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#Writer of #horror, #fantasy and #scifi #fiction. #Shortstories and (eventually) #novels. Dank Goblin. 3,605th most popular account on Mastodon. Will talk bollocks about #Metal and #Warhammer all day. #WritingCommunity

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alexanderhay, to shortstory
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My latest published , "Molded", is out now in the new issue of Leading Edge magazine!

Also featuring by Karen L. Kobylarz and L.K. Smith, by Kate Fowler, non-fiction by Tidus Pinkham, and an with M. L. Wang.

Many thanks to the editorial team for their support and feedback.

Interested? Issue 84 is available here:


alexanderhay, to Warhammer
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"Everyday I'm Mörderin, Everyday I'm Mörderin..."

Massive #Warhammer nerd that I am, it's only proper that I plug something I've backed.

The legendary #JohnBlanche has a #Kickstarter doing rather well at the moment, but can it make £75,000 before Wednesday?

(You get a #Grimdark #Teddybear.)


#Miniatures #Warhammer40000 #Warhammer40k #Mörderin

alexanderhay, to Russia
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Looks like the troll factories have drawn blood in the . The main benficiary here, of course, is and .

" calls shock elections after rout by ...

"...In a high-risk political gamble, less than two months before hosts the , he said lower house elections would be called for June 30, with a second-round vote on July 7..."


alexanderhay, to Greek
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A sad day - #MichaelMosley has been found dead after going missing four days ago on the #Greek island of #Symi.

For all that, though his life was short, it was never dull:




#News #Parasites #Biology #Medicine #Video #RIP

alexanderhay, to DoctorWho
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Stop being so disappointed over . It's been shonky as heck for nigh-on 20 years.

(I won't hear a word against Ncuti, though.)

alexanderhay, to random
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Just listened to the world's only example of pro-IRA black metal. Somewhat inevitably, it was by some Burzum-loving prat in New Jersey.

alexanderhay, to Anime
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The ultimate ending.

"...Gainax, known for producing the popular series "Neon Genesis ," said Friday that it filed for at District Court on May 29.

Founded in 1984, the Tokyo-based company produced hit anime titles, including the Evangelion series by film director and "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water..."


alexanderhay, to random
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Shall I watch seven political parties slag each other off on the BBC, or continue listening to quality doom metal? Decisions, decisions...

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Farage accusing others of lacking patriotism is a bit rich, given that he's Trump and Putin's sock puppet.

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Penny Mordaunt trying to sound stateswoman-like (and nuclear armed), in the hope she will somehow have a chance of being the next Tory leader. She has no fucking chance.

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We've come a long way since Jeremy Corbyn didn't really admit that he wouldn't nuke anyone. Rayner and Mordaunt are now clamouring over who will press the button hardest.

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Carla Denyer's main problem is that no one has voted Green with the express understanding that they will shoot anyone.

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Stephen Flynn is all in favour of Scotland not getting nuked, which many in the audience will find highly inoffensive.

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Total gore from the Lib Dems.

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Our young medical student might well end up working with corpses at some point. There are plenty of stiffs on that stage.

alexanderhay, to alexjones
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"#ConspiracyTheorist #AlexJones agrees to liquidate assets to pay #SandyHook families

"Alex Jones has asked a judge to convert his bankruptcy to a liquidation, in order to start paying some of the nearly $1.5 billion in damages he owes the Sandy Hook families who sued him for defamation."


#News #USA #FarRight #QAnon #Media #InfoWars

alexanderhay, to France
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A conspiracy-minded type might think #RishiSunak is actively trying to lose the #GeneralElection, but that assumes far too much of him.

"...British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak apologised on Friday for his early departure from D-Day commemorations in #France the previous day as criticism mounted of his decision to return to the #UK where he is fighting an election campaign..."


#DDay #Normandy #UK #UKPolitics #GeneralElection #GeneralElection2024

alexanderhay, to uk
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As fash-turd continues to bathe in banana , it turns out that's not the only hostile welcome awaiting him in the country...

(From today's issue of the Popbitch newsletter, "Mullet Prevalence", published 06/06/2024.)

alexanderhay, to news
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In the UK, there is a real issue with working class violence centred around false or unfounded claims of paedophilia. Or rather, a working class culture of violence and sadism which is also fundamentally narcissistic in its nature. These people are the dregs.

(And before you @ me, I come from that background and have had to deal with these sorts of people many times. Their MO is shockingly predictable.)


#News #Crime #UK

Lazarou, to UKpolitics
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this young woman is the Future

EDIT: the antifacists' name is 'Victoria'
Begin the writing of ballads honouring her act

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@Lazarou Waste of a good milkshake. Does no one just piss in a bottle any more?

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@B_Whitewind @Lazarou Isn't the five gallon bucket of shit already standing for election in Clacton, though?

GottaLaff, to random
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Via @atrupar, who has video elsewhere:

Fox Business is preemptively attacking justices on the New York appeals court who might hear the case, putting up their photos and detailing their political affiliations

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@GottaLaff @atrupar Old fashioned though I am, antagonising a beak is never a good idea.

alexanderhay, to uk
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Enter the fascist, undertaking his latest grift:

"#Farage to run as #ReformUK candidate in #Clacton...

"...#NigelFarage has announced he will run as Reform UK's candidate in Clacton, after previously saying he would not stand in July’s #GeneralElection...

"...Mr Farage also revealed he was taking over from #RichardTice as Reform's leader for the next five years..."


#UK #News #UKPolitics #GeneralElection2024 #FarRight #Fascism

sky, to random
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"does kink belong at Pride" is such a shitlib question

"does capitalism belong at Pride" is a much better question

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@sky One key difference is that capitalism does not have a safe word.

GottaLaff, to random
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#Trump supporters try to doxx jurors and post violent threats after his conviction

On social media and web forums, users called for jurors, judges and prosecutors to be killed after the former president was found guilty on 34 felony counts.

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@geonz @GottaLaff But as we saw with that mole rat's scrotum, Dylan Roof, police brutality never happens to the right people.

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