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:anAmigaBall: : Cookie / Asphyxia #demoscene
:deadbirb: : was @blackjack75

Filiado a ala Suíça 🇨🇭 da Ursal 🐻
or as some say :fcknzs:. #NoBridge
Made https://butwhy.club

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santiago, to linux
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Small detail about #LocOS you will notice only from a remote session. One core has very high usage for a simple screensaver.

It seems it’s not properly going to sleep afterwards. Maybe some ACPI issue or maybe because it has auto login and no auto lock. It’s a machine intentionally in free access.

For now I just set the saver as just blank.

#Linux #XFCE

santiago, to random French
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À ce niveau on a plus le choix. On va devoir demander l’ intervention de l’armée Américaine « et de ses alliés ». Ils embarquent quand ?


midzer, to linux
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I never realized working (not gaming) on a computer can be fun.

Until I discovered .

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@midzer @nicholas_saunders if only because gaming on Linux requires some work :-)

santiago, to random
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So that guy who does AI pixel art (without admitting to it) now has 4000+ followers and keeps appearing in reposts.

It angers me because I look from afar and I think “nice old school—OH fuck off not again”.

You’ll see it when you zoom in. BTW it is getting better (less evident with better filters to add artificial color limitations and mask the computer generated blurring).

santiago, to linux
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So I decided to try LocOS -KDE version on the 2014 mac Mini. It was reponsive but just like the heavier KDE neon at some point it ended locking up the GUI while I was doing updates. I could still exit with ALT+F2.

So I guess I need to try the XFCE build.

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@joostruis It’s a lightweight debian derivative. Originally forked from Antix in 2019 but it is clearly much more user-friendly for non programmers.

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Done. Really installed fast (from UFSD) .

That’s 444 megabytes of memory used after booting on XFCE. And looks like “normal” simple end user machine I could recommend to normal people (AntiX is cool but it’s not that target demographic.)

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LocOS XFCE (not KDE!) worked so well on the 2014 mini that I started installing it on the 2010 Mac Mini Server.

Installation will be much slower since the thing has only USB2 so no way it’ll copy at 300+ MB/sec the UFSD install media would allow.

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What I really like about LocOS +XFCE is that’s it’s a real end-user platform. It’s a friendly Debian you can install for your mother who needs Mail, Firefox but doesn’t install apps without help. Not surprisingly it’s built by people from Latin America (and other countries) that will actually NEED to use old computers as their desktop.

Many of us in Europe or other rich places do this for fun. Actually even my slowest Mac mini from 2010 here is overpowered. It has 8GB RAM.

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@lerudd I am really impressed with latest + XFCE. Easy to understand , fast, light. Efficient. Good choice of default stuff. 2010 Mini had become very sluggish on MacOS unless you stuck to an outdated version.

Playing 480p YouTube video on this Core 2 Duo with no hiccups using 1.8GB of RAM. This one has 8GB but they sold 2GB versions back then.

Samsung monitor connected to a Mac Mini plays a YouTube video on Firefox in LocOS (XFCE). A terminal shows htop with both cores at 70% and ram usage at 1.78 GB

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@lerudd actually memory usage after reboot & autologin is only 350 mb when obtained from a remote SSH session (no app opened outside desktop + menu apps themselves)

santiago, to random
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One of these days when you try to make a donation to an artist and your card is refused and Apple Pay is disabled on your phone 🙄

So now I need to make a phone call which is one of the things I hate the most. This is what happens when you let artists on the internet. They destroy society from within !

sortius, to environment
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This is why I have zero respect for Greenpeace.

A crop that could save 250k-500k children in the global south, and because it's openly GM, unlike all the rice, wheat, and barley, varieties that are available in the global north (Calrose, Amaroo, etc), Greenpeace are opposed to it.

