Sponsors Of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Company part-owned by Estonian PM's husband continues deliveries to Russia (news.err.ee)

Stark Logistics, a transport company partly owned by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas' (Reform) husband Arvo Hallik, has continued doing business with Russia since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is despite government criticism of companies that have done so.

Ukraine designates Bacardi as 'international sponsor of war' (kyivindependent.com)

Ukraine's National Corruption Prevention Agency (NACP) added the world's largest private alcohol company Bacardi Limited to the "international sponsors of war" list on Aug. 10. The Bermudian company continues to do business in Russia during its all-out war against Ukraine.

OC What alternatives and strategies do you personally use to live more ethically in an unethical system?

While it’s impossible to be perfect on our own, when we’re in alliance and doing our best where we can, we can work together to reduce the damage of unethical systems and pressure companies to adopt more ethical practices. So this is a thread to bring those ideas together. What works for you to live more ethically?...

Business on blood: three American food giants have dramatically increased sales in Russia (eng.obozrevatel.com)

Western companies are withdrawing from Russia under public pressure, but not everyone is affected. Three American corporations, including Mondelez, Mars and PepsiCo have shown rapid growth of their sales in Russia. All of them managed to cash in on the withdrawal of more conscious competitors....

The List Of International Companies That Continue To Do Business In Russia (leave-russia.org)

Russia initiated aggression against Ukraine in 2014. On February 24, 2022, it started a full-scale military invasion to the Ukrainian territory. This brutal war and military crimes of Russian troops caused a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine with thousands civilians killed and millions becoming refuges....

Ukraine: Chinese car manufacturer Geely is designated as intl. sponsor of war by govt. over trade increase in Russia (www.business-humanrights.org)

The company belongs to a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur Li Shufu. The head of Chinese car conglomerate Geely has backed the Geely car brand's decision to increase car sales in Russia after global rivals pulled out of the market following the Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine: Govt. lists leading Chinese oil & gas equipment manufacturer as intl. war sponsor over increased exports to Russia (www.business-humanrights.org)

China’s largest oil and gas equipment research, development and manufacturing industrial group, Kerui has been listed as international war sponsors by the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP)....

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