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How do I give permanent permission to an extension that asks for permission on every website visit?

I have the an extension installed for Firefox and I see the green dot under my extension menu on every website visit and everytime I reload a website indicating that it asks for permission to read data on that website again. When I hover over it it tells me that I can allow it for this visit and the cog wheel menu has the option...

Firefox stops loading pages seemingly at random, shows NS_BINDING_ABORTED, have to restart (

Sometimes I’ll be browsing Firefox and things go wrong seemingly at random - all pages load indefinitely or show a screen indicating failure to load. This can be fixed by running pkill firefox and then starting a new instance. A look at Dev Tools shows that all requests fail and a message NS_BINDING_ABORTED is shown. I have...

is CSSs safe?

Hello friends, I am using custom css’ on my Librewolf. Downloaded FF-ULTIMA and it looks cool. I have looked at its all .css files as stranger for css. As far as my view, there is no problem but can these css files cause any security or privacy vulnerability? Like, being injectable or the creator of theme can track us or not?...

to me, it's very sad that firefox tracks search data

If I want to opt out, I can only opt out by disabling all usage telemetry according to the official doc ……/share-data-mozilla-help-improve-fi… . That means that my usage habits and the usage habit of all people that do not want to share their search terms with firefox, i.e. all somewhat privacy interested...

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