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A middle-aged nerd from the UK. I like films and write about them, sometimes for www.filmstories.co.ukor my ukfilmnerd.wordpress.com.

Have a great day.

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What chartered flights? Even the Rwanda airline wants nothing to do with this.

Where are all the extra judges suddenly come from? Are you pulling then off other cases like rape and murder?

No interference from Foreign courts. They’re not foreign, it’s the European court of which we, the UK, are a member.

Labour keeps voting against the bill! Yes, they do but you have the majority in the house of commons and the Lords. It’s the Tory lords voting against this bill because they have the sense to realise how batshit this legislation is.

Rant over.

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Does it include the second film made from all the offcuts. I remember that being rather rubbish.

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This could make for a great series of posts, but let’s not decrease ourselves down to the level of IMDb trivia. That’s gone really downhill over the decades.

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I just want a “without the tat” edition. I’m fairly sure somewhere will sell it eventually. For example, Event Horizon was originally sold with gubbins, but thankfully was later released as a plain old 4K edition.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment will be releasing "SHREK: 4-MOVIE COLLECTION" on 4K UHD on June 12. (lemmy.ml)

Get the greatest fairytale never told with all 4 Shrektacular films featuring the voice talents of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy! A hilariously hideous ogre rescues a feisty princess in Shrek, meets his royal in-laws in Shrek 2, rules the kingdom in Shrek the Third, and finds his world turned upside-down in Shrek...

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I don’t know about Shrek 2, 3 & 4, but I know the original was rendered at a resolution just below Full HD. The reviews I saw said that it benefits from 4K, but only just. Maybe because of the AI upscaling algorithm.

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The older one is on the left.

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I don’t have the money or a house big enough unfortunately. I nearly bid on the older UCS version today on eBay. It was missing several easily replaceable parts on the front right hand side by the wheel but I decided not to.

I’m happy with my minifig collection of film vehicles.

ECTO 1, ECTO 1(2016 version - clone), BttF Delorean, Tron light cycles and Batmobiles.

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The shadow box is lovely and way out of my price range. 😄

I used to have a clone of the technic Lego Batpod but it was rather fragile and I lost pieces so I binned it.

Although, I’ve just recently got a MOC Batpod which a minifig can ride.

If Lego released the animated version of the Batmobile, that would probably do me.

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I don’t get a lot of Lego, so I’m often surprised by new pieces. The one that surprised me with this set was a 2x2 flat piece that had a technic bolt on the bottom.

There’s three of those holding on the sloped front ends on either side, clicking into the technic brick substructure.

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She’s doing the media rounds because her book about her 49 days as PM is released. Apparently almost everything, including causing everyone’s mortgage to sharply rise, wasn’t her fault.

UKFilmNerd, (edited )
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I’ve just discovered it’s available from Amazon Italy.

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If you want a physical copy of a streaming show, etsy can normally help you out. 😄

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In the article, Edgar says he really likes the book and when he saw the film, he was surprised at how different it was to the original material. So rather than a remake, I think this is a new adaptation of the book.

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I love his stuff, but I still haven’t seen Last Night In Soho yet.

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Beowulf & Grendel (2005)

Quite enjoyed this, review coming later in May for a blogathan.

Wrath of Gods (2006)

The making of Beowulf & Grendel. Bloody hell, the shit they went through to get this film made! Well worth a watch even if you haven’t seen the film.

The Train (1964)

A review.

Troll Hunter (2010)

Really, really enjoyed this. Saving detailed thoughts for a review.

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