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Beginner questions about ZFS and how to use my drives.

Hello, I currently have a home server mainly for media, in which I have an SSD for the system and 2 6TB hard drives set up in raid 1 using mdadm, its the most I can fit in the case. I have been getting interested in ZFS and wanting to expand my storage since it’s getting pretty full. I have 2 12TB external hard drives. My...

Configuring Porkbun DNS for internal IPs

Hey everyone, asking here since I’ve been trying (and failing) at the numerous guides online. The end goal is so that I can have proper Let’s Encrypt certs for my self hosted servers to include VaultWarden (which will not work with self-signed or http) as well as have easy urls for myself and family to use....

Does anyone know anything about Solid pods? (

I heard about this project years ago. Cool concept: standardized, interchangeable storage + identity that can be plugged into arbitrary apps. The idea is that your identity is tied to your data, and your data can be hosted anywhere so you can retain control over your data or use a simple provider. It was also created by Tim...

Password Manager that supports multiple databases/syncing?

I currently use keePass, and use it on both my PC and my phone. I like it because I can keep a copy of my DB on my phone and export it through a few different means. But I can’t seem to find an option to actually sync my local DB against a remote one. I’ve thought about switching to BitWarden but from what I can see it uses...

Self Hosted IFTTT RSS Replacement

A couple of years ago, IFTTT did a thing where they asked people to sign up to premium and they could pay whatever they like and could keep the service forever. I didn’t use many of the services, but thought it made sense to try and preserve something so useful for in case I did need it. In the meantime, I would allow it to...

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