Sol 1072 SuperCam images confirm Ingenuity's missing upper rotor blade (lemm.ee)

As the ongoing sundial efforts have indicated, 3 of Ingenuity’s rotor blades have lost their tips while the 4th blade separated at the hub and landed on the next hill over to the west. Note the clearly visible counterweight cone on that 4th blade, which might also be missing its tip.

So a while before Neon Dynasty, I started designing a what if set (lemm.ee)

What if the sliver Queen survived the Rathi Overlay when her spark ignited. She was lost in a strange place, driven insane by trauma and the loss of her hive. She spends ages growing the hive until she’s sane enough to look for a way home, and starts planeswalking. It’s painstakingly slow, since she starts from 0 every time...

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