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I am a climber, runner, cyclist and swimmer. In between that I run a small (but perfectly formed) analytics company, splitting my time between Edinburgh, The Highlands and The Borders, campaign for Scottish independence, bake bread and occasionally dabble in bad art.

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Wen, to random
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@CatHerder Spanish friends stayed in the cottage and while we were away decided to treat themselves to local venison (we are veggie so they thought it was a good opportunity). We were in the big smoke and they looked after the 6month old collie.

The venison was left resting on the table. You can guess the rest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wen, to Israel
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otfrom, to random
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I might have jury service in June. I last did it during the pandemic and it was a pretty easy cycle. This one won't be easy to cycle to (too far and no good routes not shared with cars and basically uphill). I'd be happier if they just let me change the location otherwise I think I'll need to get a cab.

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@otfrom can’t you claim expenses? Ok no cycling, but you shouldn’t be out of pocket.

Wen, to Scotland
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BBC Scotland apologises for Hate Crime Act coverage


Now, the BBC has apologised for falsely claiming "in some of our output" that the act made it a criminal offence in Scotland to make “derogatory comments” based on the legislation's protected characteristics.

Of course as many have pointed out, a lie has got half way round the world before the truth has pulled her socks on. The BBC imho contributed to the ignorant hysteria.

Wen, to london
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More to the matter than meets the eye (or Falter presented it)


Falter claims was discriminated against because he was a Jewish man in the vicinity of a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

But a longer version of the same exchange has since emerged on Sky News, showing the officer explaining that his concern was that he had seen Falter acting in a way that led him to believe he was trying to provoke a confrontation with marchers.

#Antisemitism #London #UKPolitics

arstechnica, to random
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After 48 years, Zilog is killing the classic standalone Z80 microprocessor chip

Z80 powered Game Boy, ZX Spectrum, Pac-Man, and a 1970s PC standard based on CP/M.


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@arstechnica Of course the Apple used a 6502. Odd photo to use.

Wen, to Israel
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Israel has yet to provide evidence of Unrwa staff terrorist links, Colonna report says


Not to worry. Israeli lies worked to cut aid - their primary objective. I just don't think even the US will listen to them in the future. The IDF have been pushing ‘alternative truths' for a long time and being believed - it can't last.

#Gaza #Israel #Lies

Wen, to environment
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Judge throws out case against UK climate activist who held sign on jurors’ rights


Don't worry, Westminster will introduce new laws to deal with that… Probably as well thought out as declaring Rwanda a safe country!

A ridiculous case - but we still have the GMC putting their oar in on behalf of the malevolent, incompetent maladministration.


#Environment #FreedomOfSpeech #Suppression #UKPolitics #Protest

Colinsay, to random
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It appears that the Palace of Westminster can now override judges and law courts that they disagree with. We now live in a fascist dictatorship.

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@Colinsay @JackTheCat A law declaring black is white is their preferred technique. Cretins the lots of them and ot even sentient cretins.

Reminds me of the great Pi ‘controversy’


AlexGallagher, to politics
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Private Eye with this week's sharpest political comment.

Captain Truss makes her case.

#politics #ukpolitics #liztruss

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@PhilipCJames @AlexGallagher And of course the important passengers were saved…

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@PhilipCJames @AlexGallagher m reminded of the cartoon…

Wen, to random
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Silly marketing. And as a byproduct of opening the packet you get to taste the indifferent cheese.

therightarticle, to random
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“How will Sunak force disabled people to work if he's axed the scheme for it?” https://voxpoliticalonline.com/2024/04/21/how-will-rishi-sunak-force-disabled-people-to-work-if-hes-axed-the-scheme-for-it/

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@therightarticle that sort of detail does not concern him. You don’t think he wants to actually help anyone do you?

yunod, to random
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@yunod actually, beyond the MPs he doesn’t care about Wales or Scotland. (NI are a lost cause for Labour support)

Wen, to UKpolitics
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Labour metro mayors liken ID photo rules to US ‘voter suppression tactics’


Have Labour only just caught up? Even Gove admitted it was - and complained it was catching out Tory voters…. 🤣

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@TimWardCam Labour are a confused bunch of bunnies… even with the Starmer whip and deselection filter… but a national ID card is a whole other argument.

Wen, to tesla
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Tesla cuts prices around the world as sales decline in a chaotic week


What do they expect? A proto facist wannabee with his personal project ‘The Truck’ on mass recall, a record for employee abuse that is the envy of many a slave driver, and poor QA/QC, shelved plans for more affordable vehicles, and the list goes on before Twátter is even mentioned.

knittingknots2, to random
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Insider describes 'stunning' moment judge made Trump 'meekly' sit down like a 'little boy' - Raw Story


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@knittingknots2 @MismanagedTalent that’s another name on his kill list…

therightarticle, to random
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“Tories will keep two-child benefit limit, PM confirms”

Tories have increased child poverty and would continue to do so. We need to get them out.


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@therightarticle Labour (outside of Scotland, at least while they hold their nerve) are not promising to repeal it either.

Wen, to UKpolitics
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Help for disabled people in England and Wales to get jobs is axed amid benefits crackdown


Benefits ‘crackdown’ 🤣🤮

Just to remind people, the Tories have very very few people’s interests at heart. And those hey do don’t care about others either.

Don’t expect a word from Labour.

#ToryCorruption #LetTheBodiesPileHigh

researchbuzz, to drones
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"Clark Lupton mounted a 1984 Polaroid Sun 600 camera onto his drone, which was fitted with a remote motor to click the shutter to take photos. This was a very clever way to mash the old with the new, with excellent results."


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@researchbuzz @anathema_device who catches the prints?

Wen, to delhi
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Wales to change guidance on 20mph speed limits, transport minister says


And the troglodytes win. With help from the media - Guardian INCLUDED. No one ever looks at the very successful roll out in the Scottish Borders (Conservative council). Grumbles maybe, but I know of no one who wants to go back from safer, more pleasant towns and villages. But what can you expect from a Starmerite?

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@fkamiah17 not to mention ‘interesting’ voting patterns - similar in fact to others in England. Not enough space in original toot to mention

Wen, to UKpolitics
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Outgoing Tory MPs take lucrative second jobs and ‘swan off on jollies’


I don’t understand? How does this differ from the current situation (other than them losing their parliamentary sinecures)?

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