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Building useful, usable, delightful products that respect privacy.

:eos: Partner success at https://floss.social/@EndlessOS Foundation
:gnome: @gnome Foundation member
:flathub: https://floss.social/@flathub contributor

Previously: co-founder and CXO at elementary OS, UX architect at System76.

Frequently posting about #OpenSource, specifically in #GNOME and #Flatpak realms. I also enjoy #StarWars, #LEGO, & #3DPrinting.

I have a background in UX architecture, open source, product design, communication, and project coordination.

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kim, to Starwars
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I'm at a Star wars themed 6 year old kids birthday party, and personally, I feel like I'm winning #starWars #cupcake #sithLord #palpatine

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@kim ”something something something complete!”

popey, to random
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A very short thread. 🧵

This is a complex problem and a question that may have no helpful answer.
I'm putting it out there to see if people have ideas. 🤔

Note: I am deliberately not identifying anyone specific in this thread. I'd appreciate it if everyone else did the same.

This thread aims to find solutions, not point fingers or speak negatively of individuals or groups.

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@popey there’s a YouTube channel like this for me where I like the content but the cadence/delivery was just off-putting to me. I kept coming back for the content and eventually mostly got over my issue, but it did take a while.

I’m not aware of anything automated like what you’re talking about, though; I imagine it will, though, since I've seen the same idea for translating to other languages.

cassidy, to random
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a jet engine is audible in our living room

Me: “Uh, @katie, what’s going on??”

Katie: “My MacBook is trying to open Photoshop…”

five minutes of jet engine fan noise passes

Katie: “Yay!”


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This MacBook Pro came out riiiight before the M1 ones. It still technically works, but sheesh, Apple made some crap “Pro” laptops for a while.

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@gadgetoid they sold this model up until the M1 model came out in late 2020… for like $1,300.

It should not be a useless screaming brick only a few years later—it really seems like they neutered their Intel models, especially thermally, so the Apple Silicon models would seem like such a huge leap when similarly-specced laptops from other brands performed better, cooler, and for less money.

andirsun, to random
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Today I publish my first contribution to ecosystem. I was following the official documentation to pack electron apps as a flatpaks and I discover a bug in the tutorial, so I decide to report it and fix it.

New users on flatpak ecosystem will experience less barriers to build electron apps.


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@andirsun thank you!

cassidy, to random
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I just realized I could have the worst RDNN ever for my apps: es.ssidyjam.AppName

I own the domain for the extremely novel c@ vanity email address it gives me, but it’s also pretty short… 🤔

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kim, to gardening
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I opened a cabinet in the kitchen that I clearly don't use very often and rediscovered a bag of potatoes I had purchased back in like, November last year. Does this count as successful gardening? 😂 #oops #growingPotatoes #kitchenSurprise #gardening

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@kim 🌱🥔😮🥔🌱

sri, to random
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One thing I've found amusing is that my Downloads folder on GNOME has become the new Desktop folder. Everything is in there and it never finds itself in the Documents folder. I'm not sure how to fix that - maybe folders is an outdated concept. We used to have a documents application but it didn't quite get traction. I find managing my files to be a pain.
The only place I have any organization is my src/ directory. :D

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@sri I remember adding an option in elementary OS that can clear your downloads automatically. I forget if that's an option on GNOME; if not, maybe we could add it?

cassidy, to Starwars
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I watched “Into the Breach” (S03E13) of The Bad Batch last night. This show continues to be great, and I really enjoyed this episode! I was anxious and on the edge of my seat until the very end—and I’m excited for next week.

Only TWO WEEKS LEFT of this show! 😭 If you’ve been sleeping on it, it’s a great time to get into it so you’re caught up in time for the penultimate or final episode… I have a feeling it’s gonna be good.

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In case you have completely missed this show or not been interested because of the obscure cast—I was absolutely skeptical before getting into it—here are some spoiler-free reasons you should give it a go: 🧵

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• The animation is fantastic. It’s incredible how far Lucasfilm Animation has come with their style and capabilities since the extremely rough early days of The Clone Wars. If you didn’t like the style back then (cough @markedward cough) give the latest trailers a peep to check in. I’m constantly impressed by the environments, lighting, detail, and cinematography of this show.

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• It’s a focused, character-driven story that simultaneously ties neatly into the entire cinematic timeline. Palpatine’s influence looms large over the galaxy without being overbearing, the main characters are ex-Republic troopers finding their way in the galaxy under the thumb of the newly formed Empire, and it’s actually naturally tying into a bit of the Mandoverse and sequel trilogy without it feeling forced or like a retcon.

