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Working on #decentralization, #p2p and #dWeb tech, online #privacy and #security, #CopyLeft, #FOSS, #Rust and #autonomi (find me on https://forum.autonomi.community as happybeing).

Note: autonomi was called #SafeNetwork.

Possibly still maintaining #vdash on github.

The #fediverse is a lifeboat, #p2p is the shore.

#nobridge #noaitraining #norobots

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koteisaev, to random
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These stories when #State installs various #spyware such as #pegasus give me not just creepy/eerie feeling.
Such stories questions suitability usage of any electronic device, let it be a linux desktop/laptop or any smartphone, even suc as e/OS equipped, not speaking about standard iOS/Android devices.
And it pushes down motivation for developing any #p2p software as well, just because if your risk model includes government spyware installation on your devices, this is beyond their usage scope.

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I'm hopeful, even confident that #p2p can and will help with device level surveillance such as #Pegasus #spyware one day.

For example, it has been discussed and mitigations proposed on the #Autonomi forum, though not recently. Ideas such as booting from the network using any device, using the secure services it provides and then logging off without leaving traces.

Easier said than done, but something worth assuming for.

happyborg, to android
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Having beaten Windows .BAT files and FTP into submission on one laptop (thanks ) while getting my app to build for on another, today I will be figuring out how to debug it with .

It almost works. I can call from the GUI, but my custom protocol handlers aren't being called. 🤔

happyborg, to random
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I've been mostly writing bash scripts to automate things around development, testing and publishing of my demo and it's been fun.

At the same time it feels like I'm not doing the "important stuff" of developing the demo, when in reality it will make time doing that way more efficient. 🤷‍♂️

However, the final script is on Windows, to build and upload to an ftp server, so my Windows torture isn't quite over.

At least I have ftp working now.

BTW Windows' standard is useless so...

happyborg, to LLMs
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If #LLMs aren't the best way to get facts, what are they best for?

I'll suggest deceit, manipulation, disruption, fobbing people off, and most important of all, profitssiz.

happyborg, to Israel
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Apparently 's have been using veiled , and to undermine the for years. Against the prosecutor previously in charge of investigating crimes against .

This was personally undertaken by the then head of Mossad who is now rising in Israeli politics.

This isn't just about or a recent swing to extremism in Israel, these crimes have been ongoing for decades but are now blatant and impossible to hide, support by US/UK governments.

timbray, to retrocomputing
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Me: I just don’t get the retro-computing thing. I like modern computers.
Spouse: No AIs. No ads. No trackers.


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@timbray two steam powered boats passed my narrowboat over the weekend...

Coal+water=propulsion 🤔

thomas, (edited ) to random
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I'd like to remind all Mastodon users that you can add a language filter to any follow relationship on Mastodon.

If you follow me and you don't speak German, you can easily remove my German posts from your timeline by adjusting the language settings.

Go to my profile page, select the dot menu and click "Change subscribed languages". Then select the languages that you speak.

This really is a hidden gem 💎 on Mastodon and not many people seem to know this feature :awesome:


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Thanks, I wasn't aware.

What I'd really like though is an automatic translate when there's a translate link.

happyborg, to windows
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I'm currently being reminded how I hate having to use and how insanely crap is support for online hosting.

I'm trying to upload using Windows ftp command and it all goes fine, even the file is created on the server but the file is empty due to some error establishing the data connection.

Some report solving this error by setting passive mode in the client, which ftp doesn't support

Support guy tells me: create an account and you can use Windows ftp or any FTP client 🤦‍♂️

vwbusguy, to fedora
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It's surprisingly difficult to find options for laptops shipping #Fedora or any other supported non-ChromeOS flavor of #Linux from the #Lenovo website.

happyborg, (edited )
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I didn't find the option when buying recently and shortly after was told by #Lenovo support that they don't support #Linux.

This was a #Legion9 which I've had for about a month.

I'm dual booting #Ubuntu 24 and it is good enough. Good enough that I've not bothered looking for any drivers yet and loving the super fast development.

happyborg, to linux
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Another person emulating LLMs today when talking about .

Apparently he's still using 7 because Linux is so buggy.


owen, to tech
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Finally took a picture of all my laptops, took hours to set up😂

Hardware here includes:

  • ARM / x86_64 / x86_32
  • Chromebooks
  • MacBooks / MacBook Pros / MacBook Air
  • Many various PCs
  • SDR-DDR4 era

Operating Systems includes:

  • macOS Snow Leopard, Mojave, Ventura, and Sonoma
  • Windows 8.1 Embedded Pro, 10 Pro / Home, Windows 11 Pro
  • Ultramarine Linux 39 / 40, GNOME / KDE / Xfce
  • Bluefin DX
  • Arch
  • NixOS
  • Haiku
  • And begrudgingly, ChromeOS (one for testing, one I found that I have not yet submarined, whoops)

Laptops in the stacks are broken laptops.

