The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Technosignature Search of 97 Nearby Galaxies (

The Breakthrough Listen search for intelligent life is, to date, the most extensive technosignature search of nearby celestial objects. We present a radio technosignature search of the centers of 97 nearby galaxies, observed by Breakthrough Listen at the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope. We performed a narrowband Doppler...

British Essay Writers Service Provider (

Essay Writing assignments have always been a pain in the neck for me. I have always been tired whenever I am assigned essay writing. Finally, after spending nights crying over the lengthy dissertation writing tasks, I have accepted that I need to stay with these tasks to ace academic life. However, I am still searching for tips...

New Gaia release reveals rare lenses, cluster cores and unforeseen science (

Today, ESA's Gaia mission releases a goldmine of knowledge about our galaxy and beyond. Among other findings, the star surveyor surpasses its planned potential to reveal half a million new and faint stars in a massive cluster, identify over 380 possible cosmic lenses, and pinpoint the positions of more than 150 000 asteroids...

Will solar panels work at Proxima Centauri? (

Modern solar panels can harness not just ultraviolet light, but also visible and in some cases infrared. But all of these designs are built to harness the sun, which gives off most of its light in the green range and emits plenty of ultraviolet light. But most exoplanets orbit red dwarf stars, which have a peak brightness in the...

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