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Over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis oppose humanitarian aid to Palestinians starving in Gaza

A new Israeli Democracy Institute survey shows that 68% of Jewish Israelis oppose “the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents.”

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#WestBank (occupied) / Blinken says Israel's new settlements in West Bank "inconsistent" with international law

[…] Speaking at a news conference during a trip to Buenos Aires, #Blinken said the United States was disappointed in Israel's announcement of plans for building new housing in the occupied West Bank, saying they were counterproductive to reaching an enduring peace.
[…] "They're also inconsistent with international law. Our administration maintains a firm opposition to settlement expansion, and in our judgment this only weakens, doesn't strengthen Israel's security," Blinken said.


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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Over 100 Palestinians killed in 24 hours | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • Blinken says US ‘disappointed’ in announcement of new Israeli settlements
  • Fighting rages in Gaza City neighbourhood
  • Hunger, lack of medicine cause Palestinians in Gaza to face ‘death every moment’: Hamas

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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ USA "enttäuscht" über Pläne zum Siedlungsbau ++

US-Außenminister Blinken äußert sich "enttäuscht" über Israels Pläne zum Ausbau von Siedlungen im Westjordanland. Die UN fordern, Menschenrechtsverletzungen in den Palästinensergebieten und Israel aufzuarbeiten. Die Entwicklungen im Liveblog.


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"GENEVA (23 February 2024) – Any transfer of weapons or ammunition to Israel that would be used in Gaza is likely to violate international humanitarian law and must cease immediately, UN experts* warned today."

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Via Barak Ravid:

BREAKING: Blinken overturns “Pompeo Doctrine” and says #Israel settlements in the West Bank are “inconsistent with international law”. The move comes a day after Israel announces thousands of new housing units in the settlements

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Israeli forces disguised as hospital workers and civilians entered Jenin’s Ibn Sina Hospital and assassinated three Palestinians as they slept. The brazen killing marks an unprecedented escalation in Israel’s war on Palestinians in the West Bank.

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In first 2 months of #Israel’s war on #Gaza, #Canada issued more than $28 million worth of export permits for military goods that would be sent to Israel. That’s more than Canada has ever permitted to be exported to Israel before, over the course of entire years. That means that as Israel’s slaughter of #Palestinians ramped up last year, there was a huge increase in #Canadian companies asking to send them military goods.

#CanadaIsComplicit #Genocide @TheBreach

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It's pretty funny people can gaslight each other on the internet about the existence of the iron dome my uncle Amir Peretz literally invented and my friend Ella Hadar worked at functioning in the IDF.

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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 140: UN experts urge countries to stop arming Israel as Netanyahu unveils postwar plan

Benjamin Netanyahu’s postwar plan would see Israel exerting direct control over a demilitarized Gaza Strip while permanently dismantling UNRWA and assigning “local officials” to govern civilian affairs.

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Latin American nations have increasingly sided with the plight of Palestinains against Israel.

  • Brazil recalled its ambassador to Tel-Aviv, following Lula’s comparison of the Gaza onslaught to the Holocaust

  • Venezuelan President Maduro stated strong support toward Lula’s remarks

  • Nicaragua is co-sponsoring South Africa's ICJ case against Israel

  • Bolivia’s Pres Luis Arce: Bolivia cut relations with Israel on the wake of Israel's assault on Gaza and expelled Israeli ambassador from Bolivia. More recently, Luis Arce expressed support for Lula.


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I would love to see at least one of these disgusting genocide enablers to face justice.

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Two Palestinians killed, 14 injured by Israeli drone strike on vehicle in Jenin refugee camp

The Israeli army is now killing resistance fighters in the Jenin Brigade using drones after several failed assassination attempts by Israeli special forces, an associate of the Jenin Brigade told Mondoweiss.

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Sameh Jindiyya’s daughter was born nine days ago in Al-Shifa hospital. Ever since he has been frantically searching for food for his nursing wife. “This is how we’re born in Gaza,” he tells Mondoweiss. “We are born with death hovering over us.”

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News item

"German lawyers sue Scholz, alleging complicity in Gaza genocide"

"Lawyers representing Palestinians file criminal complaint against the chancellor & other top politicians, accusing them of abetting genocide:

"The German state is one of the countries that has shown some of the strongest political & material support to Israel in its assault on the Gaza Strip & the Palestinians.”

