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Aspiring to be a delightfully cranky combination of Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg.

Practicing a combination of hearthcraft and Irish polytheism in the best way this disabled old body of mine can. Living a Studio Ghibli life.

Devotee of Brighid.

Pfp ID: Cartoon style drawing of a witch with long red hair holding a book and a staff with a crow perched on the tip.

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MsHearthWitch, (edited ) to knitting
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I have started the epic shawl project!

Yarn is a hand-dyed BFL/silk from the UK.

Pattern is a modified Rubina Lace Shawl by Anna Victoria

3700 MIYUKI rocaille beads have been acquired (cleaned out the shop, lol). I estimate needing another 1300 to finish the project.

@knitting @fiberarts (leave groups off if you reply please!)

#knitting #FiberArts #wip #HandMade #SlowFashion #MySlowLife

MsHearthWitch, to random
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Yo, it's SNOWING here. That is bonkers.

MsHearthWitch, to random
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I've been going on walks the past two days, like 10-20 minutes... and I am legit annoyed at how good I feel afterwards.

MsHearthWitch, to random
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A small break in the weather yesterday meant I could get my walk in, this beach is only 5 min from my vacation spot.

A grey beach with strong waves in the background. In the foreground is a bunch of driftwood

skinnylatte, to animals
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It’s raining AGAIN???

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@skinnylatte I need a getup like that for my dog. Too cute!

MsHearthWitch, to discworld
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@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@stationkeeper Literally me tho

NullNoMore, to random
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My fiendishly clever plan to practice taking small walks is faced with icky weather. I am considering using coffee to tip the balance.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@NullNoMore my plan to get into the habit of a small walk every day on vacation has also be thwarted by rain. It's like, legit rainstorm here

MsHearthWitch, to baking
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Why yes, I do bring my sourdough starter on vacation...

Also my kitchen aid, pasta machine, and rice cooker... Lmao.

Vacation for me means holing up in an apartment somewhere else and just checking out of my life for a bit. Currently enjoying a big storm on the west coast of Washington in a tiny little fishing town. It's lovely.

#baking #food #bagels #sourdough #MySlowLife

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@dyani Thank you, it's been really nice so far, I wouldn't mind if the rain let up a bit though, I want to go for some walks. But the wind today was strong enough to knock ppl over, so that was a nope.

NorcalGma2, to baking
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Made from scratch pop tarts are coming along. Grandkids say they are soooo excited to try this batch.
It has been a while.
These are brown sugar cinnamon, but I promised my husband I would bake raspberry next time.
As soon as they are cool, I will frost.

Pop tarts in progress before the sides are sealed, and they go in the oven.
Pop tarts, on parchment paper, with brown sugar cinnamon filling before they get the top crust.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@NorcalGma2 oh those look delicious!

dyani, to random
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Help. What do you do with extra pillows on your bed when it's actually time to sleep? I need more lounging pillows but I do not want the rest of my life to consist of moving pillows back and forth and back and forth from the [ground? I seriously do not understand where they go] to the bed again until I die.

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@dyani I have a trunk at the end of my bed that stores off season blankets, so the extra pillows go on there at night.

MsHearthWitch, to random
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Is there anything better than lying in bed before the alarm goes off while a dog gently snores on your chest?

Gwendolyn, to random
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In an attempt to seem less dead/gone, I'm gonna toot the kind of stuff I see other people toot everyday, but always think it's ok for them to do, but not for me to do it, because my life is less interesting or something... something something double standard... something something run on sentence.

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@Gwendolyn if it helps, I really enjoy reading about the mundane, everyday, things my fedi friends get up to.

MsHearthWitch, to animals
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I thought it was a little early for anything to come up here, but I guess I've been blessed this spring!

