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German Author, Dreamer and Dragonlover.

Writing Fantasy (in English) about underdogs with happy endings. Looking for fellow writers and interested readers.

Cares about people, the world and the climate. Hugs trees. Talks too much.

Pronouns: she/her

Avatar: Stick figure horse I drew myself.
Background image: Four book covers on a star field - my series starters. Dorelle's Journey, Decoy, A Wolf's Quest, South Breaks.

#ActuallyAutistic #Horses #EFT-Tapping #Mandalorian #Nullipara

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Loukas, to Autism
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Is self-diagnosis valid for autism? I argue that self-diagnosis is the only valid form of diagnosis.

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Self-diagnosed Autistic here.

Getting an official diagnosis in Germany is expensive, exhausting and often not helpful, so I'm not seeking one.

I am holding a day job (and counting down the days to retirement), so there's little I can gain from an official diagnosis and possibly much to lose.

Even so, learning to respect my needs as Autistic person is already changing my life. And learning to make good use of my amazing abilities is... way beyond life-changing.


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It's really shocking how easy things get when I actually use my brain the way it works best:

Breaking down (even everyday) tasks into small steps, then visualizing each step, optimizing them in my mind and then DOING things the way I saw them is... empowering.

It works so much better than the "just do it!" that I got to hear all my life.

And once I have a pattern or system for a task, I can easily repeat it.

Funny enough, I always thought that was "male brain". (Cis woman here.)

kielkontrovers, to random German
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Der Vorne­einstieg wird vorübergehend ausgesetzt - Service - Aktuelles - KVG Kiel


Kommt bloß nicht auf die Idee, das wieder abzuschaffen!

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Ich muss sagen, das Busfahren ist echt entspannter, wenn man auch hinten einsteigen kann.

(Fahre mit DE-Ticket. Gar kein Ding.)

Pepijn, to Trains
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Question for #train people: I want to travel from Kolding (DK) to Amersfoort (NL) on monday 18 march. Route planners have me stop in Pinneberg and take the S-bahn to Hamburg-Harburg.

Normally it's just arriving from DK in Hamburg-Hbf and leaving there by ICE. Is this not possible anymore?

edit: I really like Hamburg-Hbf. Easy to navigate and I can buy some really nice sausage.. Taking an extra train (S-train) feels like a downgrade.

Edit2: Thanks! It's maintenance works. 😐


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I would assume it's because of construction work around HH Hauptbahnhof.

This is definitely not how it usually works.

Firlefanz, to random
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239 — How does your MC feel about babies, children, and teenagers?

Those are extremely foreign thoughts for Sky.

I mean, he knew all his life he'd die at 25, with no family other than his House.

When he escapes, he's too busy staying alive to think about a family, either.

However, the time will come, and I think he might actually enjoy being a father and watch his kids grow up.

Sky Falls, Pillars of the Empire 2
(out now!)

Firlefanz, to random
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Gute Nacht, Freunde!

Wrote 1k for Sun this morning, and that made me very happy. I have a big scene I'm writing towards, so that's great.

Then the day got hard. Office day, grocery shopping, lugging everything home.

I vegged through the afternoon, had a great coaching session (so grateful for those), and basically flopped afterwards.

So no big posts, I have to survive the second office day tomorrow, and then I'll be back with power.

Firlefanz, to random German
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"Wie werden Recht und Gesetz in deiner fiktionalen Welt durchgesetzt?"

In Skys Welt herrschen die Priester. Sie entscheiden über alles.

Erst als Sky aus dem Sacred Square flüchtet, kann er erkennen, wie grausam seine Welt wirklich ist. Weil aber die meisten Menschen im Holy Empire davon Vorteile haben, stellen sie das System nicht in Frage.

Sky und seine Freunde schon...

Sky Falls, Pillars of the Empire 2
(ganz frisch!)

Firlefanz, to random
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28/2 Should you avoid running around the Wrekin, beating about the bush, and avoid colloquialisms?

I love such expressions and I love it even more when authors come up with new ones that fit their books.

On example I love, from a romance with a hacker, of all things:

"Best thing since the invention of touch-screen technology." (sliced bread)

"He tended to fade into the wallpaper." (background)

Brendanjones, (edited ) to TeslaMotors
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Y'know what'd be awesome to minimise the material footprint of cars? Standardised, modular battery systems.

Imagine: for your daily city usage you use a small battery with, say, 150-300km range. Then when you want to take your family on holiday you take your car to the local battery swap and install the 800km range battery.

