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Software preservation, electronics, software and ham radio - a maker of things!

Pronouns: https://pronoun.is/he/him

Website: https://www.philpem.me.uk

Current projects:
LF radio navigation - #Datatrak
DIY cable TV headend - #AnalogCable
#HackTV (TV signal generator for SDRs) - video scrambling modes
Acorn/#RISCOS software preservation (#DigiPres)

Tags: #electronics #HamRadio #Machining #Metalworking #RetroComputing #HardwareHacking #ReverseEngineering #ICRE #Maker #DigiPres

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ret, to random
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Want. Definitely one of the best versions of this I’ve seen.

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@ret I sense a DIY effort coming along...

philpem, to random
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I can't fathom why people try to ask for £200 for an EPROM eraser. It's literally a metal box with two or four UV tubes in it, a tray, and a switch. It's a few hours' work with a sheet metal brake and a screwdriver...

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@Jencen @me_ I think the UV nail curers are UV-A or UV-B, EPROMs need UV-C.

philpem, to random
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I've been developing a bit of an interest in the #TMS5220 #TI_LPC_Speech chips, after picking up an undumped Speech ROM on ebay.
They're fascinating...!
The encoding tools have been recreated in the form of Bluewizard [1] and Python Wizard [2], and the Arduino Talkie library [3] and TMS5220 VHDL [4] emulate the chip.

  1. https://github.com/patrick99e99/BlueWizard
  2. https://github.com/ptwz/python_wizard
  3. https://github.com/going-digital/Talkie
  4. https://github.com/d18c7db/TMS5220_FPGA
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

If you want to see inside, there are decaps of the chips on Siliconpr0n:

I wonder if the TMS5200 code tables could be recovered? Would be neat to decode 5200 voice data and re-code it for the 5220 chip. I imagine some Bally pinball fans would like that feature!

philpem, to random
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This evening I'm playing Wingwar on the #nabu #nabupc. Just finished assembling a much nicer RS422 cable from an FTDI adapter and a DIN plug


soatok, to random
@soatok@furry.engineer avatar

Now that the rest of us have evaporated out of the cesspool known as Twitter, and landed here or in Bluesky...

What remains is not exactly a healthy environment or mindset. https://twitter.com/SoatokDhole/status/1778706835559661976

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@soatok @whyrl well, that is what you put in a Xitter.

avon_deer, to random
@avon_deer@dragonchat.org avatar

The Post Office Tapes.


@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@avon_deer Oh would you look at that, she knew several convictions were unsafe then lied to Parliament. She's as big a liar as Boris Johnson, maybe even worse. Hard to judge, that one.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@avon_deer Lock her away, seize her assets, use it to help repay the victims, and throw away the fucking key.
And do the same to the one who got a fucking knighthood or peerage for running the post office like this.
And while we're at it, bring back the stocks. I'd absolutely make a trip to Trafalgar Square and pay to pelt her with rotten fruit. So long as the proceeds went to support those she's hurt.

SleepyChi, to random
@SleepyChi@pawb.fun avatar

For furs new to the fandom and going to their first con:

Parties and drinking do happen at cons. But do not feel like you HAVE to participate in drinking/partying to fit in, or to "be a furry"! You can say no!

Seen so many young furs get blackout drunk at cons; just know you're not required to!

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@SleepyChi This is kind of ehh advice from my experience. I've been the guy who didn't drink - and basically, it just gets you shunned and belittled behind your back. Same with not being into sleeping with random partners (that also gets you smeared as "sex-negative").
At this point I'd recommend people who are demi or teetotal look at other events - at least in the UK, the events (of all scales, that I've been to) all have these issue.
95% of them are in bars and pubs... says it all really.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@SleepyChi to be clear: what you're saying SHOULD be how it is, drinking, drugs, sex, or just plain doing anything you're uncomfortable with - should not be a requirement to "fun" at any event.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@SleepyChi Yea - I did that too. I ended up with no friends, and found the ones I thought I had slagging me off behind my back about it.
It's just a regular thing over here. The gay scene has the same. Tried getting into the gay scene and found it had the same issues. Maybe it's a UK thing.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@SleepyChi Good for you! (I really mean that, not a lot of people I know managed to find a good crowd)
I went through the worst and found that the best people - shunned me. Ended up being lovebombed by even worse bad-people. Sold my fursuits, buyer hurt me and my last remaining friends.
Since I left, I've had non-stop abuse and harassment from a bunch of the locals, while the rest look on and laugh.
My boyfriend's still a furry. I'm trying to get him into something more friendly and accepting.

