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Carbon-based Turing Test-compliant life-form DBA Professor of #Transportation #Geography at #McMaster University, where I teach and do research on #accessibility, #TravelBehavior, #SpatialAnalysis, #ActiveTravel, #TransportPolicy.

I am an #Rstats enthusiast and big believer in #Reproducible #Open #Science.

I have several hobbies, including #CreativeWriting, #CreativeCoding and #Rtistry.

#geogdon #mapstodon #Rspatial #HamOnt

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When you're looking for family planning advice from Jesus but it's already too late.

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The Trojans admired
the simplest technologies:
it was their downfall.

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Rhonda Lenton, president, has a social justice vision that includes calling the police in riot gear on student's protesting Israel's atrocities

CityNews note explaining how police went into the campus of York University at the request of officials at the university, to remove students calling for a free Palestine.

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Rhonda Lenton is supposed to be some sort of "champion of community engagement and innovative partnerships".

She seems incapable of engaging with her community, and partnering with the police, far from being innovative, is the oldest trick in the authoritarian playbook.


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The institution cannot love you. But you can love riding a bike to your institution!

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Nice. And yes, institutions are incapable of love

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Ok, so the Song of Songs is a really crappy love poem whose only claim to fame is that somehow it was chosen as a canonical book by the prudes who compiled the Chirstian bible in the 3rd century, confusing bad poetry with spiritual ecstasy

Change my mind.

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There is no mathematical formula for true beauty.

Not the mean of features, or the standard deviation of volumes, despite what research using photographic superposition may say.

Granted, an average face may be attractive.

Beauty, however, transcends the first layer of skin. Beauty is more like language: rich and nuanced, subtle and irreducible.

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Love is vandalism in the name of romanticism.

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They thought me insane
— that the moon had kissed my face —
and indeed she had.

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Still sort of anxious/not really digging giving talks, but man, each time I use / to write slides I'm like, why does anyone write slides in any other way whatsoever. Powerpoint is an abomination.

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I will begin my transition to Linux this summer.

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Elon Musk is a crook.

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Epshteyn was receiving around $26K a month from the Trump Campaign, but then it nearly doubled to $50K the month after Trump's indictment, and after that it became $53K.

Looks like payments were "grossed up" to cover the taxes of Epshteyn.


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Early festive sounds
in a language all their own
little fucking birds.

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Claudia Sheinbaum is exploding some american liberal brains today. but she's a woman! but she's a scientist! but wikipedia says she's a leftist! LOLOLOL

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I agree, it is demonstrable that she's terrible, and what Mexico chose 😭

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Jeeeeeeeeeezus, MDPI. It's not plagiarism if it's from a thesis?

I think y'all missed the bit where it's not plagiarism if it's from YOUR OWN thesis. If it's somebody else's, it's mos def plagiarism.


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Ugh. That is most definitely plagiarism. I have published with MDPI in the past, but not anymore: its reputation is shot.

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@dsalo @platypus

In the direction of providing text for AI training, maybe?

I'll be completely unsurprised if MDPI announced tomorrow that they made an agreement with OpenAI to provide access to all their publications

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This morning, I received an email from with an invitation to a virtual round table to learn how this publisher can contribute to an -enabled future.

My reading of the event is different: Oxford University Press would like to know how to profit from AI, probably by data mining anything that you publish with them.

I just added Oxford University Press to my list of spammers.

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I stopped using facebook more than a year ago, and this year I have been deleting my posts in a daily exercise of excising my memories from that ghastly platform.

Today, out of curiosity, I had a quick count: my feed was 90% "for you", "follow", "join", and 10% posts from people in my circle of friends.

I don't know if my friends don't post anymore, or if the algorithm prefers not to display their posts.

The result is the same: #facebook is utter shit.


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The constant suggestions by facebook to join more groups and add more people feel increasingly desperate.

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---Short Story in Progress---

There was this house where people died and saw ghosts, not necessarily in that order.

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Surely this will be the thing that gets him

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One can only hope

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For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


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@GossiTheDog @WizardBear

Tech journalism is stenography


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