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Hi, I’m Silver Moss! 🤍
local cryptid creature in Cascadia (PNW NA) 🏳️‍🌈 + ♿️


  • wildlife, hopepunk, geekery, design
  • current joys: sciart, fountain pen, soto zen buddhism
  • no niche
  • now with horrific long covid DLC! 🪫🥄


  • still committing to a kind connective presence on fedi
  • only boosts w/ good alt text
  • sometimes uses #alt4me then edits
  • fedi 2022

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moss, to zen
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Btw, I’m looking to follow a few more folks who practice .

I’m a newbie & just attended my first sesshin. I’d like to expand my understanding & see how other folks interpret or explore their practices! Disabled ppl especially!

I combine my dharmic studies with science/skeptic based nature witchiness. (I’m also curious about I Ching & Chinese 5 Element studies, since I deeply relate to Tarot & 4 element witchcraft.)

moss, to random
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Self-care day after #Sesshin is going well.

Slept til 2ish pm, Read the Tea Dragon Society comic, and am now thinking lunch & a Lego set.

Have a headache which is displeasurable, but managing alright. Hopefully lunch and more hydration will help.

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Tea themed recuperation continues!

Having a cuppa pre-bagged osmanthus & orange peel oolong since it’s a low spoons day.

Lego set is Tranquil Garden.


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@abetterjulie @tea thank you! It was a gift from a friend many many years ago, and if I was the type to believe in being buried with items for the after life, I’d absolutely have it with me. I’m amazed it only has one small chip in it.

skinnylatte, to random
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As someone who considers themselves passionate about ‘junk food’ I don’t love many flavors and textures from American junk food. So I feel relatively lucky to live in an area where I can have Korean, Thai, Indian, Chinese and Omani ‘junk food’

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@skinnylatte @dev I’d love this as well fwiw!!

I found a local corner market in my small town has many international snack foods and I’d love tips, especially on vegetarian friendly Thai & Southeast Asian snacks—I’ve got a good grasp on their Japanese selections but dang there are so many yummy and intriguing flavors of chips I don’t know where to start !!

MsHearthWitch, to random
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I have done SO MUCH adulting today.

I worked.

I did my taxes (minus info from son)

I renewed my car insurance.

I would like cookies and tea and video games now pls.

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@MsHearthWitch CONGRATS SHERU <3

moss, to random
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✨ the euphoria when your public library accepts your book purchase request ✨

moss, to random
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That color scheme euphoria !

Of course the inks are matchy matchy too! @penfount

moss, to random
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Hey #pwLC, I might be boarding an airplane for the first time in a while.

Besides the comfiest highest filtering best fitting mask I can find, any tips or warnings?

(I’ve flown using wheelchair assistance many times before, so thankfully I’m used to that + the TSA vs mobility aid song & dance)

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@MsHearthWitch oooh, thank you! I wasn’t aware of that, I did know that plane air is typically safer than jetways (for airports that have them, that is)

MsHearthWitch, to random
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Things I would really like to find the spoons to be better about doing:

🧼 Resetting the kitchen back to baseline every evening
🍱 Eating an actual lunch every day (apparently a handful of crackers isn't lunch?)
🥕 Go to the farmer's market and Asian market regularly

I think having a job is going to help with the last two a bit more. If I'm already out then stopping by the market takes less spoons. And I'll need to bring a lunch on days when I work at the barn.


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@MsHearthWitch I love these for you!

I also have a couple tips on low spoon lunches if you’d like, but no pressure

inquiline, to random
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Are we allowed to be glad Lieberman is dead on here

(affirmations only)

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@misc @inquiline 🦀 🎵 🦀🎹 🦀 🎶 🦀

pixplz, to longcovid
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The vax-and-relax mindset is doing so much harm. Shit needs to stop.

@longcovid @novid

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@pixplz @longcovid @novid ughhh. This sucks so much. Thank you for trying tho 💜💜💜

moss, to random
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ryanfb, to infosec
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I don't know who needs to hear this but #TruthSocial, which is running a forked version of Mastodon, does not from the source code appear to have appropriate mitigations in place for CVE-2023-36460, which theoretically allows attackers to create and overwrite any file Mastodon has access to, allowing Denial of Service and arbitrary Remote Code Execution https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2023-36460 (probably other CVE's as well, but some rely on federation which Truth Social doesn't use?) #infosec

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@ryanfb @eniko

🕯️. 🕯️
🎩. 🎩
🎩 Black. 🎩
🕯️. Hat 🕯️
🎩 Summoning 🎩
🎩. 🎩
🎩. 🎩
🎩 🕯️. 🎩

hope this works 🤞🍀🧧

moss, to random
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Hey #pwLC: question!