Nothing sadder than a rich white environmentalist screaming at the global south that "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" https://www.theguardian.com/environment/article/2024/may/25/greenpeace-blocks-planting-of-lifesaving-golden-rice-philippines

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@sortius @mos_8502 I am not particularly worried about GM plants for health but I do worry about licensing and long term corporate control. I would be more comfortable if Syngenta signed with governments they will NEVER commercialize it and they just want to save children.

“The inventors have assigned their exclusive rights to the Golden Rice technology to Syngenta”

“Syngenta retains commercial rights, although it has no plans to commercialize Golden Rice.”

No plans?


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@sortius @mos_8502 I read that it is not a viable product in rich countries today. Just on the long term I think governments should have assurances a corporation will not change its mind once everyone is dependent and start charging emerging countries.

If it’s truly humanitarian governments should nationalize these (supposedly commercially worthless) patents. I just can’t believe a large corporation can do anything with “no plans”. We’ll see in 20 years…

badlogic, to random
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It appears Google's AI overview is really just RAG over the top search results (= search stuff on the web given the user query, let LLM answer query given the contents of search result)

Naturally, redditors have started poisoning search results. Google ranks Reddit very highly. This issue is basically not fixable unless Google largely ignores Reddit content except for known good content, or develops a model they can use to filter adversial content (which is basically impossible)


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@badlogic Surely most people when they read coconut express the same “hum…” which makes the AI right.

santiago, to random
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We planned to go to a music festival today.

First at 14:00
Then at 16:00
Then at 20:00

Then happily admitted we could drink and listen to music at home. It’s somewhat rainy also which didn’t help.


tofugolem, to random
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When science fiction imagined artificial intelligence taking over, I don't remember it being this stupid.

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@tofugolem @jf_718 it matches the state of humanity . I look forward to seeing videos from the deeply convinced tobacco equivalent of flat-earthers.


coolowt, to austria
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@coolowt didn’t know Jesus was Austrian.

colin_mcmillen, to random French
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New release of my #AppleII things!

STP, my FTP client, is now much more usable. It gets search, is ported to non-enhanced Apple II, and more importantly can now transfer floppy images (.po and .dsk) to a floppy, in the same way that ADTPro does.

This means that if you make yourself an STP floppy (with ADTPro), you won't have to unplug your Apple II from the Surl proxy and plug it to your ADTPro computer to transfer other disk images anymore!


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@colin_mcmillen Now all you need is to add direct execution for 6502 code

santiago, to random
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After migrating wife’s account onto the Mac Pro it seems my /usr/local got all messed up. Has to reinstall homebrew. If guess that’s what “other files” meant.

(I keep my account on the machine so I can access shared disks).

santiago, to random
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LocOS Linux distribution manages to start a KDE desktop with 547 MB RAM usage. Interesting. They trimmed out some fat.

santiago, to linux
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Is there a non-dev oriented #Linux distribution that is as light weight as AntiX but has strong minimalist opinionated defaults (one app per feature, all consistent) ?

One that would be fine on a 2010 mini and to be used by people averse to tech (read mail, browse web, libre office and that’s it).

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@Ze_Andarilho é que não seria forçosamente pra mim mas também pra usar para doar talvez a pessoas que não da área tech

santiago, to random
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So as (someone?) recommended, I installed Keka instead of the Unarchiver and it looks nice but I am sure the next time I need to know what’s it called I will have no idea.

Please name your apps like “Keka archiver” or something old people with defective memory chips may find by searching. “Made a zip in keka. Attached it to a mail I wrote in Groumpf to a contact I had stored in Yoplà based on a note from Joplin” (at least one of these is an actual app).

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@schwa @fmarini “Kekā (केका) refers to the “gleeful cackles of the peacocks”

I'll try to remember that next time I need uncompress a .rar file.

ERBeckman, to random
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@tkinias @nicholas_saunders @ERBeckman @tzimmer_history in Switzerland too the Parti Libéral is the “free market” right (defends businesses)

As for “Partido Liberal” in Brazil well they are just outright fascists (but claim they are mostly about “free market”)

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