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Network loss after 24hrs on Docker LXC

Fine folks of c/selfhosted, I’ve got a Docker LXC (Debian) running in Proxmox that loses its local network connection 24 hours after boot. It’s remedied with a LXC restart. I am still able to access the console through Proxmox when this happens, but all running services (docker ps still says they’re running) are...

Increase your Linux Server Internet Speed with TCP BBR Congestion-Control (

I recently found this on Reddit while looking into why jellyfin is effected so much by latency. I found that this worked and thought I would share it because it is generally applicable, takes five minutes to setup, and helps a lot with bandwidth on higher latency connections. I admit I am not sure of the technical stuff behind...

Wireguard in docker, no way of password authentication?

I am running wg-easy and there is a way to passport protect the GUI used for creating Wireguard connections. Is there a way to prohibit connection to be made if not a password is entered? I don’t want someone to be able to access my VPN if for example my phone would be stolen unlocked. I don’t mind if it is client side only

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