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Lawsuit alleges Grindr illegally shared users' HIV status, sensitive data with third-party advertisers. (

Hundreds have joined a UK class action lawsuit against LGBTQ+ dating app Grindr, seeking damages over a historical case of the company allegedly forwarding users’ HIV status as well as other sensitive data to third-party advertisers....

Under the FISA expansion, what exactly should I worry about, how do I manage privacy?

Hello everyone, with the unfortunate passing of the FISA expansion, I was left with a few questions. I tried to research it, and to me, it seems like they are beefing up surveillance with routers and ISPs (correct me if I’m wrong.) Aside from having businesses stalk you when you use their WiFi (connected with ISPs.)...

Are there any tools out there to compare Privacy Policies against each other?

Hiya, just quickly wondering if anyone know about a good tool for comparing Privacy policies against each other? Im currently downloading each PP, then using self-hosted StirlingPDF to compare 1 on 1. However, I am looking for a more efficient tool, to compare multiple at the time, if there are any. Any tool that can handle...

Is there a way to download a Windows.iso anonymously?

Hello, whenever I try to download the Windows.iso from Microsoft, it blocks me because I’m using a VPN. I don’t really want to buy proxies or anything for this. I tried to download it off public WiFi but it was way too slow. I only need Windows for updating the EC firmware on one of my older laptops....

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