There are 38 laptops here.

Yes I have a problem.

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@owen thank you. I now feel much better about owning four!

chrisdoestech, to random
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Very happy to have got a privacy win this week for a hold out family member.

Helped them switch their email/domain name from their shitty, exploitative web host to a decent registrar with mail going to a paid plan

Took less than 30 mins to switch everything and about 4 hours for MX records to propagate to Proton

They also asked me to delete their facebook account when I get time because they now find it a horrible platform - another win

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@chrisdoestech anything in particular that helped sway them?

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The increasing pace of enshitification is our opportunity.

I've been supporting an outstanding p2p privacy focused project for ten years, and it is finally getting ready to launch, but every year things happened that made me so pissed it wasn't ready, and every year those things made it easier for us to get people on board.

I still wish it had been ready in 2015 but no way has the opportunity past. 🤷‍♂️

happyborg, to random
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My first computer printer was a #Teletype 33 which I could barely pick up, as it was a big beast made almost entirely of metal. And not flimsy metal, this thing could have taken a bullet and not flinched.

Printing was at an incredible - very noisy - 3ish characters per second, and all UPPER CASE!

You kids today blah blah blah 🤣

happyborg, to UX
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Even though I have chosen to disable notifications in @signalapp Messenger, it continually nags me to enable them.

That's in spite of:

  • my active choice
  • that notifications are a known security risk for those most in need of privacy

That's a dark pattern as well as bad #UX, which undermines my faith in the team and their motives.

#DarkPatterns #Signal

hyde, to privacy
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What is your number one reason you bring to people on why they should care about ?

Some say, they can have my data I don't care, or even if I got a card fraud, I'll get my money back from the insurance, or things like this.

I'm trying to find good examples to counter their cheap arguments ...

Boosts appreciated 🙏🏽

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Privacy is about power and autonomy.

The more you know about something the more you can control it.

Or if it's what they know about you, the more control they have over you whether you acknowledge it or not.

Many prefer not to consider or look for the bigger picture because that takes time and effort, and can lead you to uncomfortable realisations and difficult decisions.

Many won't accept even obvious truths like the above because they'd rather be controlled than an autonomous self.

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@hyde many here are saying people don't care but I don't think that's true. Look deeper.

They resist for many reasons and some are obvious. I've seen reports that most users of Facebook for example wish it didn't invade their privacy but what alternatives do they have and at what cost?

They know that acting on that desire is much harder than succumbing, so they resist in various ways.

I'm hopeful we can change this. It will never be easy but it can be done over time.

I hope #Autonomi helps.

WestphalDenn, to thinkpad German
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Just setup a 2nd hand bought T480s. Had it running with . Now runs 11, and

The efficiency boost is honestly mind blowing. And that is with so many keystrokes to wrap my head around. Absolutely worth the money and lets me work at least four times as fast as with the previous setups.

Would I have liked to keep on using Linux? Yes but at this point if one is doing more than just browsing the web and reading E-Mails it is very hard to recommend.

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@WestphalDenn I just bought a #Lenovo #Legion9 and had the opposite experience.

I keep hearing people say things about #Linux v #Windows which aren't true, and in a recent discussion they turned out to be out of date opinions from someone not using it.

Obviously you were, but I take issue that it's only good for basic tasks. I do all sorts and it just gets better while Windows degrades and spys.

W11 cursor was jerky, sending all cicks home. Noticeably faster when I switched to #Ubuntu 24.

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@WestphalDenn you didn't mention that and I can't comment on it.

dom, to random
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I tried copilot and Gemini to convert an eslint config to a flat config for eslint 9. I couldn’t get it to work. That’s really the future I’m looking forward to.

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@dom I've tried a few simple programming tasks but the only thing I've found to work as fast as web search + DIY (running models locally on a shit hot laptop) is asking for the syntax for simple bash scripting features.

It's still worse though because it insists on obscuring the answer with a load of introductory and explanatory text.

So it's as fast, and less brain sapping to search the web, every single time so far.

happyborg, to random
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People are using my demo, with no support, and posting screenshots!

Writing this stuff has been really hard. I enjoy the challenge but it has taken a lot of graft and dedication.

So seeing even this small private group of guinea pigs going wild about it is wonderful. 🥳

silverpill, to random
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If only there was a way to integrate peer to peer payments into federated social media without relying on Stripe and Google... Maybe someday it will be discovered!


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Social apps are planned for #Autonomi which has it's own payments system built in (no Blockchain).

This is #p2p, no gatekeepers or dictators, just you the network and privacy.

happyborg, to random
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I'm uploading my demo for early guinea pigs, well actually for testing on live humans.

#Autonomi 🥳

happyborg, to privacy
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I have other things to do tomorrow but am one script away from being able to share my demo.

I am soooo excited about this!

happyborg, to random
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