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Why is still advertising as an instance for foss and privacy enthusiasts when its not ? has fully went communist even their application needs you to copy paste a part from a communits book and that’s ok by me every politkcal group has their own instance and has the right to do as they wish . But they should really change their about from foss and privacy advocated to communist leaning ....

Ways to improve academic standing without going to community college?

I’m in a catch 22 situation. I want to go to a four year college, but I was previously placed in the remedial track and have a poor academic standing. If I go to a community college, I could improve my grades, but the material they cover is a replacement for high school classes and I’d be precluded from signing up for entry...

Has anyone else gravitated back to *facebook* a bit?

i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i’m finding myself enjoying facebook more. the UI and design feels vintage early 2010s, the choice of reactions is nice vs just liking or upvoting something, you can sort the replies by chronology / recent / best instead of being forced to read blue-check morons, there’s an incredible...

At what age do you think is too old to be living with parents?

Background+rant: I’m in my early to mid-20s and still living at home with my dad. I’m not a NEET and am employed at a normal office job. I enjoy the comfort of my home. I like being with family (and I believe they feel blessed to have their kid at home longer). I like not having to pay rent. However, I also keep feeling some...

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