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#WordPress hosting, music festival IT, #filmmaker, repairer of busted things, fan of #horror movies, and to my surprise, a #runner. (he/him) 🏃2020: 4,245km 🏃2021: 6,119km 🏃2022: 5,113 km
#Ottawa, #Canada <waves>

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WTL, to cycling
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Here's a 59 second video of Ottawa's June Critical Mass Ride from Lebreton through centretown to Lansdowne to City Hall.


purplepadma, to random
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Evening folks! I had a grand day out with my bestie and some other friends turned up at the theatre to watch 42nd Street. Never seen such rapid foot tapping! The musical has a lot of familiar songs and was very humorous. I would say, light on plot, strong on glamour. Tired now and looking forward to my bed.

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@purplepadma Sounds like you had a great day. Enjoy the slumber!

stux, to random
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Well, I wasn't lying :ed_grin:

Currently working on nuclear rocket launchers and such :blobcatgiggle:

**just a small nuclear explosion in-game demo with a "normal rifle"

(it's a GAME, not real life so you won't have to do such things AFK)

UE5 project player with a rifle that shoots nuclear bullets

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@stux 😳🤔😱🤣

stux, to random
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Just a little reminder that here in Europe, we play the same exact video games as youth from the United States

We do not have (daily) school shootings however

Instead of blaming video games, start looking at the super easy to get weapons on each corner of street problem

Games are not the problem, weapons are 🇺🇸

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@mekkaokereke @stux It’s mind-blowing that the photo probably has $60,000 (or more) of firearms in it. What are they so scared of?

WTL, to random
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Off to the Ottawa Critical Mass ride with @TAV!

WTL, to random
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I swear, @b0rk is a model example of how to do many things right.

mekkaokereke, to random
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😮Eddie Hall had a 2 on 1 mixed martial arts fight against 2 much smaller men? This is just a terrible idea. Extremely dangerous. Who sanctioned this?

Yes, a smaller, much more skilled martial artist can defeat a bigger, stronger, more athletic person. But if that larger stronger more athletic person is anywhere close in skill? It's not even a fair fight. There are weight categories for a reason.


And I can't believe they made the survivor get back in there alone. Evil.

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@mekkaokereke Agreed. I loathe MMA and fighting in general.

valkyrie, to random
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  • WTL,
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    @valkyrie Maybe they’re trapped in the script they’re reading? 🤷🏻

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    @valkyrie Exactly. They're trapped in it and probably don't even know it. Kinda sad.

    WTL, (edited ) to Ottawa
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    Based on my observations here in the Market, there are six types of people out in the pouring rain:

    1. Brought an umbrella and/or raincoat.

    2. Soaked to the bone, fumingly cranky at the world.

    3. Gleefully walking in the rain.

    4. Attempting to outrun rain and failing.

    5. Resigned that they are already soaked to very core of their sullen bones.

    6. Didn't bring a raincoat or umbrella, and want to you believe they did this totally on purpose. Totally.

    [Edit: I can count, honest 🤣]

    WTL, to random
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    This sounds interesting!

    “Privacy Baked In
    No routes, no locations, nor any other personal data, ever leaves your phone.”


    WTL, to Ottawa
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    Brought my bike into Fosters on Bank street for service this morning and discovered that Fosters is gone.

    Quick Cranks (two blocks away at Cooper) took it over and closed the Bank location.

    According to a search, Fosters opened at 9. Quick Cranks opens at 10, and I was there at 9:45. Did they open the door when I buzzed? Nope.

    So, where in do I get my bike serviced? I live in Lowertown, so I’d like to be close if possible.

    Lesson: don't trust search engine summaries. I know this.🤦🏻

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    I'll probably try Quick Cranks (they seem well reviewed), unless I get see suggestion for a place that is better and closer.

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    @pictor I think that's slowly changing. But it would be nice not to have to wait (and it would mean many more people would be cycling).

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    @Mr_GHARice Historically, that's what I've been able to do at Fosters for years (just never at beginning of season, as that's not fair to them). Easily 3/4 of the time, they’d do the work right on the spot. Kinda sucks that I have to find a new place. I don't like new things very much.

