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Dear Reader,

"Did Johnson have a 'Come to Jesus' moment where he put his morality ahead of Trump's need to please Putin? The jury is still out."

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Speaker Mike Johnson said he will "take personal risk" by pushing ahead with his plans for a House vote on foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, as fellow Republican representatives continue to call for him to vacate the chair
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Speaker Mike Johnson announced he is sticking with his plan to put a series of foreign aid bills on the floor, including funding for Ukraine, after facing significant pressure from hardliners.

“After significant Member feedback and discussion, the House Rules Committee will be posting soon today the text of three bills that will fund America’s national security interests and allies in Israel, the Indo-Pacific, and Ukraine.

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Finally #MikeJohnson acts, probably on behalf of #TFG. Hopefully, aid for #Ukraine, in particular direkt needed ammunitions and air-defense systems won't arrive too late.
#Putler will no ramp-up drones and missile strikes even further in the weeks to come before delivery.


On that note:

While #TFG has been #Putler's most effective...

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Ukraine warns of 'World War 3' ahead of long-stalled US Congress aid vote

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„Unsere Sicherheitsbehörden haben mögliche Sprengstoffanschläge, die unsere militärische Hilfe für die treffen und unterminieren sollten, verhindert. Es ist ein besonders schwerer Fall der mutmaßlichen Agententätigkeit für Putins Verbrecher-Regime."

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Mike moves ahead with foreign aid bills despite threats to oust him - "Two fellow Republicans have threatened to remove House speaker if he advances funding proposal" well, kudos if he manages to get this through

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Russia is pressing ahead with construction of two new transport corridors linking Asia and Europe, seeking to weaken sanctions over its war in Ukraine at the same time as Middle East turmoil is disrupting global trade. #worldnews #politics #iran #trade #asia #ukraine #russia #russiaukrainewar #vladimirputin

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Endgame Begins On Ukraine Funding Fight After White House Endorses Standalone Bills

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Ukraine warns of WW3 ahead of stalled US aid vote

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Wirtschaftsminister Habeck zu Gesprächen in der Ukraine

Bundeswirtschaftsminister Habeck ist zu einem Besuch in die Ukraine gereist. Im Mittelpunkt der Gespräche stehen die jüngsten Angriffe Russlands auf die ukrainische Energie-Infrastruktur und die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zu Deutschland.


#Habeck #Ukraine

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Der 785. Kriegstag im Überblick

Was in den letzten 24 Stunden geschah, 18. April 2024
USA wird wohl am Samstag über ein dringend benötigtes Hilfspaket abstimmen.
Stoltenberg beruft NATO-Ukraine-Rat für Freitag ein.
Ukraine trifft erneut großes Radarsystem in RU mit Kamikaze-Drohnen.

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#BBCNews - #Ukraine warns of WW3 ahead of long-stalled Congress aid vote

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Russian Missile Strikes North of Kyiv Kill at Least 17, Reports.

At least 17 people were killed and scores more injured when three Russian missiles struck a busy downtown district of Chernihiv, north of Kyiv, just before noon on Wednesday.

President Volodymyr said the death toll, reported by the office of Ukraine’s prosecutor general, might rise and blamed Ukraine’s lack of air defenses for the loss of life. The prosecutor general said that 61 people had been reported injured.

Republicans in Congress resist providing Ukraine with support.

Enough delay — Ukraine needs our help NOW! Mike Johnson, weak republicans are directly responsible for the death of many thousands of Ukrainians the past six months by denying Ukraine aid.

✍️ Sign
If already signed - Ask them to reach out colleagues to sign. Call Capitol: 202-224-3121

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U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson is moving ahead with new assistance for Ukraine and Israel in the face of threats from Republican hardliners to oust him. #worldnews #politics #mikejohnson #ukraine #russia #russiaukrainewar #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar

europesays, to Ukraine avatar Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities

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Ukraine-Liveblog: ++ Habeck in Kiew eingetroffen ++

Vizekanzler Habeck ist zusammen mit einer Wirtschaftsdelegation in der Ukraine eingetroffen. US-Finanzministerin Yellen kritisiert die Blockade der Ukraine-Hilfe durch die Republikaner im Kongress als "unentschuldbar". Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.


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Speaker is plowing ahead on a plan that has roiled his conference & prompted 2 to push an effort to oust him….
But instead of the complex 4-part plan he floated this week, Johnson now intends to try to pass 5 bills — 1 each for to , , & allies, …a wish list of priorities & a 5th…to address widespread Republican… [ ] demands….

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#GOP leadership announced that the #House would stay in session until Sat to consider the bills.
[good friggin luck]
The new approach is risky & is already blowing up on the speaker, who…is being threatened by …#MarjorieTaylorGreene to invoke a “motion to vacate” to topple #MikeJohnson if he puts #Ukraine #aid on the floor, something to which many #FarRight #Republicans aka consumers of [#Russian #disinformation; #Putin & #Trump lackeys] object.

#HouseRepublicans #NationalSecurity #democracy

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…in signs of trouble late Wed, the Rules Cmte failed to approve the bill because 3 on the panel — Reps , , & — refused to support it, meaning the panel adjourned w/o action. Democrats have no interest in backing the border proposal.
The 3 separate bills that fund for , & largely mirror the $95B -passed supplemental.

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The #House #legislation turns a portion of the #aid, the money sent directly to #Ukraine, into a * #loan* & is endorsed by #Trump. It also includes just over $9B in #humanitarian aid for #Gaza, the #WestBank, Ukraine & other places in need, which #Democrats have demanded as a condition of any support from them.
#MikeJohnson signaled Wed evening that there would probably be an amendment to the package to strip the #HumanitarianAid, which he said he has “concerns” with.
[the good Christian]

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⚡️🇺🇦Nightly Address of President Volodymyr Zelensky at the end of Day 784 of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine | Day 3710 of Russia’s invasion of Crimea (Apr 17) with English subtitles (Office of The President of Ukraine Official VIDEO) #Ukraine #Press #News #russiaUkraineWar #10yrInvasionofUkraine

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Podcast 11 KM: Würde sich eine Rückkehr zum russischen Gas lohnen?

Der Abschied vom russischen Gas kostet Deutschland zu viel - das sagen laute Stimmen. Was ist dran? Der 11KM-Podcast mit einer Annäherung.


#Podcast #11KM #Ukraine #russischesGas

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We'll see

Those #ATACMS can still be screwed around with, like the #M777s and #Bradley #IFVs that were sent in terrible, almost unusable, condition

#Biden could quite easily instruct the #Army to disable 1 in 4 to launch and 2 in 4 not detonating, leaving just 1 out of 4 working

He'll just say "we told you they were old" when in fact there's nothing wrong with any of them

#TeamBiden has proven utterly untrustworthy as a #Security Partner for #Ukraine AND European #NATO members

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