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17 photos of adorable kids who were born prematurely, now holding their own baby pictures


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Avez-vous fait votre ménage du printemps? Il n'est pas rare de retrouver des objets, anciens ou non, à divers stades de détérioration, mais avant de les jeter, le Repair Café offre de leur donner un second souffle.

Que ce soit des vêtements, des jouets ou des appareils électroniques, les bénévoles de l'organisme Repair Café s'activent à réparer les objets abîmés au cours d'une série d'événements à travers la ville, gratuitement.

#Toronto #Ontario #canada #environnement

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‼️🇨🇦Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly said that her country did not set any restrictions for Kyiv to use the transferred weapons.

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Just as the far right extremists are the biggest threat to safety in #Canada, the #Conservative party is the biggest threat to safety in #Ottawa. The NDP and the Libs are claiming trouble getting people to run because of the safety issues faced by those on Parliment Hill, caused by the Conservative Party and #Pollievre spreading extremist hatred

#Politics #CdnPoli

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A reminder: In Canada, every federal Liberal Member of Parliament, along with every federal New Democratic MP, along with every other MP from every other party, including independents, voted to confirm a motion introduced by Heather McPherson (NDP) terming what russia is attempting in Ukraine, a


#genocide #Ukraine #russia #Canada

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Ahem. Attention please.

I am now in . 🇨🇦🍁

That is all.


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Air autorisée à tester les cheveux d’un employé pour consommation de

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Watch out #Canada
> Bill C-26 empowers government officials to secretly order telecommunications companies to install backdoors inside encrypted elements in Canada’s networks. This could include requiring telcos to alter the 5G encryption standards that protect mobile communications to facilitate government surveillance.

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Hey Canadian nerds! I have held the domain registration for for a very long time. When I lived in Canada it was my primary domain, but I haven't used it for years. Does anyone on the fediverse have a good use for it?

I'm going to release it but if you've got a good pitch I'll pay for a 1 year renewal and then transfer it to your ownership.

Please boost for visibility kthx!

#canada #regex #perl

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As Nissan sends out 'do not drive' warning, a look at how Canada's vehicle recall system works


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Japan, South Korea and Canada are allied with the Australia, the U.K. and the U.S., and while AUKUS remains trilateral, there's room for functional cooperation.

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We're in Washington now and arrive in this afternoon. 🇨🇦

Our new home.

It's surreal, scary, wonderful.

My posting will be light until we're settled in a little.

Thank you for all your amazing replies and good wishes. I read them all, but can't reply back.

Big hugs to all of you. 🥰

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Rich countries have finally hit their $100B US climate finance goal, Guilbeault says

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Every once in a while the magic of modern travel blows my mind. This morning I was taking a walk around Lake Louise in Banff National Park, and snapped this photo.

And now I’m lying in my bed at home in San Francisco, almost as if it was just another day.

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Albert Ruddy, The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby producer, dies at 94

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In historic first, Canada lawmaker addresses legislature in Indigenous language

#canada #indigenous

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Conservatives put forward motion to oust Greg Fergus as Speaker of the House

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Hey Canadian Sports Mastodon'ers. Convince me to keep my Sportsnet+ subscription now that my hockey team is out of the playoffs and the Bluejays are generally not great.

Currently leaning towards: Dump it until at least the fall.

(We don't have any other TV subscriptions)

convince me season 4 GIF by Black Sails

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Canada's 1st professional women's soccer league unveils name and logo

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They found a rock in Saskatchewan!

Someone there won't be going hungry tonight! It might even be enough mineral roughage for a family of 4!


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