    WTL, to running
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    148 seconds of plank
    7.6 km of (15°C)
    19.1 km of

    Run was surprisingly fast, as I was dying in the 100% humidity. It did rain for a handful of minutes at the start, but not enough to do anything.

    My schedule is about to start getting nutty, as I switch over to , and wanted to take my bike in to Fosters for a tune-up. No dice.

    1) Western side of Rideau Falls with trees on either side. 2) Recreational path on the left, Ottawa river on the right, with trees over the path. 3) Rideau River, seen from the eastern shore, with trees on the right, and across the river the trees of Strathcona park are visible under a cloudy grey sky. 4) Closeup of a snail climbing up a tree with some lichen on it.

    grumpygamer, to random
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    What puzzles my about the Adobe stuff is if I am not a PS user and I hire an artist that is, all my art IP is given to Adobe by the artist but the artist doesn't and the rights to do that. Adobe is gaining access to art the artist can't legally give.

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    @grumpygamer Be interesting to see how this gets sorted. Is the artist liable for the IP violation? Interesting if we have to start asking what software they're using and if they accept liability. 🤔 Because you know Adobe will say “It's AI, who knows how it works? 🤷🏻”


    WTL, to running
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    129 seconds of plank
    8.2km of (21°C, a Humidex of 28°C)
    20 minutes of HIIT
    30 minutes of strength
    11 minutes of yoga for runners

    Today's workout was the definition of workout suffering. High humidex, offset a bit by some light rain that didn't seem to help. My last full KM was 5:48/km, as I really wanted to get out of being outside.

    Did spot my first snapping turtle about to lay eggs.

    I'm pretty sure Kim (and Bakari) are trying to kill me in HITT. 🤣

    Grid of photos 1) Recreational path curving off to the right with trees and grass 2) Close up of an animal-resistant garbage can with some graffiti on it, including “F*ck cars”. 3) Eastern shore of the Rideau River, with smoothed rocks, a tree angling out over the river, and some larger rocks on the shore. 4) Close up of snapping turtle in the process of digging a hole to lay eggs. 5) Recreational path with trees growing up over it.

    mlawton, to running
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    Awful run. Humid ++ and none of my body parts wanted to work together. Dead legs, lungs that couldn’t keep up with such a slow pace, and profuse sweating that couldn’t evaporate. Had to walk often to keep my HR down.

    It’s fine. I’m not happy about it, but the next one will be better. Mentally crumple this one up and throw it away. Big fat whatever… #Running

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    @mlawton Hey, you got it done in absolutely garbage conditions. That in itself is an accomplishment. Well done!

    @WTL@mastodon.social avatar

    @mlawton Yes, let’s. I want to get back to gleefully running in snow!

    WTL, to Ottawa
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    I've a few taxis with this (or similar) wraps in of late. “Keep using plastic or WE ALL DIE.“

    Brought to you by "small and medium size businesses”. Yeah, sure.

    shawnhooper, to random
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    Oh that lovely season where there's a nice cool breeze through the window, but I can't keep any paper on my desk without it flying away.

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    @shawnhooper Cool breeze? Here? In Ottawa? I was nearly converted to plasma on the walk home.

    GossiTheDog, to random
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    For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

    From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

    Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


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    @evacide @GossiTheDog 💯 Absolutely agree.

    sundogplanets, to random
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    I am talking o a reporter about this in a couple hours: https://regina.ctvnews.ca/from-outer-space-sask-farmers-baffled-after-discovering-strange-wreckage-in-field-1.6880353

    This is about an hour away from my farm, so this'll be a fun conversation, and yet another great opportunity to tell a lot of people about what a huge problem we have with unregulated commercialization of orbit. (Also I just redid my slides for my public talk next week, this is going in!)

    @WTL@mastodon.social avatar

    @sundogplanets Wonder if SpaceX got messages from reporters who wanted to be present for the pick-up and decided to abort so they can last-minute it to avoid the publicity. 🤔

    @WTL@mastodon.social avatar

    @sundogplanets They don't reply. It wouldn't surprise me much if there was some poor intern whose job was to look through incoming media requests for anything of note. Or maybe they really are that poorly organized over there. 🤷🏻 It's all bad.

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