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UK breakthrough could slash emissions from cement

Scientists say they’ve found a way to recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.

#cement #climateChange #construction #emissions

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«AI is an energy hog. This is what it means for climate change.
How worried should we be about AI’s effects on the grid?»
– by @casey_crownhart


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AI is an energy hog. This is what it means for climate change.

How worried should we be about AI’s effects on the grid? #ClimateChange

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People sleep on the Yamuna river bed under a bridge on a hot summer day in New Delhi, India. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi


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There are wind turbines in this picture…
Anti-renewable voices will say:

  • they destroy the view (how many can you see here?)

  • they kill whales (disproven by recent research)

  • rescue operations will be hindered (the UK has not had any rescue related issues with their offshore Wind farms).

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A woman, leaning out of a train window, receives water on her head to cool off during a hot and humid day at the Hyderabad Railway Station in , Pakistan. REUTERS/Yasir Rajput


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The sea is hot and angry, friends. Storms are coming. Now's the time to upgrade your resilience plans.

#climateCrisis #climateResilience #climateChange

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Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe.

Decades ago, Kris Hansen showed 3M that its PFAS chemicals were in people’s bodies. Her bosses halted her work. As the EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking water, she wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world., to climate avatar

Mexico. May 2024.

Mexico is struggling amid record-high temperatures and a severe drought. Water is being trucked into service hospitals and essential services.

  • 85% of the country will experience high temps of 40 C (104 F) this week.
  • 1/3 of the country will reach 45C (113 F) or more.
  • 40% of dams are below 20% capacity.
  • Another 40% are between 20–50% capacity.
  • Power blackouts are occurring due to insufficient water to run hydroelectric power generators.
  • By May 9th, nine cities in Mexico had set temperature records (Ciudad clocked out at 47 C (117 F))

In protest of “intolerable” working conditions and lack of water in their barracks, the police themselves manned a protest blockade and blocked traffic.

Meanwhile, in other species, a large number of Howler Monkeys were found dead or dying from dehydration after literally falling out of the trees “like apples” in the Gulf Coast state of Tabasco1.


Mexico’s drought, heatwave and water shortage are so bad even police are blocking traffic in protest. AP news.

It’s so hot in Mexico that howler monkeys are falling dead from the trees AP news.

  1. A local biologist attributed the deaths to a combination of factors including high temps, drought, forest fires and logging of their shade and food trees. ↩︎

#climateChange #environment #OnlyWords

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China's targets to drastically reduce its reliance on overseas buying in line with its push for food security will be exceedingly difficult to meet, experts say.

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There's a crisis in Mexico, but most MSM journalists haven't covered it, or the reason for the suffering, #climatechange:

MX’s drought, heatwave & water shortages have gotten so bad that even police blocked traffic in protest Wed. In recent months, residents of some MX City neighborhoods have regularly taken to forming human chains to block boulevards to demand water. In Apr, complaints about contaminated water sparked a weeks-long crisis in one upscale neighborhood.

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#climatechange #euronews

@notjustbikes slightly outside of your channel’s topic but in some way also relevant to strong towns.

3 min

the houses are reminiscent to traditional Chinese community round houses

These are the communities that will weather climate change.

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Literally nothing except scheduling software could drop cargo ship emmissions by around 20%!?

This needs to be implemented on ALL shipping immediately! With global temperatures continuing to rise dramatically, every little bit helps and this is actually a huge benefit relatively speaking.

#ClimateChange #Shipping

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Plastic can release toxics into the stomach, according to a new study.

Material left to float in seawater may turn it cloudy potentially releasing toxic chemicals into the water, and could do the same in stomachs.

When left in the water for six months, the pristine plastic also appeared to cause a kind of scum to form on the surface, turning the mix into a “soup”. #ClimateChange #Pollution #Plastic

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This is a wakeup call, but Republicans prop up the FF IDU. They must be voted out for a chance at a...

Dozens of rivers & streams in AS are turning rusty orange, a likely consequence of thawing permafrost.

The Arctic is the fastest-warming region in the globe, & as the frozen ground below the surface melts, minerals once locked away in that soil are now seeping into waterways.

“Unforeseen impact of #climatechange that we’re seeing in some of the most pristine rivers-."

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Thai sea temperatures hit ‘boiling’ record, bleaching almost all coral.

Scientists say ‘almost all of the species have bleached’ as ocean temperatures in Eastern Gulf of Thailand reached 32.7C. #ClimateChange

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What you need to know about record-breaking heat in the Atlantic.

The ocean heat could fuel an unusually active hurricane season. #ClimateChange

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Will the #Tech IDU prioritize mitigating #climatechange & improving tech for users, or will they only work on hyping #A1, #crypto, ...?

CC is the apparent reason for increased air turbulence...

Passengers on board the Singapore Airlines flight that encountered severe turbulence in the skies over Asia suffered traumatic harm ranging from spinal cord to skull & brain injuries. Medics are still treating a wide-range of injuries, including some severe ones-.


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Man converts his home to all-electric dream house.

Eric Laine once spent about $500 on propane in just one month. Now that’s a thing of the past. #ClimateChange

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Lawmakers are calling on the Justice Department to probe whether Big Oil has lied to the public about the effects of #ClimateChange. A vote for Joe #Biden will ensure that these probes will begin. A decision to stay home means you're OK with Big Oil lying about our planet.

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#ClimateChange: #UK breakthrough could slash #cement #CO2Emissions - #BBC News -

Scientists say they've found a way to #recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.

Cement is the modern world's most common #construction material, but it is also a huge source of planet-warming gas #emissions.

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