@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

• The score/soundtrack! Holy crap, Kevin Kiner and his kids, Sean and Deana Kiner have done an incredible job—this final season in particular has been constantly impressive to me. It has that classic Star Wars orchestral feel at times, but definitely feels evolved in a way similar to the Andor score: a bit more synth-y and eerie at times, sometimes almost… rock?? Idk, it is just great imho.

MishaalRahman, to random
@MishaalRahman@androiddev.social avatar

I've thought for a while now that Android should (and will) play a REALLY important role at Google for AI, so this reorg makes a lot of sense.

"Google is combining its Android and hardware teams — and it’s all about AI" via The Verge


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@MishaalRahman if this actually helps them focus on not having three of everything, it will be good for them! 😅 I am curious how this will actually go down with regards to Pixel versus OEM relationships, though. I guess Microsoft does it with Surface and Windows? 🤔

cassidy, to ai
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Facebook’s “AI” is responding to posts pretending to be human; in this case claiming to have a gifted and disabled child who attends a NYC school.

How many other accounts are actually large language models masquerading as people? This seems incredibly irresponsible—and is a great reminder that “AI” is machines mindlessly regurgitating things from elsewhere on the Internet.

AI is not sustainable.


Via @jasonkoebler for @404mediaco

Mehrad, to random
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Does anyone know why cannot be updated via ssh?

These are the output:

Warning: Failed to get revokefs-fuse socket from system-helper: Flatpak system operation GetRevokefsFd not allowed for user
Warning: Flatpak system operation Deploy not allowed for user

@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

@Mehrad I feel like this is something to do with PolicyKit authentication. I think I have seen something similar, but am not 100% sure.

cassidy, to 3DPrinting
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I printed a little book riser for our kids' IKEA shelf! I love little purpose-designed functional prints like this.

The same photo but with some books in the front row
The finished product with books in a back row, elevated, and books in the front row on the shelf itself

@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

@schm43cky @natosb this used a tiny amount of material (it's hollow, so just the walls and top are solid), I recycle my waste materials, and this is something that will probably live with this shelf for the rest of its life—I looked for wood first, but didn't have anything sitting around that fit the bill. Driving to the store to buy and cut wood seemed silly when I could throw something together like this. 😉

lizkecso, to random
@lizkecso@mastodon.social avatar

The shower curtain has been ordered 🐈‍⬛🌈 can't wait to see it in person

Model: Calvin cat 🐈‍⬛
Photographer/graphics: @cassidy

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@lizkecso glorious!

jasperdpeters, to random

Sometimes kids listen to music uncritically because it isn’t written for them. This is probably a good thing.

For instance, I just came across the song “Too Close,” and realized it was COMPLETELY over my head and I hadn’t heard it in…25 years?

Looking back, I can’t believe my parents let my siblings let me listen to all that 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

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@jasperdpeters 😳

homelessjun, to harrypotter

whenever i hear the #harrypotter theme it reminds me of #starwars

and vice-versa.

both were composed by john williams.

no coincidences here.

@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

@homelessjun both are extraordinarily inspired by Gustav Holst’s The Planets! Listen to the album and you will spot influences on Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Superman, and basically every John Williams score. https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lpLT5sA2wXyhEw-qBvhxsKRsE6--OMQOI&si=-CQWRudm1D05m9yr

julia, to random

Dear @fedora:
AI? Really? I will genuinely ditch the distro over this. Can SOMEONE make a decent distro and just fucking leave it be???
RE: https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/strategy-2028-april-2024-update/

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@julia @fedora did you genuinely read the post? Can you share how pushing for ML-powered improvements to accessibility, local translation, and organizing your files with completely free software entirely under your control is a bad thing?

pjol, to firefox
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Firefox 124.0.2 was released 11 days ago. Librewolf got bumped the day after and yet the flathub version is still on 124.0.1.

I'm seriously starting to consider moving away from the atomic (immutable) desktop so i can install release and beta versions of the browsers i alternate between and not have to rely on forks 😄

#Librewolf #Flathub #Firefox #Linux

@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

@pjol @popey LibreWolf on Flathub is maintained by the LibreWolf community. If they are not automating nor actually maintaining their app, that doesn’t have to do with Flatpak or Flathub—they just… haven’t done it.

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