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Is it worth buying the Mac keyboard for a dedicated Linux PC instead of the windows one?

What is your personal preference based on experience? I Assume because Mac is Unix and Linux is Unix based, it would be more suited, but I have no personal experience with the layout. I am willing to try something new if i hear enough merits for it, and I also find the windows layout somewhat inadequate(The grass is greener on...

Cronjobs: When First Connected to Internet

Hi folks, Does anyone know how to instruct cron to carry out a command when a connection to the internet is first made after boot? I have a few jobs that only need to be done once per day and require an internet connection e.g downloading the weather forecast and my rss feeds. I’m not always connected to the internet on boot...

My experience using Fedora Atomic (Budgie) for a month or two. (lemmy.dbzer0.com)

I would just like to preface this. This is the first blog post I’ve ever written, so please please please give me feedback if you can. I also didn’t intend on it being here on Lemmy, but Hugo is quite a complex tool that’ll take some time for me to understand. Webdev is not my cup of tea....

[Solved] Problems connecting WiiMote via Bluetooth in Linux Mint

I’m trying to connect my Wiimote via Bluetooth to a new Minisforum UM690S running Linux Mint 21.3. I’m using this post from the ArchWiki as a reference, and I am fully able to do this successfully on my laptop (running Tuxedo OS 2) and another mini-PC running Pop_OS!...

Setting up a new Debian Docker Swarm

After seeing someone else posting their struggles with getting Docker running on their system, I thought I might share my process for setting up new Docker nodes. I don’t make any representations about my way being the right way, or the best way, but this way has been working for me. I have been playing around with a swarm,...

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