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Microsoft’s VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track (

On Tuesday, Microsoft Research Asia unveiled VASA-1, an AI model that can create a synchronized animated video of a person talking or singing from a single photo and an existing audio track. In the future, it could power virtual avatars that render locally and don’t require video feeds—or allow anyone with similar tools to...

They're Looting The Internet (

This is the state of the modern internet — ultra-profitable platforms outright abdicating any responsibility toward the customer, offering not a “service” or a “portal,” but cramming as many ways to interrupt the user and push them into doing things that make the company money. The greatest lie in tech is that Facebook...

A Spy Site Is Scraping Discord and Selling Users’ Messages (

An online service is scraping Discord servers en masse, archiving and tracking users’ messages and activity across servers including what voice channels they join, and then selling access to that data for as little as $5. Called Spy Pet, the service’s creator says it scrapes more than ten thousand Discord servers, and...

XManager APK Latest Download V5.4 Official Version 2024 (

**WHAT IS XMANAGER APK…?**xManager for Spotify APK is an Android app, used to enjoy Spotify’s premium features for free. The full guide of xManager APK is uploaded on this site: . How do you Download.? The updated version also discussed the features of the xManager APK....

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat (

But Hirai also began to think about the work he knew lay ahead. The Ocean Link was one of a small number of ships that maintain the subsea cables that carry 99 percent of the world’s data. Positioned in strategic locations around the planet, these ships stand ready to sail out and fix faults the moment they are detected, and...

A Galaxy of Possibilities – Xerox Star & Daybreak (

Let’s have a look at the very first commercial computer with a graphical user interface, called Xerox Star, which was the successor of the Xerox Alto! What did its marvelous GUI look like? Was it ground-breaking and easy to use as we’d expect? Or, perhaps, was it too ahead of its time? Well then, let’s find out!...

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