I’ve been through a handful of medical interventions, including seeing a GP at a Long Covid Clinic, Speech Language Pathology with a Long Covid Informed SLP, and now doing pacing focused PT with a physio.

If I curated a blog post with:

  • their/my notes
  • recommended guides, explainers, tools
  • OTC available starter items (like salt mixes & discounts, compression garments, allergy meds)

would that be helpful or not so much?

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@msquebanh yay! Making complex concepts accessible is a thing I enjoy, and I have an ok amount of medical literacy that I think I could parse the notes into something less comprehensive than a book like LC Survival Guide, but perhaps also a bit more clearly & actionably

moss, to random
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It's #WorldWaterDay. Our waters are some of the most important aspects of our planet for survival, and it is heartbreaking to me that we still have not guaranteed everyone access to free, clean, safe water.

To add a golden lining, though: Here are a few different water-themed artworks from the last couple years

  1. Pacific Ocean, Oregon Coast
  2. North Mountain Park Pond, Ashland Oregon
  3. Puget Sound, Washington Peninsula
  4. Under the Ocean, Giant Kelp Portrait


Two color ink artwork of a winter pond, with brown reedy cattails and an icy blue lake texture. More minimal with some smudges in the foreground.
Abstract dark minimal piece of a land mass with lights reflecting into the bay before it. It is a view across an inlet of Puget Sound at night. the small dots along the implied coastline are reflected in long streaks across the implied water. There are jagged tops to the hills of the land mass, implying forest, mostly veritcal conifer. The piece is very dark with different blue grey, purple grey, and green greys.
Miniature ink piece (about the size of a business card) in bright blue and purple abstract shapes, highlighted with gold. The gold adds a structure and connectivity to them, as well as dots like bubbles. There's a flourishing, curving, and pointing abstractness to the shapes, for those not familiar with how kelp looks under water, they're almost like birds mid-flight, wings with points and curves and flat planes that are meant for gaining height and swaying through a different type of current.

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I've lately not been doing much photography due to lack of spoons & models, but one of my favorite photoshoots was at the ocean in Malibu, where I photographed Leah with iridescent fabric at sunset. The coastline points south there, so as the sun set we got this beautiful golden hour side light.

#WorldWaterDay #MirCreativeToots

moss, to random
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Salted Caramelized Onions

moss, to random
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My new “Manyo Sakura” ink got me like ✨💕🌸💖🤩💖🌸💕✨

#FountainPen #NatureArt #PleinAir @penfount

paradoxmo, to random
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So since the Kaweco piston filler is filling up the #fountainpen news cycle, here’s a reminder why not to get it.

Kaweco is objectively a shitty company. Here are the highlights:

  • registered trademarks already in use by a competitor and then used them anticompetitively to issue takedown notices on competitors’ pens on online marketplaces
  • has claimed that they own their old designs when in fact they have been in public domain for decades (and were not even created by the current company)
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@paradoxmo @inkycicada

oh wise Mo & other FP wise folks: do you know of any other brands with dual(+) nibs?

I love my kaweco dual nib for art, and was considering getting another but yeah, I don’t want to encourage that type of behavior 😤

moss, to random
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Hey #DisabilityJustice folks, what's the best online explainer of the Social Model of Disability you've seen?

(I'm trying to finish updating @illmarks ' about page in advance of Long Covid Awareness Day, and that's one of the last major missing trailheads...)

moss, to random
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"Happy" #LongCovidAwareness Week.

Friday is the big day, where a lot more important asks are made (For the USA, see here: https://lcdcmarch15.com/q%26a ).

While I'm a bit early, I wanted to share:

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I've had a couple #pwLC tell me they shared a piece or two from @illmarks with their loved ones who struggle to understand, and that means the world to me

moss, to tea
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Speaking of #tea !

My favorite US tea blender Friday Afternoon Tea (queer, latinx, & small-farm supporting) is running Kickstarter.

They are fully funded, BUT they have a few stretch goals close to my heart, including at 60k getting a second tea bag machine for separating common allergens! If any of you fedi friends are interested:



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Good news, tea hearts!

Friday Afternoon Tea's kickstarter reached the second machine for separating common allergens goal. <3 @tea

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