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Am Yisrael Chai
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philo•sopher || fine artist || photo•grapher

"Art is the proper task of life"-Nietzsche

"We have art so that we might not die of reality." Nietzsche

I live in my dreams... that's what you sense. Other people live in dreams, but not in their own. That's the difference.
Hermann Hesse

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NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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May Allah bless the children of Gaza both living and dead.


Eve, to random
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I am! 😂

AmandaMarcotte, to random
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There's genuine confusion about why the Christian right wants to ban IVF.

"Don't they want women to be mothers?" folks ask.

No. They want women to be second class. Forced childbirth is one weapon. But so is denying motherhood to others. My explainer.


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If the sexes were really equal it wouldnt matter if one changed genders. -unknown

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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"We have art so that we might not die of reality."

JamesGleick, to random
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Did you ever believe that Hunter Biden took a #laptop full of incriminating information into a computer repair shop and abandoned it there? That the repair shop decided to examine its contents and transmit them to Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon?

Of course not. Because you have more common sense than reporters and editors at every major news organization.

The whole thing was a Russian disinformation op, in partnership with the GOP. And it's ongoing. Where's the press?


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Can't do that anyway, so yes it's a lie. The FBI can extract information off a shattered hard drive.

JarrodMcKenna, to random
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If you are on these lands that we find on most maps as Perth, please join us in calling for a ceasefire this Saturday as we prayerfully map onto our city the horror that is happening in Gaza.
Join us in giving to the work of supporting refugees and relief arriving, here:


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NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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Show me what you accuse the Jews of and I will tell you what you are guilty of.
Vasily Grosman
Russian Writer and Journalist,

Show me what you accuse the Jews of and I will tell you what you are guilty of.
Vasily Grosman
Russian Writer and Journalist, 1960


cobblefresh, to Palestine
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Seeing the US government veto this resolution, I mourn those who will lose their lives as a result. I believe a UN call for a ceasefire would be a step toward a more secure and future for everyone--including people living in the United States.


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@truthsandwich @marioivargas


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@truthsandwich @marioivargas


@VeroniqueB99 @Free_Press @Snowshadow



davbatz, to random
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Good Morning! On this day, (Tuesday) February 13 in 1879 Sarojini Naidu was born. She was an Indian political activist and poet. A proponent of civil rights, women's emancipation, and anti-imperialistic ideas, she was an important figure in India's struggle for independence.


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Dont be so thirsty for opportunity that you drink from every cup handed to you. Thats how you get poisoned. Arunhati Roy

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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Enjoying this. Oh my.

kurtsh, to Patriots
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TIL Putin put on Kraft's Super Bowl ring at the White House, didn't give it back, then put the ring in his pocket & left with 3 KGB agents around him, leaving Kraft standing there flat-footed.

"Robert Kraft reveals Vladimir Putin took his $25,000 Super Bowl ring during visit to the White House in 2005" | The Sun

#patriots #robertkraft #putin #russia #superbowl #nfl

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Ask the Ukrainians. They will retrieve it.

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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Danish defence minister warns Russia could attack NATO in 3-5 years

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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‘I smell a rat,’ says Dem Gov. Pritzker of special counsel report on Biden

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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The West is Next

are you ready?

natureworks, to climate
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“We are heading towards 3–4°C”

Let me assure you that this the worst of all possible worlds



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Wars are so much more important than the climate.🙄

Free_Press, (edited ) to random
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"We're running out of equipment, especially missiles and interceptors"

  • Oksana Markarova, Ukrainian ambassador to the US

We've seen the horrible aftermath of the Russian strikes on Ukraine.

Without air defense, without weapons, countless civilians will die.

Please give the Ukrainian military the tools to protect Ukrainians.

Weapons and ammunition mean more soldiers will return home to their families.

The values of democracy are at stake today. And the stakes are very high

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@Free_Press @Snowshadow

Americans get ready to die in combat with Russia China Iran


SteveThompson, to Israel
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"Third of Israelis hold a stronger belief in God since October 7, 'Post' survey finds"


"An absolute majority of respondents (75%) said that since October 7, they feel a greater connection to the State of Israel (69%) and the diverse Israeli society (68%)."

Jehovah-nissi #Mishpachah #Aliyah #Israel #Shalom

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At least one American stands firm on the opinion that hamas burned their own house down deliberately.

This was all planned. BY HAMAS.

NaturaArtisMagistra, to random
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"Hope fulfilled fills the heart with joy."

Paraphrasing from the Book of Psalms

Grateful, happy, blessed relief.

glynmoody, to Israel
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Netanyahu orders Israeli military to prepare Rafah evacuation ahead of expected invasion - https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2024/feb/09/middle-east-crisis-israel-gaza-war-hamas-updates?page=with:block-65c638fa8f08acd3f3b02728#block-65c638fa8f08acd3f3b02728 to where, precisely - outer space?

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@glynmoody •savagery •brutality •depravity allied with Hamas burned their own house down

GeriatricGardener, to Israel
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In the context of #Israel’s #Gaza #genocide, this ⤵️ by Kyle #Anzalone @kyleanzalone_ on the former ‘Bird’ site imo is very revealing!

“Israel Buys #Tech for #Mass #Influence #Operations

#Haaretz reports, “Israel has responded to its “clear loss” to #Hamas on the digital battlefield by making its first-ever purchase of a technological system capable of conducting mass online influence campaigns, according to numerous sources with knowledge of the matter.

The system can, among other things, automatically create content tailored to specific audiences. The technology was purchased as part of a wider attempt by Israeli bodies, both civilian and military, to address what sources termed “Israel's public diplomacy failure” following the Hamas massacre on October 7 and subsequent war.

“A few weeks into the war, Israel set up a "hasbara forum" comprising government agencies, offices and ministries, as well as military, defense and intelligence bodies – including the #IDF, the #ShinBet security service and the National Security Council – alongside tech firms, civilians volunteer initiatives and even Jewish organizations, that meets weekly.

Officials from different bodies, including the Public Diplomacy Directorate and Diaspora Affairs Ministry, charged with countering antisemitism against world Jewry, held talks with different firms and tech providers active in various mass online campaigns. Assets are one thing, an intelligence source explains, but you also want a system for managing them.

“Mass influence systems can often get their operators in trouble, and their public exposure can severely damage their clients' credibility.”

“As a result, Israel decided to purchase an existing technology instead of risk developing one independently. A number of civilian tools and programs developed for business and political campaigns were procured: a system for mapping online audiences; a system capable of automatically creating websites, among other things, as well as content tailored to specific audiences; a system for monitoring social media and messaging platforms, and others. Thus, Israel hoped to launch campaigns that would advance Israel's core message and improve global perception.”

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QueerMatters, to disability
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Ok question for #dyspraxia folk and #ActuallyAutistic folk out there:

When you get to the end of the day, do you ever find that your muscles just kinda ache a little? Like my back muscles ache and feel really strained by the end of the day. And I maybe even feel a little stiff.

Someone is suggesting i might have #fibromyalgia because of my intermitent joint pain. And I'm curious to see if the muscle pain might be linked? I always thought the muscle aches were dyspraxia related? #disability

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@CuriousMagpie @QueerMatters

Two remedies- baduanjin and sleep.


zleap, to random
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Following a conversation on here I am asking for some help to work out what products are produced from crude oil and how we can produce alternatives.


I am throwing this out to the community to between us we can start to gather information and present this so we can make a better argument to reduce and eliminate our need for crude oil.

Granted some products are going to need some R&D to replace, but maybe that will inspire people to study STEM and undertake that research.

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Never see any mention of hemp building products. Bricks or any of how many other products that can be made from hemp?

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