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Disabled enby hearing scientist. Integrationist. Survivor. Games and play. Auditory science!?


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I'm counting myself very lucky that for me it's just a sniffly nose and some fatigue. 🍀

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Managers are Less Burned-Out at the Top: the Roles of Sense of Power and Self-Efficacy at Different Hierarchy Levels
Korman et al., 2022 Business and Psychology

"Additional analyses reveal that high sense of power and high self-efficacy are both necessary conditions for low levels of burnout. Such fine-grained analyses allow us to understand why managers at the top are less threatened by burnout"


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Ro reacted really poorly in the TBS kerfuffle and has not taken accountability for the harm they did. There really doesn't need to be more said about it until Ro themselves makes a change. They are who they are.

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Beyoncé x Tame Impala - The More Texas The Better (Mashup)
by amorphous

This is really good!


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When a 70 something dude calls his wife of 50 years his "bride" is that cute?

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Attention people / :

Where does one buy/where are you buying your of good quality for a decent price, that's NOT Amazon, some other box store type place (Target), or that you maybe even enjoy shopping with?

I'm in the US so preferably a us-based company but that might not be necessary. I just don't like to deal with the weirdness of "importing" & such. Could be in-person or online, although in-person might have a higher chance of not being near me lol. 🤷

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I like the Minnesota N'ice and the Hazelnut Orange (I go for maximal flavors with tea).

Their Machu Peachu white tea is divine. If you're going for herbal, check out the orange blossom special.

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Farewell my No-VID siblings. I have been chosen to join the COVID havers in Valhalla.

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GoPro Ride Through an Electron Beam Irradiator at Full Beam Power
by Andrew Seltzman

"For this run the beam current was turned up to full power allowing the ionized air glow to be visible in the dark."


#Youtube #Physics

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Deutscher Bundestag - Nach langem Ringen: Bundestag verabschiedet Cannabis-Legalisierung


The AfD neo nazis hate weed lol.

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Violent (religious) people use sex essentialism to justify rape, assault, manipulation, and oppression.


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It's so exciting to view the race for leader of the free world as a knock-down, drag out, fistfight, isn't it? So exciting.

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It's so exciting that I wish to be put in a medically induced coma until 2025.

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Baseball players can have see thru pants as a treat.

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If Britney Spears' Toxic was Written for Sonic The Hedgehog 2
By BitBlitz

The taste of your chaos emerald,
You're toxic, half-pippin' runner,
With a taste of your bonus special stage,
I'm addicted to rings,
Don't you know that you're toxic?


#Music #Chiptune #VGM #Britney

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Darryl George: Texas judge rules school district can restrict the length of male’s natural hair

This is what white heteroactivism gets you. Your very hair follicles are policed. White heterosexuality demands that all people must be in compliance with regulated sex and racial boundaries -- and those boundaries are set by white heterosexuals.


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Ro is not being honest when they say

"The people who engage in good faith will tell you I heard their concerns and made necessary changes."

Ro is saying that if you disagree with him then you aren't engaging in good faith. Ro is not practicing accountability.

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When people say "a fight at school is normal" what they are really saying is "I would like us all to accept more violence in our lives as normal"

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North Americans: If you can, try to get to the path of totality for the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse.

Get the safety eclipse glasses.

Book any travel and hotel you need to as soon as possible. If it isn't already impossible to find affordable rates, it soon will be.

Trust me!

The next total solar eclipse in North America won't be until 2044. That's 20 years from now!

You don't want to miss this.

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If you're going to complain to me about IRBs, you better come prepared with a world-class argument. The vase majority of people who I hear complain about IRBs deeply do not understand IRBs.

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Prevalence of persistent SARS-CoV-2 in a large community surveillance study
Ghafari et al., 2024, Nature

"Individuals with persistent infection had more than 50% higher odds of self-reporting long COVID than individuals with non-persistent infection. We estimate that 0.1–0.5% of infections may become persistent with typically rebounding high viral loads and last for at least 60 days."


#Covid #LongCovid #Science #Health #MedMastodon

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This muffin is

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Online images amplify gender bias
Guilbeault et al., Nature 2024

"To keep pace with the evolving landscape of bias online, it is important for computational social scientists to expand beyond the analysis of textual data to include other content modalities that offer distinct ways of transmitting cultural information."


#Bias #Gender #Feminism #Science

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Thanks, Ollama.

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