vendée (Pouzauges, les herbiers, Chantonnay, Cholet, la roche sur yon), possibilité d’aller jusqu’à Nantes si au moins 3 jours de télétravail. Début de contrat souhaité en septembre 2024 mais je suis libre à partir du 1er août.

daph, avatar

@cptcv un nord relatif quand même 😂🤪

cptcv, avatar

@daph au nord de la Garonne 😜

Gargron, to random avatar

I'm tired of hearing about AI, to be honest. I never cared for it. I don't respect people who use generative AI, and I despise companies that sell out people's data to train it. Yes, people will lose jobs to it, but the world will not be better for it. It's just that consequences are rarely immediately apparent in such complex systems.


@Gargron Excellent post. I’m only familiar with it from the point of view of a writer-researcher. I wrote a separate thread about my experience (probably too long, multiple posts) which in my inexperienced way backs up what I read in your thread and (I hope) expands it a bit.

Freyja, (edited ) to random French avatar

Vous avez un compte sur LDLC?

Une base de données d'1,5M d'utilisateurs est en vente.

Attention au risque de phishing.

Les données fuitées sont :

  • Civilité
  • Prénom
  • Nom
  • Email
  • Tel portable et fixe
  • Adresse
  • etc.

#infosec #leak #ldlc

EDIT: même s'il n’apparaît pas dans le leak, le conseil de changer le mot de passe reste important.


Freyja, avatar

@John_Livingston j'ai pas de compte LDLC mais j'ai changé celui sur avec un mdp généré type "L$w1@c8UpG5x%b#t#dfMsHxF4RYL6QP2" et c'est passé.

Je ne sais pas ce que tu as mis pour le faire bug.

En sus je parie que c'est dans le javascript donc interprété par ton navigateur, en vrai tu peux le faire sauter si c'est le cas (du coup un hacker ne se générait pas)

John_Livingston, avatar

Aucune idée du mot de passe en question, je l'ai généré avec keepassxc, sans même utiliser l'ASCII étendu (donc c'est pas foufou non plus les caractères utilisés..., c'est de l'ordre de /*&... ). Et je ne l'ai plus sous la main.

Je n'ai pas cherché à débugger si c'est coté client ou serveur que le message est généré.

piou, to music French avatar

Bonjour les p'tits mammouths !

Je me suis endormie comme une crotte à 21h et j'ai même pas l'impression d'être reposée....pfff

Bon. C'est pas tout ça mais va falloir se bouger. Le café et le thé sont sur le comptoir

Bonne journée et des bisous !

Kahte, avatar

@piou Bisous ma Piou, je note que je vais trouver un moyen de venir te voir à Dijon, niark Niark ^^ 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

piou, avatar

@Kahte ouiiiiiii ! 😘

gvwilson, to random avatar

Docusign just admitted that they use customer data (i.e., all those contracts, affidavits, and other confidential documents we send them) to train AI:

They state that customers "contractually consent" to such use, but good luck finding it in their Terms of Service. There also doesn't appear to be a way to withdraw consent, but I may have missed that.

Deus, avatar

@gvwilson> but I may have missed that.

You must've missed that very easy to overlook 'sneaky' email that goes:

Sub: We have updated our Terms of Use. NO ACTION TO TAKE, We just thought we should let you know :)

petergleick, to climate avatar

OMFG. "Exxon CEO blames the public for failure to fix change."

Could there be a more stunning example of hypocrisy?

albertcardona, avatar


“Exxon Mobil Corp. CEO Darren Woods told editors from Fortune that the world has “waited too long” to begin investing in a broader suite of technologies to slow planetary heating.
That heating is largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels, and much of the current impacts of that combustion — rising temperatures, extreme weather — were predicted by Exxon scientists almost half a century ago.
The company’s 1970s and 1980s projections were “at least as skillful as, those of independent academic and government models,” according to a 2023 Harvard study.”

Regarding technology to stop “planetary heating” (global warming, ffs), I would like to think he means technology that dispenses with the need to burn fossil fuels in the first place, like a bicycle or a heat pump – both well over a century old. Heating up the planet was a choice made by his company.

weddige, avatar

@petergleick "We only did it for the shareholders to stop whining. Nobody expected people to actually buy our propaganda."

realcaseyrollins, to moviesandtv

With Christopher Nolan praising the benefits of 4K Blu-ray, is now the time to revisit physical media?


Well if Christopher Nolan says so

jordanlund, avatar

Better experience, and it can’t be taken from you at a whim of a licensing agreement, so, yes?

jameshowell, to random avatar

Overheard my 12 year old ask my wife:

"Is it true you and Daddy kept going to school after college? To get your PTSD?"

kristinHenry, avatar

@jameshowell sounds about right.

writermonki, avatar

@jameshowell You only get your PTSD once you graduate and start dealing with the student loans.

patrickhadfield, to random avatar

This is just utter bollocks.

"Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has warned police chiefs of a "growing consensus that mob rule is replacing democratic rule".

...He wants more robust police responses that he says are needed to protect politicians and democratic processes.

Now police bosses have been summoned to Downing Street, where the PM urged them to use existing powers to crack down on intimidation, disruption and subversion "urgently"."

Uraael, (edited )

@patrickhadfield Gammon Voice: "We're not a Police State, FFS."

Ageing like milk, that. Readying my "We Fucking Warned You" tee to wear when I'm arrested.

