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What exactly happened in the movie get out ?

Like if they were white people put in black people’s body why do they work like slaves and act like robots ? As we know the black peoples mind is trapped as only a passanger why would the rich, loved asshole white people who are in charge work like slaves especially because the main one in movie were basically their grand...

Spartacus (1960) (

Watched Spartacus last week, and it simply marvellous. Its been more than 60 years since it released, and this movie did great for me. Watched this for Stanley Kubrick, following his filmography for a while and his ambiguous portrayal amused me. I hadn’t much expectation on this, but its resemblance on some movies Ive watched...

‘The worst film ever made’: how Sex Lives of the Potato Men broke British cinema (

When the puerile comedy bombed, the film-makers blamed the critics and the Tories blamed the UK Film Council. Twenty years on, we reassess the legacy of a cinematic pariah whose champions include Stewart Lee and Mike Leigh

Something in the Water (2024, dir Hayley Easton Street) (

Reunited at an exotic destination wedding, five girlfriends decide to rent a boat to spend a day together along the paradise-like coast. Their friendship is put to the ultimate test when they find themselves stranded in open water fighting for their lives against sharks and mother nature as they desperately try to survive....

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