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The admin toughened vehicle mileage standards, part of a strategy to transform the auto market to one led by to fight .

The measure requires to achieve a 65 mpg avg for all car models by 2031.

experts say retiring the is critical to staving off the most deadly & costly effects of .

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"Meth-addict fish, aggro starlings, caffeinated minnows: animals radically changed by human drugs – study"

#Pollution #Animals #Fish #Water

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Hidalgo reporte son plongeon dans la Seine prévu le 23 juin au 30 du même mois: en cause, le "fort débit d'eau lié aux pluies du mois de mai", selon la Ville, qui entraîne un rejet d'eaux usées dans le fleuve. Initialement, Macron et les préfets de police et d'Ile de France devaient plonger, manifestement, rien n'est moins sûr (je vous avez déjà parlé). Pas de bol pour les JO. Encore une promesse qui boit la tasse.

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‘Slap in the face’: outrage after New York governor halts congestion pricing;
Climate advocates say Hochul missed crucial opportunity to follow cities around the world in reducing gas emissions

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The brain can store a lot of data, but pollution will actually mess up your head in a bad way.

Air pollution exposure tied to heightened dementia risk, by Eric W. Dolan June 3, 2024

"...Recent research has suggested that environmental factors, such as air pollution, may contribute to the development of dementia. Air pollution, already known to cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, might also promote brain inflammation and accelerate cognitive decline. This study aimed to investigate these potential links in Denmark, a country with relatively low but still significant air pollution levels..."

Now imagine the pollution levels in the US, and how much more illness we have because of it.

#Dementia #Pollution #Brain #Cognition #Environment #Psychology

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6PPD and 5 other chemicals released by tire wear have now been found in leafy vegetables obtained from supermarkets:

#Science #Environment #Pollution #Health

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Across North Wales & Northern England flood waters (caused by rain) are increasing the danger of lead poisoning of agricultural land from disused lead mines.

While this problem has been known about for some years, little has been done to deal with it, but recent shifts in weather patterns now make this an urgent issue for aspects of the UK food chain.

@Penguinflight ]

#pollution #climate #food

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A different kind of youth activist: Meet the high schoolers who invented a microplastics solution
At this year's International Science and Engineering Fair, students showcased projects aimed at tackling some of the world's biggest challenges

  • our next generation(s): clever, innovative, engaged 👍️ 🙏 😀 🔬

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Nearly half of journalists covering climate crisis globally received threats for their work

Groundbreaking new research also reports that 11% of surveyed have faced physical violence in their reporting

#journalists #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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"Dans le cas du climat, nous ne sommes pas les dinosaures. Nous sommes la météorite. Nous ne sommes pas seulement en danger, nous sommes le danger", a lancé Antonio Guterres

"Notre planète nous dit quelque chose, mais ne semblons pas l'écouter", déplore encore Antonio Guterres, appelant à la mobilisation, aux actes et aux résultats

#ExtinctionDeMasse #pollution #écologie #environnement #Climat

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St. Paul schools turn towards geothermal energy as Minnesota‘s climate shifts

And if students are uncomfortable, it’s difficult to focus on learning. A high school on the East Side of Saint Paul is wrapping up its first year with a new heating and cooling system that draws energy from the ground

#schools #Minnesota #USA #US #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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#Larzac #trail #légion #environnement #pollution #déchets #campmilitaire aujourd'hui les militaires du camp du Larzac ont fait un trail sur le causse. Voici ce que j'ai ramassé après leur passage, au bord du chemin, juste autour du hameau où j'habite. Je n'ose pas imaginer tout ce qu'ils ont laissé tout le long de leur parcours. Pas merci les petits poucets de la légion.

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Why Scotland’s most powerful climate tool is struggling for investment

One of Scotland's most powerful weapons in tackling climate change is not being properly recognised, experts have claimed

#Scotland #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Children at climate risk

For instance, a staggering 88 per cent of the worldwide disease burden linked to climate change impacts children under the age of five

#Children #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Des classes suffocantes: elle réussit à trouver une quarantaine de climatiseurs
Marie-Laurence Delainey
4–5 minutes

Inquiète des effets de la chaleur sur les élèves et les enseignants, une mère de famille de Mont-Tremblant a réussi, après avoir déployé maints efforts, à trouver une quarantaine de climatiseurs pour les classes de l’école primaire de sa ville

#MontTremblant #Québec #ExtinctionDeMasse #pollution #écologie #environnement #Climat

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A climate threat lurks in rivers around the world. New research shows where

Rivers & streams offer far more than pretty scenery or an opportunity for a summertime cool-off. They make up an important component of a global system that determines how much carbon is stored in soil or sent into the atmosphere

New research shows that human activities are directly disrupting this system & increasing the amount of carbon sent into the atmosphere

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The most DISTURBING places we’ve found #MicroPlastics - They’re everywhere, including in male testicles, blood, air and water. #Environment #Pollution #PublicHealth

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“They’re going to let Mother Nature clean it up, and that’s a hell of a thing to say.”

From the archives, 2020: On the central #Texas coast, Lavaca Bay is already poisoned by mercury. Climate change will only make matters worse there—and at 944 other hazardous-waste sites across the country.

#environment #news #ClimateChange #pollution #politics #USpol

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Is it true that there is a link between exposure to different kinds of pollution and crime propensity.

#pollution #research

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Saw that extinction cartoon by Anne Derenne ( is (rightfully) making rounds here on Mastodon.

But I like this one even more, actually:

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Why some wild animals are getting insomnia

Scientists put sleep trackers on a bunch of wild pigs. The results reveal a troubling trend

#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Climate marches in eight Finnish cities ahead of "decisive" European election

The campaign is aimed at activating young people to vote in the European elections and to elect candidates who are committed to protecting the environment and climate

+Maybe we think that there are bigger crises in the world now, and that we’ll have time to come back to climate issues later, but we can no longer ignore them

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