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Trying to be happy while living on a messed up world.
I don't boost twit links or look at them either.
If I can make someone smile or laugh, I'm a happy camper.
LOIQs like #Trump #Elon #DeFacist not tolerated.
Blocking Bot accounts and RW propaganda.
I steal from the rich to give to the poor.

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maddad, to random
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I think my cat has been doing that to me for a while now...
I keep having visions of the pet food aisle in the supermarket... :ablobsadpats:

BrideOfLinux, to random
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What's wrong with this picture?: Bots account for half of all web traffic https://betanews.com/2024/04/16/bots-account-for-half-of-all-web-traffic/

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This could explain my recent cravings for oil...😀

maddad, to random
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You shouldn't be allowed to buy your way out of jail.
That's the same as paying to commit crimes.
It's time that the courts make use of our laws and quit dragging their feet on cases like #Trumps 😡

realTuckFrumper, to random
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They should start at 90, then negotiate and end at 60.😂

Mandarine, to random

We're sick and tired of Disgraced Criminal trump Trashing the U.S. Pack up your flabby orange arse and move to Russia! Maybe you can cheat at golf with your hero, Murderous War Criminal Putin. Then, GFY!

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💯 💯 💯 👍

maddad, to random
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Genocide and Famine worldwide. This is the product of Western Policies.

One year ago today, Sudan descended into war. Thousands are dead, and millions are displaced, with hunger and disease ravaging all in the absence of aid. The UN has called the situation “one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history”, afflicting about 25 million people. The Sudanese people are suffering.


maddad, to random
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Having a great day today in the sunshine.😀

#Trumps having a bad day today in court,😂
His company is bleeding money.😂
He looks unhealthy too. 😂

It’s a great day to have the freedom to do what I want. 🇺🇸

GottaLaff, to random
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Via Jesse Rodriguez:

has to be in the courtroom every day for the duration of his criminal trial.

"If you do not show up there will be an arrest," Judge Merchan said.

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I’m hoping he makes a run for it, We could use a good cop car chase on live tv.
Since he is such a drama queen, it would be a perfect ending to his crime spree.

maddad, to random
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Civil War...
I hope this isn't a preview of what we are in for.


maddad, to random
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Semiautomatic firearm ban passes Colorado's House, heads to Senate
But even in a state plagued by some of the nation's worst mass shootings, such legislation faces headwinds.


maddad, to random
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Trump Media shares plunge after company files to issue additional DJT stock

• Shares of Trump Media plunged more than 17% in the pre-trading hours after the company filed to issue millions of additional shares of stock.
• The dramatic slide came as Donald Trump headed to a Manhattan court to begin jury selection for his criminal trial on hush money-related charges.

#Trumps new theme song should be Deeper and Deeper 😂 😂
(but I think Madonna wouldn't allow it's use)


maddad, to random
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Biden sees highest approval rating since November

A new poll from the Financial Times and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business that found Biden’s approval rating at 43 percent marks a four-point increase from the same poll in March.

Ik its a poll, but it's a little bit of good news this morning 😀


maddad, to random
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‘An Assault on America!’ Trump Unleashes in Final Rant Before Walking Into Court...

It's almost like he has this secret desire to go to jail...
Keep it up #Trump 💩



Shibanarchiste, (edited ) to random French
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Quand capitalisme et extrême droite montent les pauvres contre les pauvres 😐

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Right on the Money 👍

nervous_jesse, to random
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Me to my toddler: Why do you collect so many rocks?

Her: Because so many are good

Me: Fair enough

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And that's how the world economy was based on shiny rocks thousands of years ago 😀

maddad, to random
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When you live in the north....

maddad, to random
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A true story...

maddad, to random
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trump STRUGGLES TO SPEAK in Alarming Speech- "anillegaleeeaaaahhandyoujust...."

This has a great video with #Trump gaffes while trying to speak publicly.....

If #Biden and #Trump have a debate, can we request that they each have to say the
'If a woodchuck could chuck wood' limerick.


LindaCollins11, to random
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Agreed 💯 💯 👍

maddad, to random
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Trump Claims He Did MORE For Black People Than Lincoln — The One Who Ended Slavery — In Jaw-Dropping Interview

WTF.... I hope everyone's remembering this stuff come election day...

There is no way this mentally ill person should ever be POTUS


maddad, to random
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And now for something completely different....
(apologies to Monty)

Trump Goes On Wild Rally Tangent About the Battle of Gettysburg: ‘So Vicious, and Horrible and So Beautiful in So Many Different Ways’ 🤔

Only #Trump can spin a yarn like #Trump can.. :blobcatpat:


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Yes, there is something seriously wrong with that guy.
He is America's biggest danger right now.

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I think most people on here think that.

makkhorn, to random
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Its a classic 😂 👍

GottaLaff, to random
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While moving is stressful in many ways (and exciting in even more), it’s a piece of cake compared to the stress I feel from politics.

Speaking of which, today is Pack More Stuff Day, Open House Day tomorrow… so I won’t be around much.

If news breaks— well, you know the rest.

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@GottaLaff @Mary625

Last time I moved was in 2017, I still have boxes in the storage shed that I haven't looked at yet,😂

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