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Manjaro 24.0 Wynsdey released (

Manjaro 24.0 Since we released Vulcan in December 2023 we worked hard to get the next release of Manjaro out there. We call it Wynsdey. This is also our first release which comes with Plasma 6. The GNOME edition has received several updates to Gnome 46 series. This includes a lot of fixes and polish when Gnome 46 originally was...

Help required, Certain VPN does not connect and times out

Can someone help, i have been having trouble connected with my home universities vpn, for past 15-20days, it is an openvpn connection, so i have been using networkmanager-openvpn to import my config files, and they have worked previously, but for last 15-20 days i get connection timed out, all certificates used are correct, i...

What happened to glibc-widevine ? (

I watch the F1 on NowTV. In windows this works fine in Firefox but not in Linux. My research turned up various posts linking to the “widevine” package that depends on “glibc-widevine” but that seems to have disappeared. What happened to it? did it work? where can I get it? is there an alternative?

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