Smaller battery means:

  1. Lighter cars = less wear on roads & less danger in crashes
  2. Cheaper
  3. Lower material and environmental footprint

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In Europe, at least, it should be possible to take a train for the 800km distance, and then rent a local car once you get there, if and when you need one.

The future must be fewer cars, more public transport. We need to change the entire infrastructure to be much more compatible with needs, rather than simply replace ICEs with batteries.

Full disclosure: I haven't owned a car in ever, and lived without one for the last 14 years. Easily doable in a town in Europe.

Firlefanz, to random
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#WordWeavers 2/28: How often do you back up your work?

It's instantly backed up into a cloud server. I also try to remember to back it up to an external drive, but keep forgetting.

Time for a better system. 🙂


Firlefanz, to random
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#PennedPossibilities 238 — How strong is your MC’s sense of intuition? Are they aware of it? Do they ever fear that it’s only paranoia?

Sky really does not have a good sense of people, and little intuition.

That's why he runs away from the one person truly interested in helping him - although to be fair, that was a logical mistake to make. Sky had no idea who he was meeting. (But we readers do.)

Sky Falls, Pillars of the Empire 2
(out now!)


Firlefanz, to random
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Gute Nacht, Freunde.

Very lazy day.

Played my game, read two books. A complete time out - really hope I can get into Sun tomorrow.

See you then.

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So yeah, got into Sun this morning.

1k words in about 40 minutes. Very happy with that.

Firlefanz, to random
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#WritersCoffeeClub 2/27: How do you find beta readers? Would you beta read yourself?

I have some friends who beta read. I tried finding more online, but it's difficult.

The problem is that I'm not good at reciprocating, simply because I need to manage my energy levels and can't always hold deadlines.

I also find it hard to read some genres.


PaxAsteriae, to random
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Crooked House: Owners of wonky pub ordered to rebuild

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Very good news!

paul, to random
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I just discovered that my state pension age is 67, not 68.

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Is that good news?

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That is very, very good news! ❤️

Firlefanz, to random
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2/27 Have you written poetry?

Very rarely.

I may have created two or three poems I really like.

It's not how I think. And that's perfectly fine.

Firlefanz, to random
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237 — How would you describe your WIP’s ideal reader?

My ideal reader for Sky is open to magic and fantasy. They love big worlds, series and characters who keep interacting with each other.

They also should enjoy happy endings, the fact that kindness goes far in my stories and that the good guys win in the end.

And hey, they shouldn't be shy to send the author appreciation. 😉

Sky Falls, Pillars of the Empire 2
(out now!)

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So true!

Firlefanz, to random
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Gute Nacht, Freunde.

So today was definitely a recovery day.

Played my new game, played my old game, read a comfort book. Even cooked a meal.

I tweaked my store a little, after some helpful feedback. No new books, sorry.

Cover designer quit on creating something for the Zell series (Franssisi Four Chronicles). I do feel a bit down. Zell is cool, but terrible to market.

How do I sell Space Opera with polyamory, spice, and a fight for freedom?

ScribblingSandy, to random
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26 Would you consider recording your own audiobook?

Yep, I've been frequently told that I've got a lovely reading voice.

The problem is just
A) time;
B) the platform authors from outside the US / UK can use to distribute audiobooks (we can't use Amazon) is doing shady shit in regards to rights grab and AI.

I would consider selling direct but just thinking about sales tax and then doing my taxes is giving me nightmares.

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So I found out that the Kleinunternehmerregelung actually now also works for ebook sales.

Which is why I just started my own store online, where I will also sell my audiobooks. Actually, PayHip takes care of the VAT in the UK and the EU.

Hope that I can grow direct sales to something nice.

Firlefanz, to random
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236 — Does your SC have any allergies?

Uh. Not that I know of.

Honestly, adding allergies to my Winds and Pillars hasn't exactly been a priority. My chars have enough problems escaping the Priests and their allies.

(I deal with histamine overreactions, so I am aware of allergies and everything.)

But it does inspire me to possibly have a wolf with hay fever in the next book. 😂

Sky Falls, Pillars of the Empire 2
(out now!)

Firlefanz, to random
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2/26 Would you consider recording your own audiobook?

I have considered it.

The tech learning curve is steep, and my voice doesn't handle speaking for more than ten minutes at a time very well.

In addition, just setting up something resembling a studio setting to get clean recordings is non-trivial.

I have read out a short story and recorded that, it's up on YouTube (and partially on PeerTube). Not something I want to do for a full novel, though.

essmueller, to csu German

Wenn Du im Alter keine mehr bekommst, ist der der und die -Debatte der und dafür verantwortlich: Ausgrenzen und Herabschauen um jeden Preis! Just sayin'.


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