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[Urgent] How do you know your computer or phone isn't spying on you ?

This maybe a dumb question but i became paranoid all of a sudden and wanted some answers because i can’t find it anywhere else nor can i sleep without it. Like even if i did flash linux on a lets say amd laptop couldn’t the chip itself be spying on me ? Also i understand bootloaders are stored or rom is there a way to know...

does anyone have "smart glasses"? are there any that are discreet and cannot be heard by others near you?

I was looking at “spy earbuds” but they just don’t seem too practical, even the real expensive ones I found are still disposable batteries only and I just don’t wanna drop that kind of money. I do however wear glasses and looking online I see they average about $30 for a pair of bluetooth enabled ones. My only question...

What do you think about the Gemini protocol?

For those, who do not know what the Gemini protocol is, think of it as a modern, light-weight HTTP alternative without CSS or JavaScript. In layman term, you could see it as Web 1.0 reinvented. It uses GemText instead of HTML. For folks who want to try it out, you can either install a Gemini extension for your HTTPs browser...

Anyone get that feeling of pure euphoria/ecstasy after eating following a period of malnourishment? What is that??

I recently went for a period of about 1.5 months in which I was eating very little due to some psych trauma work I was doing and a lifelong history of ARFID. I eventually started to get symptoms of malnourment and decided to get it under control. On the first day, I had a smoothie, a multivitamin, and an iron supplement....

Are there goldilocks zones for tidally locked planets?

A tidally locked planet does not rotate in relation to its sun. One side is always day, one, always night. This is caused by tidal forces pulling all planets towards this same equilibrium, so it’s completely stable once it does occur…a tidally locked planet at an earthlike distance from the sun would be scorching heat on one...

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