grrrr_shark, to random avatar

Kinda sad. Checked up on that friend (actual friend, not like the ex-boss of deeply Q-Anon whacko fame) I was talking about last week and... yeah. Apparently he stayed down the anti-vaxxer rabbit hole.

So I won't contact him next time I'm in town.

I can tell you one reason why he was susceptible that my other friends generally aren't - he's an attractive, blond, affluent, super-privileged white guy who I suspect has never noticed his privilege.

And I guess that trumps intelligence.

Now I'm kinda afraid to make contact with anyone I've been out of touch with, because you never fucking know.

mreeder, avatar

I once had a lovely friend. After some years apart, she went Qanon. I quietly unfriended her on Facebook, but still mourn.


grrrr_shark, avatar

@mreeder I'm so sorry to hear that.

It is a loss. There's a whole category of grief related to folks we lose that are still there, but unreachable, and I think it's important to recognise it.

eeyam, to palestine avatar

“I will no longer be complicit in genocide. I’m about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it’s not extreme at all. .”

  • Aaron Bushnell, February 25, 2024


FantasticalEconomics, avatar

@eeyam @palestine

I'm no expert, but that sounds like a person with mind far sounder than most politicians.

Disparaging this protestor as mentally ill is a travesty that we cannot tolerate, regardless of how we may feel about his message.

This was an act of courage and sacrifice we should not turn away from; I hope it resonates and leads to changes within the Whitehouse.

pedrobizbikedu, avatar

@eeyam @palestine An exceptionally brave and moral young man. I won’t deign to comment on his critics.

alice, to random avatar

the white house has announced its support of the rust evangelism strike force

RedtheBean, to random avatar

why am I so stupid

RedtheBean, avatar

@tshirtman even a knowing smilie emoji would have made me feel better so you have truly surpassed expectations lol thank you for caring. Yeah, I had a self-doubting moment there. It feels nice to get a response from a friendly fedi person 😌

tshirtman, avatar

@RedtheBean happy it helped! 😄

lamikennel, to random Japanese avatar


「『神武天皇と今上天皇は全く同じY染色体』と科学雑誌が立証」は誤り 雑誌の発行元が記事の存在を否定【ファクトチェック】

AmiW, to art German avatar

🌱 Artist: #DavidZinn in City: #AnnArbor USA 🇺🇸 2024 - Title:
🔴 "When asked, Paula checks again to
see if it's time to stop hibernating
yet." 🐻
🟡 "Wenn sie gefragt wird, prüft Paula
noch einmal, ob es Zeit ist, den
Winterschlaf zu beenden." ❇️
#StreetArt #Art #Chalkart #3Dartist #Graffemera #SidewalkChalk #Bear #Cub #EarlyRiser #UrbanWildlife #FalseSpring

AmiW, avatar

@SoberHungOver 😘💕💕😁

AmiW, avatar

@KoPPeR 😊👍🏻

protecttruth, to random avatar

Let’s remember that Ilya Shapiro is paid by the same rightwing billionaires who pay Thomas and Alito and the Fed Soc.

Paul Singer bribed Alito, and runs Shapiro’s employer Manhattan.

Shapiro is just as corrupt as the Supreme Court. The money even comes from the same place.

tob, avatar

@protecttruth The Republican Supreme Court doesn't "take originalism seriously" so I don't see why anyone else should.

Alon, avatar

@protecttruth Is this the same guy who said the bribes to Thomas were nbd, or am I conflating him with someone else?

mhoye, to random avatar

I'm together with your plan.

mrcompletely, avatar

@mhoye still one of the weirdest microcelebrity phenomena of my lifetime. Artis was a fixture on the west coast freak scene, oregon country fair and whatnot, before the rise of burning man

tom30519, to random avatar

I see that Ars Technica is using two of your processed images of Ingenuity, and has properly given you credit. Nice. 👍

stim3on, avatar

@tom30519 jup, I offered Eric Berger to use my images. I'm glad he is finding them useful and takes attribution seriously.

mamemomonga, to random Japanese avatar


natty, to random avatar

This robot girl would like to access cookies on this device

✅ Accept ❌ Decline

Eggfreckles, to random avatar

Visiting some friends down at the Santa Cruz wharf

petes_bread_eqn_xls, avatar

@Eggfreckles did any fall through the cracks?

Binder, to random avatar

Hospital on phone: your wife just got out of her procedure, she’ll need about half an hour for the anesthesia to wear off so that she can get dressed

Wife texting, two minutes later: the fuck u at, old man? Let’s roll, bored now

xantha, avatar

@Binder hahaha SOUNDS FAMILIAR

Heidiknits, avatar

@Binder 🤣🤣🤣 I hope all is well.

Chigaze, to edmonton avatar

'Tis the season of everyone who opposes increases to the snow removal budget (and the resultant tax increase) now complaining we don't have enough plows.

#YEG #Edmonton

davidho, to cycling avatar

Does have an opinion about the Intense 951 Gravel Bike that they're selling at Costco?

the5thColumnist, avatar

OK so I found this fairly comprehensive explanation.

marvin, avatar

@the5thColumnist @davidho frame geometry, handling, mount points differentiate gravel from other drop bar like road or cx. Gravel is the closest thing we've gotten to an all purpose bike from the industry in decades.

Typically longer wheelbase for stability, will handle better under load, much less aggressive seating and riding position for comfort. Often have gearing that is more designed for mortals than Tour de France, like 42 to 46 teeth on larger chainring in front, instead of 50 or 52.

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