The good news about 'giant viruses' found in the Arctic Circle (

“Giant viruses” sound like some sort of terrifying science fiction creation. But while some of the world’s largest viruses can certainly cause problems if they make their way into humans, others content themselves with infecting algae and other microbes. In doing so, they can prove surprisingly beneficial for our...

Microplastics found in every human semen sample tested in study (

Microplastic pollution has been found in all human semen samples tested in a study, and researchers say further research on the potential harm to reproduction is “imperative”. Sperm counts in men have been falling for decades and 40% of low counts remain unexplained, although chemical pollution has been implicated by many...

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The Hubble Telescope launched into orbit 34 years ago and is planned continue its journey around the planet until the mid-2030s. Then what? In 2022, billionaire Jared Isaacman announced a proposal to save the program, but NASA turned it down. tells us why:
#Science #Space #HubbleTelescope #SpaceExploration #NASA

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Cell biologist and biochemist Leonard Rome’s lab discovered an odd, abundant component of cells in the 1980s — and he’s still trying to figure out what it does. Could solving the cell’s biggest mystery help cancer patients someday? has more.

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Why weird nerds are needed to save academia… A meta science treatise worth a read.

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In-situ Audiometry Compared to Conventional Audiometry for Hearing Aid Fitting
Van Eeckhoutte, et al., 2024, Trends in Hearing

"The results clearly indicated that modern measured in-situ thresholds align (within 5 dB) with conventional thresholds measured, indicating the potential of in-situ audiometry for remote hearing care."

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How Anti-Trans Efforts Misuse and Distort Science

Three types of misinformation are being used against transgender people: oversimplifying scientific knowledge, fabricating and misinterpreting research and promoting false equivalences

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This one remains fun: draw an iceberg, and see how it floats...

#ice #iceberg #icebergs #physics #science #climate #fun #education #coding

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Donald Dorff could hear the crowd roaring as he snatched the quarterback’s throw from the air. All that stood between him and the goal line was a 280-pound defender. “I decided to give him my shoulder,” he told National Geographic magazine in 1987. “When I came to, I was on the floor in my bedroom.” CNN describes how Dorff went from retired grocery manufacturer to the first patient to be diagnosed with a new sleep disorder.
#Science #Humans #Health #Sleep #SleepDisorders

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Biggest genome ever found belongs to this odd little plant 🤓

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#knowledge #wissen #history #Geschichte #wissenschaft #science #health
Huge amounts of bird-flu virus found in raw milk of infected cows 🤓

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This injectable gel can help to diagnose brain injury — then it disappears 🤓

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These Neanderthal fire pits offer an extraordinarily precise snapshot of ancient life 🤓

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A psychophysical and neuroimaging analysis of genital hedonic sensation in men
Ruesink et al., Sci. Reports 2022

"Frenulum stimulation induced the greatest reports of subjective pleasure and led to the greatest deactivation of the default-mode network. This study represents a first pass at investigating, in humans, the relationship between innervation of genital surfaces, hedonic feelings, and brain mechanisms, in a systematic way."

#science #sensory #circumcision

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William Anders, a NASA astronaut who was part of the 1968 Apollo 8 crew that was the first to orbit the moon, died Friday in a plane crash in Washington state, his son Gregory Anders confirmed. He was 90 years old. Anders took the famous "Earthrise" photo that showed our world with the lunar horizon in the foreground. NBC News has more on the crash and Anders’ life.
#Science #NASA #Space #SpaceExploration

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Tipping risk of the Atlantic Ocean's overturning circulation, AMOC. Keynote by @rahmstorf
#climate #science

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Scientists discover ancient cauldrons used for collecting blood. Pretty metal, history. Pretty metal

#history #science #metal

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Using a network of telescopes scattered across the globe, the Unistellar Network and Exoplanet Watch have confirmed a new exoplanet, NASA TESS candidate TIC 393818343 b, which sits about 300 light-years away from Earth.


#science #space #exoplanets #scicomm #citizenscience

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Scientists have mapped one of the most hazardous spots on the globe in unprecedented detail: a 600-mile geologic boundary just off the #PacificNorthwest coast.
Along this fraught stretch, called the #CascadiaSubductionZone, 2 pieces of the #Earth’s crust slide against each other, building up stresses capable of unleashing a catastrophic 9.0-magnitude #earthquake & generating a #tsunami, w/waves as high as 40 feet.

#science #geology #climate

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Beethoven unexpectedly lacked the genes for a sense of rhythm.
Beethoven ei saanut rytmitajua geeneissä - #Tiede | #science #genetic #research

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