#CatsOfMastodon #Cat

consumablejoy, to food
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You know you are not focused on work when you come about 2 seconds from clicking purchase on a cuisinart immersion blender because you want to be able to make homemade mayo, smooth puréed soups, and ice-cream drinks more easily.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@consumablejoy @sj @bxknits @emery @mlanger

Mostly smooth soups and sauces. Sometimes I use it for a quick salsa (chuck everything in a bowl and blitz).

consumablejoy, to food
@consumablejoy@wandering.shop avatar

When you’re out running errands and you’re hungry so you end up with a expensive but delicious specialty Panettone in once place followed by 10 chicken nuggets and medium fry (yum, McDonald’s fries) since the McD’s is inside the Walmart right next to the FedEx… PSA: don’t run errands while hungry

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@consumablejoy Lol I am SO bad for doing that too.

pixouls, to random
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attended a call with people's hub for a training a while back. i may have mentioned it before, but i wanna say it again because it's stayed on my mind

> sometimes access needs are conflicting

one-size fits all access doesn't just not work because its hard to find one solution that works for everyone, but also sometimes a solution can actively make things worse for some compared to others. we can do what we can to provide alternatives, and show each other grace during these conflicts. it's important to at least recognize it so we can take those steps rather than shove it under the rug and pretend the access provided at the time is doing more good than it is.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@pixouls Conflicting needs are SO hard. I run into a lot on mastodon with the culture of hiding food behind a TW. Because while I recognize that some ppl need something like that... for people like me (and there are a lot of us!) doing that is actually harmful for our ED recovery/relationship with food.

It sucks, and I wish that just totally throwing over one group (my group) wasn't the default option :/

Traiken, to lonely
@Traiken@mastodon.social avatar

Hey fellow Covid Cautious people, how do you deal with overwhelming loneliness and despair? Because, y'know, everyone else is fully capable of dealing with these things and it's just me who doesn't know the one weird trick to coping with an absurd and horrific existence.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@Traiken Running and playing in several online TTRPG games, movie nights over discord, mastodon and instagram friends.

Once yearly, very carefully planned trips with other covid cautious folks where we just isolate but all hang out together.

lydiaschoch, to food
@lydiaschoch@mastodon.social avatar

I am menu planning for the week.

How do you decide what to make? Do you base it on what is on sale? Food that needs to be used up? Your cravings? Something else?

#Food #MenuPlanning #Today

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@lydiaschoch All of the above.

I usually start with is there something I'm really craving? Or that my kiddo would really want. And throwing in there like if there's some special day I plan for that.

Then I scroll thru the grocery store flyer and think about what I have that needs to get used up if I didn't use it all last week.

Then if I still need more I'll start browsing Pinterest for ideas.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@lydiaschoch I meal plan all my dinners every week. Usually start putting the list together on Thursday, finalize by Saturday, grocery delivery is on Mondays.

MsHearthWitch, to FiberArts
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So very pleased with how this bag came out. If I was ever to make it again, I would have matched the brown leather top stitching thread. I thought I'd like the contrast look, and I don't hate it, but matching hides a multitude of sins.

Still, this piece is a beautiful bag that is going to last me a long time.

Harris Tweed (did you know it's a protected fabric, like champagne?) and leather. With a fun canvas lining.

#sewing #Sewcialist #MySlowLife #handmade

The interior of the bag, there is a zipper with a bee zipper pull. The inside of the bag has a few pockets and is a pretty green with bees and pale white foliage .

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@kamikat thank you!

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@CaroltheCrone awww thank you! It's great to sew with. Sturdy without being too heavy. Beautiful look.

MsHearthWitch, to crochet
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Finished the crochet doll! As always, sewing the little bits on is my least favorite part. I crochet very tightly so getting the needle thru is tough.

But I took my time and I'm generally pretty dang pleased with how it turned out!


Mostly I used Scheepjes Catona yarn, and some Schachenmayr Catania

Took approximately 1 month to complete.

@crochet (pls leave group off if you reply!)

A crochet doll and a small dinosaur. Both are wearing headphones. The doll has blue jean overalls and a beanie to match their shoes and the dino. The doll has a matching backpack at their feet.
A small light green dinosaur wearing bright coral headphones. They have three darker green dots on their head and three spikes along the back and tail.

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar


The patterns I use tend to include pretty clear instructions for sewing the faces on, like what row to put the eyes, how many stitches apart, etc.

metagrrrl, to repair
@metagrrrl@mastodon.social avatar

After breakfast and a bit of house tidying, I decided it’s time for a bit more of my sashiko class.

This is taught on Domestika.org by Atsushi Futasuya.

#crafts #repair #sustainability #sashiko

@MsHearthWitch@wandering.shop avatar

@metagrrrl Oooo yay! Love finding other students of his. I took his online class years ago before it was on Domestika, but I'm so excited to see him on that platform.

He's a great teacher and I loved learning about the history and culture, not JUST the stitching.

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