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Seeing the wood for the trees: How archaeologists use hazelnuts to reconstruct ancient woodlands (phys.org)

If we could stand in a landscape that our Mesolithic ancestors called home, what would we see around us? Scientists have devised a method of analyzing preserved hazelnut shells to tell us whether the microhabitats around archaeological sites were heavily forested or open and pasture-like. This could help us understand not only...

Ancient Egyptians Celebrated the Feast of Drunkenness with Blood-Red Beer (www.atlasobscura.com)

To halt the carnage, the sun god resorted to trickery. One version of the story recounts that Ra flooded a field of barley and allowed it to ferment, while another claims he simply poured out 7,000 jars of beer. In either case, Ra cleverly dyed the beer crimson using red ochre, a type of edible clay rich in iron oxide....

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