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Tech, Android & FOSS enthusiast, sometimes contributor.

Mexican 🇲🇽, studied Mechatronics Engineering 🤖, gamedev wannabe 🧑‍💻. A bit of a customization freak. 🎨

#PSP is the best handheld, I like the #MiyooMiniPlus too! 🕹️

Chrono Trigger is my favorite game 🗡️
I solve a Rubik's cube in ~15 seconds⏳
I like #origami too. Christian ✝️

alt account: https://alpha.polymaths.social/@joelchrono

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sotolf, to random

some people have asked me why I look so grumpy on selfies, this is why :p

man with weird hitler hair and a creepy smile
tired and drunk looking guy
guy with stupid facial expression

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@sotolf you... you... you?

joel, to random
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I don't know how I didn't even mention it before but I've been watching this month and I just finished season 3!

Hopefully I'll be ready to watch the movie next weekend.

heyfluxay, to random
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@sirber @heyfluxay cooooffeeee

flamed, to SmallWeb
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Playing around with a new homepage layout.

This was always the intention going between my 2022-23 design but for reasons it never eventuated...

It feels good to have a graphical element right there in your face as the page loads again.

Anyway, it's here now, check it out https://flamedfury.com/

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@flamed the little quote is barely visible, maybe give it a background and make the letters transparent?

dm, to random
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Watching an episode of the new Doctor Who. Damn this feels more like the show that I fell in love with 19 years ago.

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@dm I'm hearing a lot of mixed signals here so I guess I'll have to watch it myself

aworldinpages, to random
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The word luna is plain disgusting to me now. Ugh.

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@aworldinpages that's the Spanish word for moon, please don't hate it :'c

RL_Dane, to Blog
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I boosted this until you said you weren't going to use three button navigation? I thought better of you :blobfoxangrylaugh:

@amin @dm @ivan @sotolf @thedoctor

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@RL_Dane btw for what it's worth. You can double tap the Recents button to switch between the last two apps in a whim

kimby, to random

I will download Discord for my phone maybe someone can write me there ​:neocat_phone:​

No one writes me there ​:blobfoxgoogly:​

At least i can read what people in other groups are saying

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@kimby send username!

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@kimby (o checa mi página de contacto para ver el mío jaja)

JoeRess, to random
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I now find myself in agreement with @felimwhiteley. We are going to look back on this period in a few years and generative AI will be considered in the same light as blockchain and crypto are now.

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@aks @JoeRess @felimwhiteley the end times are nigh

j, to blogging
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This is more of a rant than I intended, but I still stand by it.


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@j I watched the 4 episodes with Tennant back and had some hope it might go back to better days, sounds like it still a mess. RIP

tobtobxx, to random
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I've gotten into reading again lately, turns out it's just as addicitng as a phone (I seem to have time management issues).
I startet posting on , however the webinterface is not fun to use on a small device.

Is there an app? I know of https://f-droid.org/packages/nl.privacydragon.bookwyrm/ , but that's just a webview.

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@tobtobxx I just use the website to be honest, not the best but not that bad

kev, to random
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I replaced the blades on the mower. I think its fair to say that the old ones were past their best. 😳

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@kev woooooow

btp, to random
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@btp 🤘

joel, (edited ) to Miyoo
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I arrived like 40 minutes early at work so I may as well play with my in the meantime some

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@theo yes I have a RetroAchievements account but I play on the move and while I could use my phone for hotspot I don't want to bother much with it, I wish they were offline even if they don't count for rankings, just to track them myself

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@sirber they are just walking in line lol

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@mitch yep, it's on the list!

I wanna play earthbound first tho, the list is... Quite long

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@RL_Dane it really is, pixels look so goood

kevinctofel, to VideoGames
@kevinctofel@hachyderm.io avatar

Having grown up as became a “thing”, I splurged on one of the many handhelds for me and my son. He’s an avid gamer of the generation.

Impressed by this little device, the Miyoo Mini+, which can be had for $60 to $80. Emulators for a bunch of handhelds and consoles. There are more powerful / larger options and plenty of software mods you can do.

Now my son wants us to start a YT channel and “review” old games as if they just launched. 🙄

A handheld gaming device displaying a list of Game Boy Advance games, including "Crash Bandicoot" and "Donkey Kong Country." The device has a D-pad, buttons, and shows a user's legs and feet in the background.
A person holding a handheld gaming console playing a retro-style video game.
A person is holding a retro handheld gaming device displaying a boxing game with characters "Little Mac" and "Glass Joe" on the screen.

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@kevinctofel it is such a fantastic little device! I've had mine for a couple of weeks and I love it so much :P

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@kevinctofel also you should really install OnionOS on it! It's so much better than the default firmware!

joel, to NintendoSwitch
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Playing The Lost Crown on my :P

So far so good!

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I've played this for 9 hours, I'll admit I changed difficulty back to Normal, but it's still a rather challenging and rewarding game.

#PrinceOfPersia #Gaming

heyfluxay, to Emulation
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@shoko @heyfluxay you should totally get one, it's so neat!

djlink, to random
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This might be the coolest way to play Apotris

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@sabandijo @djlink @alex the R36S is actually the clone of a clone of a clone!

Not saying it's bad at all, just funny how these Chinese companies are shameless xD

But hey the price is great on that one

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@djlink @simonoliver tiny best set is a good bunch of nicely formatted roms

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