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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ Waffenembargo gegen Israel gefordert ++

UN-Experten haben Exportländer dazu aufgerufen, keine Waffen mehr an Israel zu liefern. Das israelische Militär hat eigenen Angaben zufolge binnen 24 Stunden mehr als zehn Terroristen getötet. Die Entwicklungen im Liveblog.


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Former UN senior official Craig Mokhiber::

"The real purpose here is the the destruction of UNRWA, because UNRWA is in the way of the destruction of the Palestinian people"

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He came in with injuries on his hands and leg.

The poor thing is so in shock, he wasn't even crying.

Doctors did what ever they could with the little working equipment they have.

They missed his internal injuries, because without x-ray or echogram, They had no way of knowing.

The kid died a few hours after this video was recorded.

No one knows his name. Because his parents were also killed during the attacks earlier yesterday.

He is another number in the 13400+ children already murdered by American provided bombs used by Israel against people of Gaza.

#NotATarget #NeverForget #Gaza #SaveGaza #StopIsrael #SaveTheChildren
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Drs without Borders (MSF) slams the US in the Security Council: "This is not just political inaction". It's "political complicity".

Children who survive this war "will not only bear the visible wounds of traumatic injuries, but the invisible ones too.There is repeated displacement, constant fear & witnessing family members literally dismembered before their eyes."

"Children as young as five are telling us they would prefer to die."

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Image being a doctor.

Imagine being a medic.
Imagine being a photographer.
Imagine being a parent.
Imagine being a child.

And imagine your home got bombed, after you were told to move there to "be safe". Your child gets hurt, and you end up in a hospital that doesn't have any beds, any equipment, any pain killers, not even disinfectant.

You have to hold your child screaming while the doctors performing an operation on her, the pain is so overwhelming that you have to pin down the child with all your weight.

Just close your eyes and put yourself in their position.

As a father, I can't imagine such horror. Glad I never did.

Now imagine doctors, medics and photographers having to witness and perform these operations over and over again.

And we, the people with high morals, watching it happen. It's not like the words of witnesses that Israel and their whole multi billion dollar paid propagandists repeatedly calling them for "Pollywood", to make you have doubt about what you just watched and simply move on and ignore it.

There is absolutely no need to prevent painkillers getting into Gaza.
There is absolutely no need for the world to ignore the suffering of innocent children.

And there is no way those doctors, medics and photographers to stop doing what they possibly can to help the victims of Israeli bombings.

But we don't care.

We just move on with our lives not even thinking about those little ones who later die of the shock because their tiny hearts can't handle the unimaginable stress during the bombings and the horror of ab operation.

And by then, she become a number. One of 13400+ that the civilized world has chosen to ignore.

I am not sharing the video, I simply can't. Even the image is from another victim because I'm writing this with tearsein my eyes. I hate the world we live in, the politics, the religion, the money and anything that is justifying the ongoing slaughter of the innocent little angles who had the who life ahead them.

I simply can't. But most people do.


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#Israel / Gaza is only the beginning, Ben Gvir and Smotrich's goal is to "cleanse" the West Bank of Palestinians and clear the Al-Aqsa mosque of its Muslim worshippers [Ehud Olmert]

[...] The supreme goal of Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich is not primarily the conquest of the Gaza Strip. Nor is the settlement of the ruins of #Gaza the cherished aim of this group of messianic fanatics who have seized power in the State of Israel. Gaza is the introductory chapter, the platform they want to build as a foundation from which to wage the real campaign on which they have set their sights: the battle for the West Bank and the Temple Mount.

[...] Ultimately (or perhaps initially) Netanyahu is willing to forgo the captives and undermine the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan which are a fundamental pillar of Israel's security infrastructure. He is willing to undermine relations with the US to the point of an open crisis with the most committed president in history to Israel's security, Joe Biden. Netanyahu understands that the continued reckless unraveling will isolate Israel in the international community as never before.

[...] As hard as it is, there is no escaping saying it: Netanyahu, this will end in much bloodshed. You have been warned.

#Haaretz [Hebrew] or

  • Olmert was Israel's prime minister from 2006 to 2009


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