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

On #AnalogCable tonight, a talking horse on a distant planet called "New Texas"... no, we don't know what we're airing either, but our programme director is from Houston, owns a Dremel and an IBM Executive PC (and no screwdrivers), and loves this show...

philpem, to random
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I don't expect this Boeing pen would be able to write ... it'll probably try to correct my handwriting using a faulty sensor, the metalwork will blow off, then somehow it'll catch fire and fall off the desk.

philpem, to random
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Probably a first world problems tweet, but I just picked one of these Heath-Zenith Westminster-chime doorbells up for £25, thinking it was mechanical, and probably easy to modify to work from a wired doorbell setup.
Alas, it's electronic - the brass tubes are completely hollow :(

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@terrencefoxfur Yeah, it could have been a neat little plastic or woodgrain box, like the other ding-dong one.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@renbymon You're telling me :( The quest continues... I'm looking out for a Friedland Westminster, anything but a 1- or 2-note should have the chime. They have a little motor mechanism which sequences the bells - which is really cool!

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

Also it's probably kinda sad that I know this, but the Friedland 551 on ebay at the moment has the Warbler mechanism (the tilt switch and lever). Sadly it's also missing the chime striker solenoid, so it won't ring :(

huskyteer, to random
@huskyteer@pawb.fun avatar

Sainsbury's if you keep offering me bonus Nectar points on your Finest Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos I will probably die.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@huskyteer you could of course offer them to me...

philpem, to random
@philpem@digipres.club avatar

This part in the Guardian's coverage of Alan Bates rings a very sad note for me, having seen similar things play out in more private spaces:

"But it’s painful, too, to think how casually reputations could be destroyed by the simple assumption that an organisation like the Post Office – arms length to the government, as ministers keep reminding everyone – must be telling the truth."


@philpem@digipres.club avatar

The thing that always struck me as staggering in that situation was how people would blindly take the word of event organisers - who in some cases were demonstrably lying through their back teeth - over the word of the victims of their abuse. And it wasn't a one-off thing, it was repeated time and time again.

It's a human flaw at the end of the day, blind trust in authority. When you mix it with online hate or indifference culture it becomes especially toxic.

Karb_Derg, to random
@Karb_Derg@derg.social avatar

Trying to heat up soup in the microwave:

Bowl: Temperature increase by 80°C

Soup: Temperature increase by 0,5°C

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@Karb_Derg Try a glass bowl if you're using ceramic. Your bowl might have a crack in the enamel which let in water when it was washed. The microwave is probably heating that water instead of the higher volume of soup.

azonenberg, (edited ) to random
@azonenberg@ioc.exchange avatar

Curious if there's a correlation here...

Do you self-identify as (even if not officially diagnosed) or neurotypical?

Do you enjoy the effects of (regardless of how often you use them) any psychoactive substances, including but not limited to alcohol?

I'm specifically asking about the recreational psychoactive aspect so drinking solely for the flavor or taking prescribed stimulants for medical purposes doesn't count, while drinking because you enjoy how it makes you feel does.

For the purposes of this poll, caffeine used solely as a stimulant to help with wakefulness doesn't count (but if you drink coffee because it makes you feel good in some other way, it does).

(will follow up with my hypothesis once results are in, I don't want to say which direction I think the correlation goes to avoid skewing results)

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@MegaMichelle @azonenberg fistbumps. I only ever drunk to "fit in" and occasionally to numb sensory overload. Problem with the first one was always peer pressure to go outside my comfort zone, and the social effects of saying "no thanks".

Dtl, to random
@Dtl@mastodon.social avatar

It finally arrived. I got one of the plessy amplifier chips with a bolt stuck to the top.
I'll see if I can x-ray it tomorrow. @philpem I think you were interested in this.

@philpem@digipres.club avatar

@ModelMakerVille @Dtl They made some interesting kit, their later chips went all the way into the realms of DMAC/D2MAC decoding and RF PLL synthesisers, then early ARM microprocessors. Very cool stuff.

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