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Occasionally post in French or Spanish.
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AnnaAnthro, to edmonton
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#Edmonton air traffic control tower ‘playfully’ tries to ‘divert’ #Florida Panthers’ plane to another city #nhlplayoffs | Globalnews.ca


AnnaAnthro, to Montreal
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AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to Canada
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Les ours polaires de la baie d’Hudson pourraient disparaître à partir de 2030

Climate warming and loss of ice will lead to loss of #polarbears in #Canada’s Hudson’s Bay by 2030.

Bears in Western Hudson’s Bay region have experienced 25% population drop since 2016, from 842 to 618 in 2021.

#arctic #climatechange

AnnaAnthro, to random
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History of #malaria is rewritten by clues in DNA from ancient bones.

Older than initially thought, both common forms were brought to Americas at different times.

First by conquistadors and again, later via slave trade.

#dna #genetics #MaxPlanckInstituteForEvolutionaryAnthropology


AnnaAnthro, to China
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#China has become a scientific superpower: The Economist

“From plant biology to superconductor physics the country is at the cutting edge.”


AnnaAnthro, to random
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Vancouver leads effort to restrict gas water heaters. Encourage electric.It could halve emissions.


AnnaAnthro, to TeslaMotors
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How much should Elon Musk get paid? $44.9 billion?! Tesla shareholders to decide today.

“If Tesla shareholders vote against restoring Elon #Musk’s $44.9 billion pay package, the CEO could deliver on his threats to take artificial intelligence research to one of his other companies.

Or he could even walk away.”

Some at #Tesla might be hoping for the latter…


AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to television
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The great video editor Emma_B has made a fan tribute video for the Netflix #Kdrama series The Atypical Family. It is gorgeous.


liztai, to tv
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My thoughts on the first arc of #JoyOfLife2 - interestingly, it's disliked by a lot of viewers, but I love it. My thoughts on why and my reflections on the first six episodes of the series.

#CDrama #CDramas #TV #Entertainment


AnnaAnthro, (edited )
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@liztai So glad you commented on the Deng Zi Yue scene.

I thought it was superbly well acted by both - the dialogue was like watching acting jenga.

Fan keeps tapping at all the facade Deng built up, all the rationales. Then the cracks appear and then the utter collapse of the mask.

IMHO It reinforced Fan’s arc of needing independent thinkers around him not tools. Again, showing an alternative mode around power to the Emperor’s. It was such a powerful scene.

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@liztai I know it is a work of fiction and not officially linked to contemporary events but the novelist seems to engage in historical contrasts.

Or rather a philosophical process: What is it to be a character/hero in China’s past vs its present?!

Are ideas such as equality, individual choices, freedom of movement, friendships and love so powerful that they could shatter the foundations of an empire?

JoL functions at so many levels. Great great series.

AnnaAnthro, to thailand
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AnnaAnthro, to ai
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Chinese women turning to a version of ChatGPT for a dependable #AI boyfriend - #china


AnnaAnthro, to China
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AnnaAnthro, to China
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AnnaAnthro, to Argentina
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Buenos Aires rocked by clashes over President #Milei reforms

“Riot police in #Argentina's capital Buenos Aires have fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters outside Congress, where lawmakers have been debating budget-slashing reforms.”


AnnaAnthro, to random
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AnnaAnthro, to spanish
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#Spanish naming customs - Wikipedia

“Anonymous abandoned children were a problem for civil registrars to name.

Some such children were named after the town where they were found (toponymic #surname).

Because most were reared in church orphanages, some were also given the surnames Iglesia or Iglesias (church[es]) and Cruz (cross).

Blanco (with the meaning "blank", rather than "white") was another option. “


AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to random
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Dual Child seasonal sacrifices tied to Mayan Hero Twin myth described in #PopolVuh was carried out for centuries in #Yucatan, revealed by ancient DNA analysis.

“People in Tixcacaltuyub today have genes known to convey resistance to #Salmonella—genes their ancient relatives lacked.

The difference also suggests Europeans likely introduced Salmonella, spurring the evolution of resistance in the surviving #Maya.”


AnnaAnthro, to random
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#Botany star likely made up data about #Echinacea #Ginkgo nutritional supplements

“In a 43-page letter to Univ of #Guelph, the group charged that data essential to the landmark paper and others were “missing, fraudulent, or plagiarized,” and that he did not disclose financial conflicts of interest.

Two of Newmaster’s co-authors on other papers were among the accusers. “


AnnaAnthro, (edited ) to Canada
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Explorer Ernest #Shackleton's last ship The Quest has been found off Labrador's south coast, says expedition helped by #mikmaq

“The last vessel helmed by famed Anglo-Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton — lost for more than 60 years — has been discovered on the ocean floor, less than half a kilometre off #Labrador's south coast, says the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.”

#canada #antarctica #indigenous


AnnaAnthro, to golf
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US Open 2024: Mental health key as '80% of players storm off', says #golf champion Wyndham Clark


AnnaAnthro, to Mexico
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AnnaAnthro, to uk
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Sixteen years for stealing a flower pot: the #UK #film about the #IPP jail sentence ‘designed to bury you alive’

“Britain’s Forgotten Prisoners is a devastating #documentary about the ‘public protection’ sentences that can amount to whole-of-life terms for relatively minor offences.”


AnnaAnthro, to Quebec
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#Bloc party leader says he wants legal opinion on prospect of U.S. trade sanctions over #Quebec’s French language law #montreal


pixelcats, to kpop
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This week's theme is .

I'm stretching the definition to fingers for my first pick, because it's a classic. G-Dragon has had enough of everyone's trifles. 😂

  1. G-Dragon - Middle Fingers-Up | ACT III MOTTE Final in Seoul

  2. Loco - Hands Up (ft Crush)


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@pixelcats Just saw this! So good!

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