PS: has Mastodon.Scot re-thought allowing high profile Scottish Police member accounts on it? Tis why I left it in November '22.

(Scottish Police Federation has an account there still, though looks abandoned, but I can't find former Police Tsar David Hamilton. Perhaps he's left?)

zdl, avatar

@MadeyeTheCarnaptious @patrickhadfield There is no functioning democracy in the UK. There is no functioning government in the UK. There is no functioning democracy in the UK. There is no functioning government in the UK. There is no functioning democracy in the UK. There is no functioning government in the UK. There is no functioning democracy in the UK. There is no functioning government in the UK. There is no functioning democracy in the UK. There is no functioning government in the UK.


Teri_Kanefield, to random avatar

I spent 5 years writing FAQ pages and "talking people off the ledge" each time there was a collective meltdown.

I stopped doing that because it is never ending.

I keep saying the same things over and over.

In 2021, when people were demanding indictments, I said, "indictments are the start of a long harrowing process."

I explained that trials are harrowing.

Judges make bad decisions.

Juries don't always get it right. A person can be guilty but be acquitted.


Teri_Kanefield, (edited ) avatar

If you are having a meldown right now, it's because you believe a myth.

If you want to know why I don't bother tamping down the panic and outrage and misinformation, start reading here:

I wrote that series to explain why I am not doing it any more.

It's never ending.

If you want me to talk you off the ledge, here is my advice: Stay off the ledge.

If you want to do something to save democracy read this and get busy:


Teri_Kanefield, (edited ) avatar

Anyone who tells you "we are running out of time" is using a trick known to fiction writers everywhere.

Yes, I also have a master's in fiction writing 😂 (How do you think I wrote such good appellate briefs?)

It's called the ticking clock device. It creates suspense and keeps readers glued to the screen or turning pages.

Stoping now because JJ is insisting on a walk, and have you ever tried arguing with a dog?


VeroniqueB99, to random avatar

“I was photographing this big male polar bear in Svalbard, when suddenly he rapidly started to walk in our direction. We didn’t have time to pack up all our gear and quickly hopped on our snowmobiles and drove away, leaving our gear behind. The bear approached the cameras and tried to look through the viewfinder, licked the back of the camera and went away, continuing his path. Perhaps he was just curious to see what all the fuss is about .. "

📷 Roie Galitz - Nature and Wildlife Photographer

VeroniqueB99, avatar

@astrid 🤣

dannotdaniel, avatar

@VeroniqueB99 this is amazing

GottaLaff, (edited ) to Illinois avatar


“In a surprise move, an judge has removed former President Donald from the state’s ballot based on the ’s so-called “insurrectionist ban.”

He’ll have time to appeal.

thedogspaw, avatar

Trump your off the ballot lol but not really you still get your name on the ballot but I got my name in the papers and in the end isn't that what really matters Illinois judge probably

megatronicthronbanks, avatar


TonyStark, to random avatar

What would Democrats have done about the SCOTUS? Uh, not appointed 3 right wing wacko justices after the 2016 election? Can’t believe I’m still getting this after 8 years.

ArtBear, avatar

@TonyStark @barney @wtsparrow
FWIW if I was Republican, the only nudge ops I'd run in places like the Fediverse would be, "Yeah but, Genocide Joe" type ops.

TonyStark, avatar

@ArtBear @barney @wtsparrow I run an instance as you can see, I’m sure. I used to run an open sign up one and was a moderator on for awhile.

They’ve been here. Before this, it was “Ukraine is the aggressor!” and “COVID is a liberal hoax!”

This isn’t working for them, either, so we’ll see what’s next.

kuketzblog, to android German avatar

Bitte lasst die Finger von den Wetter-Apps im Play Store. Die meisten sind voll mit Tracking und Werbung. Wenn ihr eine aus dem Play Store nehmen wollt, dann die App »WarnWetter« vom Deutschen Wetterdienst. In F-Droid gibt es Alternativen. 👇

OK_OK, avatar

@kuketzblog Ich habe bisher die in deinem F-Droid Link als erste gelistete FOSS Weather APP genutzt. Diese ist aber eigentlich nichts anderes als ein Zugriff auf die Seite
Da die App schon lange nicht mehr aktualisiert wurde, habe ich sie deinstalliert und als Progressive Web App (PWA) auf dem Homescreen installiert.


Danke, direkt Mal alles runter geworfen und was neues installiert.
Jetzt muss ich nur noch auf den api Key warten :)

heidilifeldman, to random avatar

I see folks saying they are confident that ultimately this Supreme Court will reject Trump’s claim that presidents have absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts. I’m not. I meant it every time I have said that Trump appointed Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett are almost certainly in the tank for him. Were they not, they’d be recusing themselves from all his appeals, as their participation certainly has, at the least, the appearance of impropriety. 1/

heidilifeldman, avatar

Clearly, if Thomas weren’t in the tank for Trump, he too would be recusing himself from any decision involving him. Imagine if these 4 justices acted ethically and did recuse themselves. Then, Roberts, Alito, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Brown Jackson would be deciding. A very different situation. 2/

heidilifeldman, avatar

Back in the real world, though, the 4 clearly compromised Justices are not the only ones who want to empower authoritarian Presidents. Alito is a declared adherent of the the “unitary executive theory” which is Republican code for putting the President above the law. 3/

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