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Aries crone emerita. I meme, therefore I am. #Thinker; #writer; #painter; #poet; #digitalart creator; #photographer; fierce #liberal; former Dem #ResistanceActivist on TW with 26k followers, but I’m here for the art. 🌈Ally. #Disabled & living life from my couch in sunny #NorCal, but my ❤️ is in #Paris. Perennial #geology student of the PNW, #Zentnerd. If reincarnation is true, I’m returning as a Northern Royal Albatross. SFBA.social Supporter 🔶OK TO REPOST MEMES🔶

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thepoliticalcat, to random
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So we finally started watching The Sopranos, and I'm actually liking it a fair bit. Weird, since it's about ppl I would NEVER have anything to do with, bc I'm a moralistic old prude (in public, at least; in private, I'm a serious troublemaker). Srsly, tho. I need my friends/acquaintances to possess a moral core and enough spine to enforce it. But, goodness, this is so ... entertaining.

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I’ve tried at least four times to watch the series and always hang it up.

DavidNorth, to random
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Thanks for sharing. 😊

HamonWry, to random
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Have you noticed that during Trump’s court appearances there is no sign of family.


That says everything you need to know about the lack of support Trump has shown as a father.

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“I’ll go to your graduation if you’ll come to my trial.”

cynblogger, to random
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#3goodthings #ThreeGoodThings
Wednesday, April 17 🌸

  1. Surprise visit from my grandson last night, bearing a bouquet & CAKE!
  2. Found & bought a new book by one of my fave magical realism authors (who writes in the genre for actual grownups).
  3. Laundry done, house ready for tomorrow’s cleaners, and there’s a nap in my immediate future…💤😴💤
meganisalanis, to random
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I'm off to give blood for the first time ever shortly. I lived in the UK in 1986 and I've never been able to donate until now.
I am trying not to think too hard about it. I hope it's something I will be able to do regularly from now on.

#blooddonation #GiveBlood

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Thank you!

the_etrain, to random
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When they named Timothée Chalamet there must have been a big fucking sale on vowels.

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They’re the ones that escaped from Wales.

nonfedimemes, to random
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knittingknots2, to random
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Charted: Young adult sterilization soars post-Roe v. Wade


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Sterilization is also on “the list” of dogmatically-forbidden reproductive acts as proscribed by the Catholic Church — which is the origin of all repressive sexual matters and since co-opted by evangelicals and other RWNJs.

(The rationale in years gone by was, “do it, go to confession, problem permanently solved”.)


jackhutton, to random
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Steve Kornacki — doing his polling -district shtick for @msnbc for the Trump manhattan jury— horse race politicking the jury. Steve Kornacki IS the problem.

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@jackhutton @msnbc
I know he’s a popular guy but I find the ENDLESS & tedious commentary that in the end is nothing but supposition, projection and “maybes” absolutely unwatchable and infinitely annoying.

arstechnica, to random
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YouTube will start blocking third-party clients that don’t show ads

Google would really like it if everyone just paid for YouTube Premium instead.


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YouTube Premium is absolutely worth the price, IMO.
No ads EVER…
Unlimited music…

cynblogger, to Bloomscrolling
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Tuesday, April 16 🌸 🎂🎉🥳🎊🎈🎁

  1. Awoke to “Happy Birthday” texts & calls from family. So very grateful for twin sons, their loving wives & amazing children - & my 94 y/o sister who still thinks of me as a toddler. 🤣

  2. Grateful too for this quiet, peaceful life I’m so privileged to lead, my comfy casita, & my garden with blooms, birds & critters.

  3. Splurged & bought my very fave -halibut- for dinner!

  4. Bonus: Two mallards zoomed on a low pass through my yard yesterday like Blue Angels in their F/A-18s.

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Thanks…and yum! 😊

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Thanks, Annie! 🥰

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Thank you! 😁

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Thanks! 🌸😊

AlliFlowers, to random
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What an ass!

Tuberville bill would require reports on abortions at the Department of Veterans Affairs - al.com

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I forget — were degrees in gynecology & obstetrics required qualifications for a college football coach?

Nonilex, to Law
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is hearing a challenge today to a federal prosecutors used to charge >350 people who attacked the Capitol on .
>100 have been convicted & sentenced under the statute for obstructing or impeding an ofcl proceeding—the joint session that convened to confirm Biden’s victory.

The case could impact ’s federal trial in DC for trying to remain in power, 2 charges he faces are based on the same statute.


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Wasn’t that (obstructing an official proceeding) THE ENTIRE POINT?

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(But they are persuaded by fancy gifts, vacations and cold, hard cash…)

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Respectfully, someone needs to find the largest syringe made, fill it with liquid COMMON SENSE, attach a dull needle then jab it hard into each SCOTUS Justice.

I think syringes made for large-animal inseminations are pretty big.

shoq, to random
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Did you see those pictures of Trump leaving the courtroom yesterday? He looked like he spent the whole 8 hours listening to prospective jurors while suffering a raging hemorrhoid outbreak. I sure hope it lasts for the entire trial.

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Judging from my own (older) face in the mirror, the dude needs a diuretic and fewer happy meals.

the_etrain, to random
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I really did not want to go for a jog today. I did it anyway. Please clap.

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@the_etrain 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

paninid, to random
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@claralistensprechen3rd @paninid
I’m four years older than any Boomer. They weren’t the major political or social influences in 1964-65 - they were teenagers.

GottaLaff, to random
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Some color...

Via Anna Bower:

Press pool report: “After the jurors leave the courtroom, [] stares over at DA Alvin Bragg. Then Trump turns his eyes to the press pool. As he exits, he glares at New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman for several seconds as he walks out.”

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@GottaLaff NFL
He must think his stare projects some kind of killer force-death ray, à la 1950’s comic books.

stevecantsmell, to random
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Anyone else reluctant to get a new online service/account because you're reluctant to memorize yet another password? Is it just me? If so, get off my lawn!

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I’m pissed that it’s 2024 and we still have to use passwords and mechanical printers.

darwinwoodka, to random
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She lets the confused stay confused
if that is what they want
and is always available
to those with a passion for the truth.

In the welter of opinions,
she is content with not-knowing.

She makes distinctions
but doesn’t take them seriously.

She sees the world constantly breaking
apart, and stays centered in the whole.

She sees the world endlessly changing
and never wants it to be
different from what it is.

Stephen Mitchell adaptation

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Thank you. 😊

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