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‘Disappointing and surprising’: Why isn’t this a climate election in the UK?
Jonathan Watts


It is very simple. most of the largest parties donors in the UK see it as antipathetic towards their business interests and Labour and Conservatives have decided that they will pay no attention. Most of the media collude in this. Other parties are suppressed by a combination of funding and FPTP.

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Intense heat waves in recent years offer a stark warning of what’s at stake for humanity and particularly the vulnerable elderly population. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/environment/2024/06/07/heat-waves-elderly/ #environment #climatechange #aging #elderly #heatwaves

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ICYMI: In 2050, Japan will have no more fish in its nets, according to experts. New data released on Friday shows that the domestic harvest of fish hit a record low last year, marking a third year of decline.


#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #food #environment

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Fascinating article on baobabs, their origins and the threats to their survival.

#Baobab #Madagascar #Africa #Australia #Environment #Biodiversity

Baobab trees all come from Madagascar – new study reveals that their seeds and seedlings floated to mainland Africa and all the way to Australia

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A campaign calling for the protection of Indigenous peoples’ customary forests in Indonesia’s easternmost region of Papua has gone viral, with the campaign’s poster shared nearly 3 million times on Instagram.

The poster contains a link into an online petition that calls for the revocation of an oil palm concession threatening to clear the ancestral forests of the Awyu tribe (also spelled Auyu).

by Hans Nicholas Jong

Aleenaa, to nature
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I'll forever be a mountain girl as
the hills rejuvenate my soul 🌄


Aleenaa, to nature
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Tranquility by the ruins: The serene lakeside near Hauz Khas Fort in Delhi offers a picturesque escape amidst historical grandeur. 🌿


b59r, to photography
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Nicht nur vordergündig drahtig , hier steht alles in einem spannungsgeladenen Umfeld!

Not just frontally wiry, everything here is in a tense environment!

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A recent report by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) shows that the Chinese distant-water fleet is participating in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and exploitative practices such as shark finning and human rights violations in the Southwest Indian Ocean.

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts

RonjaBiernat, to Podcast Dutch
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WTF, how an undercover police officer infiltrated a group of climate activists.

BBC podcast:
"Undercover, the Spycops"
It is well framed and explained, making this a very accessible audio documentary.
Thanks for the tip.


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ExtinctionR, (edited ) to random
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ubuntourist, to sustainability

‘Slap in the face’: outrage after New York governor halts congestion pricing;
Climate advocates say Hochul missed crucial opportunity to follow cities around the world in reducing gas emissions

shekinahcancook, (edited ) to Futurology
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The brain can store a lot of data, but pollution will actually mess up your head in a bad way.

Air pollution exposure tied to heightened dementia risk, by Eric W. Dolan June 3, 2024

"...Recent research has suggested that environmental factors, such as air pollution, may contribute to the development of dementia. Air pollution, already known to cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, might also promote brain inflammation and accelerate cognitive decline. This study aimed to investigate these potential links in Denmark, a country with relatively low but still significant air pollution levels..."

Now imagine the pollution levels in the US, and how much more illness we have because of it.


#Dementia #Pollution #Brain #Cognition #Environment #Psychology

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yamini, to nature
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Every flower booms at its own time..
We must learn patience from them..


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'Game face game face': Flight attendant issues PSA to people who like to drink at the airport


mongabay, to news
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The loko i’a system of native fishponds in Hawai‘i has for generations provided sustenance to Indigenous communities, supported fish populations in surrounding waters, and generally improved water quality.

These benefits, long understood by native Hawaiians, have now been confirmed by scientists in a new study that looked at the restoration of one such fishpond.

by Keona Blanks

#News #Oceans #Environment #Conservation #IndigenousPeoples

ProPublica, to Michigan
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Michigan Bottlers Still Get Free Water, Despite Governor’s Tough Talk

When Gretchen Whitmer campaigned for #Michigan governor in 2018, she took aim at Michigan’s bottled #water industry — and the state policy that gave it unfettered access to free water.

In the years since, little has changed.

#News #Environment #GroundWater


rdnielsen, to science
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6PPD and 5 other chemicals released by tire wear have now been found in leafy vegetables obtained from supermarkets:


thejapantimes, to environment
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Two-thirds of the record $3 trillion invested in energy sources in 2024 will be devoted to sectors such as renewables, electric vehicles, nuclear power, grids, storage and efficiency, the International Energy Agency has said. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/environment/2024/06/06/energy/clean-energy-rise/

Aleenaa, to nature
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mongabay, to news
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A new study suggests that the loss of plant species due to climate change and human activities could release vast amounts of stored carbon into the atmosphere, potentially accelerating climate change.

The researchers estimate that losing plant diversity worldwide could release up to 146 billion metric tons of carbon from vegetation, equivalent to more than 12 years of global car emissions.

By Liz Kimbrough

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