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Wow check this out: the Martian rover Perseverance made a huge leap forward to reach its Sol 1162 location, right in the middle of Neretva Vallis, in the close vicinity of an island-like mound.

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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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Up there is where #Perseverance took some of the best shots of #Ingenuity at its final landing location. It was there two months ago, around Sol 1100. Tosol is Sol 1163 of the mission.

looking ESE (109°) from RMC 52.3158
Sol 1161, LMST: 13:00:02

Original: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020-raw-images/pub/ods/surface/sol/01161/ids/edr/browse/zcam/ZR0_1161_0770009479_113EBY_N0523158ZCAM09198_0790LMJ01.png
Credit: #NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/65dBnoise

#Mars2020 #Solarocks #Space

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#UMPlus - Coronet cluster in infrared


This image shows the regions surrounding the Corona star cluster, better known by its English name, Coronet Cluster. Also cataloged as R CrA for its brightest star, it is located at a distance of about 400 light years from the Solar System and is located in the direction of the Corona Australis Constellation, isolated on the edge of the Gould Belt. The Corona Cluster is.....
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And at least a little good news about space.

Voluntary actions like this, implemented consistently, may be the only option for avoiding impending catastrophe in LEO.


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"A bit of me feels that the horse has bolted and we're in catch-up mode at this point."

But: "There's a social good element to what the satellite operators are doing and you've got to balance that against possible impacts to things like radio astronomy."


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#PPOD: Orbiting 400 kilometers above Quebec, Canada, planet Earth, the International Space Station Expedition 59 crew captured this snapshot of the broad St. Lawrence River and curiously circular Lake Manicouagan on April 11, 2019. Right of center, the ring-shaped lake is a modern reservoir within the eroded remnant of an ancient 100-kilometer diameter impact crater. Credit: NASA, International Space Station Expedition 59

#earth #photography #space #scicomm

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"The development will likely renew concerns over crowding, collisions and debris in low Earth orbit."

Yes, and it already has.


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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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The M104 Sombrero Galaxy. 29 million light years away! I love side-on type galaxies. They somehow appear more vast.

Celestron C8 with F6.3 reducer.
ZWO183MC Camera
2.5 hours of 4-min exposures
Processed in DSS, PixInsight, Lightroom and Topaz Denoise.

#astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography #space #science #galaxy

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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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https://www.ufofeed.com/76580/the-dream-result-is-to-understand-says-europa-clippers-project-scientist-robert-pappalardo-referred-to-as-the-missions-jean-luc-picard-can-we-identify-an-oa/ “The dream result is to understand,” says Europa Clipper’s Project Scientist Robert Pappalardo, referred to as the mission’s Jean-Luc Picard. “Can we identify … an oasis at Europa? Maybe there’s shallow liquid water on the surface. That could be a place we might send a Lander in the future.” #Astrobiology #Astrophysics #Cosmology #PlanetaryScience #Space #SpaceExploration

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ufofeed, to Cosmology
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South Korea, historically an underdog in the space race, launches its new space agency, KASA, to catch up with global leaders. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/05/28/asia-pacific/south-korea-space-powerhouse/

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Not allowed to do physical activity so I’m stabbing my feelings out instead :blobfoxcrylaugh:


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@crossstitch he’s done! Now to give him some stars to explore 💫

#crossstitch #embroidery #astronaut #space

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