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What are your favorite Monster raising/fighting games?

I read currently a lot about monster catching/raising games. Next week is Pokemon day with new announcements, we get new Tem Tem content and there is a hype game we probably all have heared from. Monster farming, fight and hunting is not new for jrpg’s. With Pokemon and Dragon Quest, there are two franchises with a long...

First Impressions of Sword of Convallaria, a Strategy RPG Gacha with a Moving Story

I haven’t played a lot of gacha, with most of my time in the genre being spent in Final Fantasy Record Keeper a while back. There wasn’t much story in that one. It was essentially a JRPG combat machine (specifically in the classic ATB style) with collectible characters. I had a good time with it, but I didn’t find it...

New perspective on games after a replay

I replayed Xenogears last year. While it remains one of my favorites, I was surprised at how much more I enjoyed the infamous Disc 2 this time around. Yes, it’s a condensed version of what we could have had, but there are still some great story beats and really touching scenes in there. Meanwhile, the gameplay throughout the...

Stellar Blade - State of Play Trailer | Release Date (www.youtube.com)

I wasn’t sure if this game counts as jrpg, but since this game reminds me a lot of Nier Automata and a bit Scarlet Nexus, i would say it count. I know we have a lot PC player here, so sadly, so far it’s only announced for PS5. What do you think about this game from the korean developer shift up? Something you would like to...

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